Los Angeles Cosmetic Dentist, Dr. Kevin Sands, Now Offers Mercury-Free Fillings for the Safety of His Patients

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LOS ANGELES, April 26, 2011 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Cosmetic dentist in Los Angeles, Dr. Kevin Sands, DDS, is making more investments in the long-term health of patients. Traditional dental fillings used amalgam fillings that included small traces of mercury. To eliminate any potential risk of mercury toxicity, Dr. Sands now uses mercury-free fillings for all patients.

Good oral health is one of the main components of a healthy smile. Daily brushing and flossing routines are helpful to clear away daily bacterial growth and plaque that can begin to damage teeth if not removed. Routine dental checkups are designed to prevent and diagnose potential problems before the problems accelerate and deteriorate the teeth. Los Angeles dentist, Dr. Sands, helps to prevent tooth deterioration.

The cosmetic dentistry procedures that are now available have changed the way that teeth can be restored. Crooked or misaligned teeth can be repaired faster and with better results for a person that has struggled with the quality of his or her smile. Modern treatments are also used to correct lost or missing teeth. Dental implants or a dental bridge can be used by dentist in Los Angeles, Dr. Sands, as a covering for lost or missing teeth.

Famous celebrities, models and musicians need excellent smiles for various employment opportunities and long-term career success. Part of the allure of a celebrity is the amazing smile that is showcased to the general public. Many of these smiles did not happen naturally and cosmetic dentistry procedures were used to create or rebuild these smiles. Quality oral care and cosmetic dentistry procedures by Los Angeles cosmetic dentist, Dr. Sands, are showcased worldwide.

About Dr. Sands

Dr. Sands earned his reputation as the 'celebrity dentist to the stars' by creating and maintaining some of the most famous smiles in Hollywood. Dr. Sands is a graduate of the USC School of Dentistry and has practiced cosmetic dentistry in Beverly Hills since 2000. Dr. Sands donates his time and dental services to a variety of local charities.

To learn more about what Dr. Sands offers at his office, visit . You can call them at (310) 273 0111 to make an appointment at their office located at 414 N. Camden Dr. Suite 940, Beverly Hills, CA 90210.

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