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Best face forward

Who cares about Botox rumors?

The Democratic candidates are all trying to put their best face forward.  So what does it matter if that face has a few wrinkles? 

Last Thursday, you saw the Democratic presidential contenders and debate.  All of them looking, well, presidential.  But if you saw the papers this morning, you might have run across a story that suggests that one candidate, not only looks presidential, he looks post-operative. Some tabloids and papers are  suggesting that John Kerry‘s had Botox or a brow lift. 

I say: Who cares?  I‘m going to go out on a limb and bet that every one of those guys at the debate tonight have had professional help picking their ties, coiffing their hair, powdering their noses, and rehearsing their positions on the issues. 

And frankly, if the guys are now starting to worry about time marching all over their face, well, maybe we gals can turn the tables too, and stop worrying about what age is doing to us.  Somehow it seems to me that when we‘re busy trying to pick a president, Botox just shouldn‘t be part of the discussion. 

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