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No nudity or outrageousness at the Grammys

But was everybody disappointed by that? 
46th Annual Grammy Awards - Pressroom
Singer Christina Aguilera poses backstage after winning the Grammy for Best Female Pop Vocal Performance in the Pressroom at the 46th Annual Grammy Awards.Frederick M. Brown / Getty Images

We just had to ask, were the morning papers and maybe some television viewers disappointed there was no flash dance at last night's Grammys?  $27 million people watched, and they saw, well, Grammy Awards being handed out.  And that much publicized five-minute delay to protect the public from uncontrollable musicians?  Well, CBS never needed it. 

It just seemed to us that the newspapers this morning couldn‘t talk about the Grammys without mentioning what might have been.  There sort of seemed to be an air of disappointment about it all.  And there was Janet Jackson reaction at the Grammys from musicians like Justin Timberlake, Queen Latifah, P. Diddy, Dave Matthews and Pharrell Williams.  And Christina Aguilera almost had her own Janet moment when she showed up in a very low-cut dress. 

But CBS wasn‘t about to take any chances.  First, they put up a graphic to hide Christina‘s cleavage.  And then they zoomed into her face just in case there was another one of those wardrobe malfunctions.  But Ms.  Aguilera couldn‘t let the moment pass without a bit of a mention.  In the end, Christina kept it together.  In fact, the biggest snafu of the night seemed to be when Celine Dion‘s microphone went on the blink.  Maybe Janet really was just a one-week story that‘s not going into overtime.  Maybe.