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New Book Reveals the Only Asset You Need to Win and Keep the Job You Love

NEW YORK, May 12, 2011 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) --
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NEW YORK, May 12, 2011 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) --

What if everything you knew about getting a job was wrong?

Millions of Americans have been unemployed for over two years, and millions more are underemployed or seeking a new position. The conventional wisdom says enhanced skills training—the federal government's multibillion-dollar solution—and resume boosters help you stand out from the crowd. Go to work and do a good job and you will be saved when the job axe swings.

In PUT YOUR MINDSET TO WORK: The One Asset You Really Need to Win and Keep the Job You Love (Portfolio; May 31, 2011; Trade Paperback Original; $17.00), Paul G. Stoltz, PhD, and James Reed prove that conventional wisdom is wrong, show exactly why the standard solutions fail, and offer a refreshing new, research-grounded formula for delivering what 96 percent of the world's top employers reveal they really want in their employees: a winning mindset (even over the perfect skillset). 

"Skills matter but skills can be the same among many candidates, not to mention they grow old quickly," the authors write. "But your mindset is what will set you apart. It equips you to thrive where others fail. Those with a superior mindset navigate the world with uncommon integrity, resilience, goodwill, tenacity, agility, openness, and perspective. And those traits matter more and more with each passing year, as the harsh realities of competing in a truly global job market reach even the most remote corners of our population and our planet, and as skill sets need to adjust to an ever-faster pace."

Through their pioneering research, Harvard lecturer and bestselling author Stoltz and Reed, Chairman of Europe's leading recruitment firm, define and quantify for the first time what "mindset" means to employers, and reveal the three most important qualities anyone can present in a cover letter, on an interview, or in the workplace: Global (you're able to see the big picture), Good (you do the right thing), and Grit (you won't easily let go of a task or mission). In PUT YOUR MINDSET TO WORK, the authors describe why each of these factors is important, how the reader can assess their own competence at each, and what exercises they can employ to strengthen these aspects of their lives.

The authors also write about:

  • The employers are seeking in new hires
  • How the right mindset makes you more valuable to your employer than a peer who does not. This means measurably greater job security.
  • How to re-write your resume so that your 3G qualities come through—and make you more likely to land the job.
  • What to say in an interview that will demonstrate your 3G mindset in the workplace.
  • The between your 3G mindset and your salary: the better you are at demonstrating Global thinking, Good behavior, and true Grit, the higher your compensation.
  • How to use the 3Gs to calculate your value to your company, when having the highest value doesn't necessarily mean doing the most work.
  • Their of the 3G Mindset, a tool tested and validated through independent research with tens of thousands of employees, which leading employers are now demanding as the way to assess their applicants and current workforce. 
  • Their "CMe" tool, available free on the book's website, that helps people convert their standard resumes into documents that highlight their 3G qualities for potential employers.

Paul Stoltz, Ph.D., is a leading authority on the science of mindset—assessing and strengthening human capacity, resilience, and agility. He is the internationally bestselling author of The Adversity Quotient. He lives in San Luis Obispo, California. James Reed is the chairman of Reed Global and the top UK authority on recruitment. He lives in London.

PUT YOUR MINDSET TO WORK is a game-changing book worthy of prominent coverage. The authors are available for media interviews, and I look forward to working with you to bring their message to your audience.

Jacquelynn Burke    
Penguin | Portfolio

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