MIPS Technologies Continues Digital Home Leadership With New SmartCE(TM) Platform

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LAS VEGAS, Jan. 5, 2011 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- INTERNATIONAL CES – MIPS Technologies, Inc. (Nasdaq:MIPS), a leading provider of industry-standard processor architectures and cores for digital consumer, home networking, wireless, communications and business applications, today unveiled the new SmartCE™ (Connected Entertainment) platform, which will be demonstrated running on several of its licensees' SoC platforms at CES. The SmartCE platform integrates Android™, Adobe® Flash® Platform for TV, Skype, the Home Jinni ConnecTV application, social media and other key technologies to provide a truly connected consumer experience on home entertainment devices such as digital televisions, set-top boxes and Blu-ray players.

As the number one provider of embedded processors for these home entertainment devices, MIPS Technologies is working with its licensees and partners as part of an overall vision to define, develop and proliferate mainstream connected entertainment platforms for Android on the MIPS® architecture. The SmartCE platform is the latest milestone from MIPS Technologies and its licensees in driving Android solutions into the digital home.

At International CES this week, MIPS Technologies will demonstrate the SmartCE platform running on systems-on-chips (SoCs) from several of its licensees, including Sigma Designs and ViXS Systems. Silicon Integrated Systems (SiS), Trident Microsystems, Zoran Corporation and other MIPS licensees will also make the platform available for their customers through current and next-generation chips.

The SmartCE Platform enables MIPS licensees and their customers to bring differentiated connected entertainment solutions to market quickly. The platform includes the following capabilities:

  • The Home Jinni ConnecTV application, including the ability to search, organize and access music, photos and video content from local sources and the Internet on sites such as YouTube, Netflix, Yahoo! Movies, and numerous others
  • Social networking with other users through integration with Facebook®
  • Two-way video and voice conferencing through Skype, enabling consumers to easily and cost-effectively engage in video calls with family and friends on an HDTV
  • Adobe Flash Platform for TV integration, giving users access to a large percentage of the video content available on the Internet today
  • Seamless integration of mobile devices with digital home devices, enabling consumers to transfer calls and use their smartphone, tablet computer or other mobile device as a remote control for their DTV

The SmartCE platform will continue to grow and evolve as other technologies become available to enable an even more connected home entertainment experience.


A reference implementation of the SmartCE Platform is available today. For more information, or for MIPS licensees wishing to schedule a demonstration, contact info@mips.com.

Supporting Quotes

Art Swift, Vice President of Marketing and Business Development, MIPS Technologies

"As the embedded processor leader in the digital home, MIPS is ushering connected entertainment on Android into the mainstream. The SmartCE platform is part of our connected home vision, and is complementary to efforts with other platforms such as Yahoo! Connected TV and ultimately Google TV. In fact, because they share the same fundamental technologies, a large percentage of the engineering work that has gone into enabling the SmartCE Platform can be leveraged for Google TV."

Jon Peddie, President, Jon Peddie Research

"These are truly exciting times for consumers, as companies such as MIPS Technologies and its licensees are working to create a new generation of connected products. The technologies these companies create will enable devices to connect to the cloud, to other home and mobile devices and more. As the leader in embedded processing for digital home products such as DTVs, set-top boxes and Blu-ray players, I am pleased to see MIPS Technologies taking the lead in offering the SmartCE platform."

Ken Lowe, Vice President of Strategic Marketing, Sigma Designs

"Last year at CES, MIPS Technologies and Sigma Designs showed off the world's first Android set-top boxes. This year we are joining to demonstrate our continued progress with Android and other technologies for the next generation connected consumer experience. Only Sigma can offer our customers a complete home solution in media processing, connectivity, and home control. Connected home entertainment is a key piece of our vision, and we are pleased to be one of the first MIPS licensees to show off the new SmartCE platform running on Sigma's cutting-edge 865x and 864x series SoC for set-top box solutions."

Michael Chen, President, Silicon Integrated Systems (SiS)

"We have been working closely with MIPS Technologies to deliver an optimal Android experience on our MIPS-Based chipsets for connected TV. SiS internet video HDTV solutions include a high-performance MIPS 24Kc™ processor with support for web browsing and a broad variety of customized widgets, all based around the Android 2.x platform. During CES, we will demonstrate our new SiS9561 iTV Platform, which enables consumers to harness the full potential of the internet, and is targeted for various worldwide TV-broadcasting standards. We are pleased to support the SmartCE platform, and to contribute to further development and proliferation of connected entertainment platforms for Android on MIPS."

Dirk Wieberneit, Senior Vice President and General Manager, TV Business Unit, Trident Microsystems

"With the MIPS architecture, Trident is creating some of today's most innovative SoCs for digital television. Our unique and flexible solutions streamline development of next-generation, connected multimedia digital televisions. We are pleased to work closely with MIPS Technologies to enable a smart, connected entertainment experience for consumers. Through our open platform experience and development work with Android on MIPS, we are striving to make that experience a reality."

Sally Daub, President and CEO, ViXS Systems

"We are pleased to show the SmartCE Platform running on our XCode® 4210 SoC, which was specifically designed for Blu-ray, set-top box and 3D TV applications. The functionality and processing power of the XCode® 4210, together with the MIPS architecture, provides a feature rich platform for Android. This platform allows our customers to access the suite of applications available with Android and to provide a truly connected experience to the consumer."

Ram Ofir, Senior Vice President and General Manager, Home Entertainment Division, Zoran Corporation

"At Zoran, we are focused on enabling manufacturers to ship 3D and Internet Connected television products to global markets, including Europe, Brazil, China, Japan, the U.S. and other regions. We recently unveiled new cutting-edge frame rate conversion technologies that noticeably improve image quality on both 2D and 3D TVs. We are working closely with MIPS Technologies on new DTV products optimized to run all the popular Internet Connected applications and to improve the connected home entertainment experience for consumers."

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