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Couple jailed after posting stolen ring on Facebook

Authorities bust a 21-year-old man who gave his 20-year-old girlfriend a $12,000 diamond ring, after she posted pictures of it on Facebook.
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A Pitcairn, Pa. couple was behind bars after police said the woman posted a picture on Facebook of a stolen 3-carat diamond ring that her boyfriend gave her.

Trafford police said Robert Driscoll, 21, gave the nearly $12,000 ring to his girlfriend, Crystal Yamnitzky, 20, after stealing it from a home that he had visited with Yamnitzky and her cousin.

A picture of the ring was posted on Facebook by Yamnitzky, saying it was a gift from Driscoll. Channel 4 Action News' Jennifer Miele reported that Yamnitzky's cousin saw the post and told some friends, who alerted police.

Driscoll's grandmother told Channel 4 Action News reporter Jennifer Miele that Driscoll was under pressure to give an engagement ring to Yamnitzky, his longtime girlfriend.

"All the time, 'I want a ring. I want a ring. I want a ring.' Well, so do I. You know, I'm not going to get a ring," said Mimi DeCario.

She said Yamnitzky would not let up and wanted a ring very much, but Driscoll did not have money to buy one, so he ended up stealing a ring and giving it to Yamnitzky to make her happy.

DeCario said Driscoll caved in after a night of partying.

"They got high. They got high. He relapsed because of her ... jabbing at him," said DeCario.

Police said Driscoll also stole several pieces of jewelry from the home in Trafford and sold them at a jewelry store in Monroeville for $250.

Police questioned Yamnitzky and then tracked down Driscoll. Both were arraigned Tuesday on charges including receiving stolen property and were unable to immediately post bail.

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