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DocPath Helps Companies Use InfoPrint Designer With More Advanced and Powerful Document Capabilities

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ATLANTA, June 13, 2011 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- DocPath, a company specializing in the development of document software solutions, introduces Boulder Suite, which allows for importing Advanced Function Print (AFP) projects created with the InfoPrint Designer application that can then be used with DocPath products.

This solution provides advanced features and support to thousands of customers around the world that still use InfoPrint Designer, a solution developed by IBM. DocPath Boulder Suite meets new business demands, such as high-quality graphics and use of color, and offers a smooth transition for InfoPrint Designer users to more modern and powerful environments.

Boulder Suite ensures a quick and easy migration to DocPath environments, which provides advanced capabilities such as printing, electronic distribution by mail, fax, and online document generation in real time. Once the solution is implemented, all processes are then executed by DocPath, which provides a greater degree of granularity in the management of communications distribution, such as invoices, delivery notes, letters or contracts.

New functions across-the-board

The benefits of Boulder Suite can be grouped into three areas: importing, working with imported project designs and document generation.

Along with importing quickly and easily, Boulder Suite also permits working with those imported project designs. This means that end users have the option to modify and expand these projects using DocPath Designer, the DocPath design tool for creating static and dynamic forms. Among other options, users can add bar codes supported by the application, including USPS Intelligent Mail® Barcode, which was not possible previously.

"DocPath Boulder Suite meets the current needs of the market, allowing a major expansion of InfoPrint Designer functionality, and provides a powerful new solution for customers worldwide. This facilitates the migration to DocPath environments without redesigning resources, and responds to user demands for higher quality graphics, a more modern interface and easy barcode integration," says Julio A. Olivares, president and founder of DocPath. "With the new solution, we help InfoPrint Designer users migrate to more powerful and advanced environments, ensuring a seamless integration with DocPath products."

DocPath offers three different versions of Boulder Suite.

Boulder Suite Essential: This version provides a wizard for easy importing, which makes it as easy as selecting the files to be imported and then choosing a name for the project. This solution offers one print output for companies with basic printing requirements.

Boulder Suite Pro: Includes all the previous features of Boulder Suite Essential, however, the Pro version incorporates multiple output options and distribution via printers, fax and email.

Boulder Suite Advanced: This solution is geared toward users that require high-volume printing processes. This version offers multiple output options and distribution via printers, fax and email, as well as an unlimited number of printouts.


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About DocPath

Founded in 1992, DocPath develops and sells software that covers the entire document life cycle and helps companies across the globe produce and manage their documents. Among its international clients are internationally recognized banks and front line corporations, for which it facilitates the difficult and complex task of designing, generating and distributing their critical business documents. DocPath maintains a strong commitment to R&D, an area to which it allocates 50 percent of its revenue.

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