CDMA Development Group Announces Winners of Industry Achievement Awards and Smart Wireless Awards at 2011 CDMA World Forum

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GUANGZHOU, China, June 17, 2011 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- The CDMA Development Group (CDG) ( ) today announced the recipients of the 2011 CDG Industry Achievement Awards and Smart Wireless Awards, presented at a reception during the third annual CDMA World Forum. The CDG Industry Achievement Awards recognize individuals and companies for excellence in deploying advanced CDMA2000® networks, products and services, while the Smart Wireless Awards celebrate innovative wireless devices and services using CDMA2000 networks in a number of vertical markets.

"This year's Industry Achievement Awards and Smart Wireless Awards recognize individuals and companies that are leading the CDMA industry through innovation," said Perry LaForge, executive director of the CDG. "CDMA2000 technologies are meeting the demand for data amongst consumers and enterprises, enriching the mobile experience for an expanding range of users and vertical industries."

The 2011 CDG Industry Achievement Award recipients are:

  • Industry Leadership: Dr. Hideo Okinaka, Vice President of Emerging Technologies and Industry Standards, KDDI Corporation
  • Given to the individual who has provided the most dynamic leadership in CDMA2000 industry activities, including contributions to standards development and the growth and evolution of CDMA2000 technologies.
  • Dr. Hideo Okinaka is a strategist for international CDMA standards and an advocate of CDMA technology. He has been involved in 3GPP2 activities since its inception in 1998 and its formation in 1999, served as the founding TSG-S Chair and later as the Steering Committee Chair in the 2003-2004 term. Dr. Okinaka has also been on the executive board of the CDG for many years, and is a recognized industry leader who has shared the advantages of CDMA2000 from both business and technical perspectives at numerous venues and events.
  • Operator Leadership:  Sprint Nextel Corporation
  • Given to the operator that has demonstrated leadership in the wireless community through the expansion of CDMA2000 system deployments and/or the unique implementation of CDMA2000 technologies in a specific market.
  • A leader in the rapidly-growing Machine-to-Machine (M2M) market, Sprint uses CDMA2000 to drive innovation in device connectivity. Sprint's CDMA network and partner ecosystem are key factors in placing CDMA at the M2M forefront. This includes expanding M2M across the high-growth sectors of connected transportation, fixed and portable solutions, SmartGrid and utilities, health care and education. Sprint's ONE (Open-Network-Execution) approach expands CDMA deployments by providing an open environment. Key elements include Sprint's Network Vision for consolidating networks and the M2M Collaboration Center.
  • Innovation in Mobile Consumer Products:  Samsung India Software Operations Pvt., Ltd. and ZTE Corporation
  • Given to the companies that have demonstrated innovative thinking in terms of services supported and terminal design. Resulting products take advantage of the inherent benefits and latest technological developments of CDMA2000, offering consumers state-of-the-art terminals in both features and packaging. 
  • Samsung is recognized for industry leadership in driving the CDG Open Market Handset (OMH) initiative by creating device variety at the entry level.  In 2010, CDMA2000 and WorldMode™ (CDMA and GSM) feature phones, EV-DO feature phones and Android smartphones were launched directly by Samsung to the end-consumer in the open market.
  • ZTE is recognized for its R750 model smartphone with Android 2.1 OS and a 480 x 320 (HVGA) capacitive TFT touch screen, supporting multi-touch. With support for 1X, EV-DO, GSM and Wi-Fi, dual-mode/dual-standby capabilities, 512MB ROM, 512MB RAM and enhanced office application support, the R750 is one of the flagship CDMA2000 smartphones for China Telecom.
  • Innovation in Network Technology:  Alcatel-Lucent and Huawei Technologies
  • Given to the companies that have introduced network capabilities that provide CDMA2000 operators with flexible and cost-effective solutions for implementing advanced features and an easy evolution path to future network enhancements and complementary 4G systems.
  • Alcatel-Lucent is recognized for LIGHTRADIO, a groundbreaking mobile technology that will enable the creation of greener, simpler and lighter mobile broadband networks by dramatically reducing operating costs, technical complexity and power consumption in mobile broadband networks. Designed to meet the long-term needs of mobile operators seeking to ensure their networks can handle increasing traffic loads, LIGHTRADIO radically reduces and simplifies today's base stations and massive cell site towers, typically the most expensive, power-hungry and difficult-to-maintain elements in the network.
  • Huawei is recognized for expediting profitability and competitiveness for CDMA operators through innovations such as the world's first CDMA-LTE multi-mode trial for a U.S. carrier, leading-edge SingleRAN robust assurance for smooth evolution to LTE; and for sustained advancement of technology and support of the global eco-system, spurring a rapid increase of global subscriber levels and new network launches.
  • Innovation in Wireless Social and Economic Solutions Development:  KDDI Corporation
  • Given to the business, infrastructure, device or application developer that has leveraged the capabilities of CDMA2000 to offer innovative mobile services that improve the social and/or economic well-being or advancement of people, communities or target segments. Qualifications include user interface, positive impact, breadth of applicability, scalability, uniqueness and sustainability.
  • When northeast Japan was hit by one of the strongest earthquakes ever recorded and a resulting tsunami, thousands of people tragically lost their lives and hundreds of thousands were displaced. Recognizing the opportunity to help save lives, KDDI deployed an Earthquake Early Warning system in 2008 that uses SMS alarms broadcast over CDMA cellphones. While it's impossible to quantify the impact the service had, it can only have been positive at a time when communication mattered most.
  • Innovation in Mobile Applications:  China Telecommunications Corporation and Huawei Technologies
  • Given to the operator or application developer that has leveraged the capabilities of CDMA2000 to introduce an innovative and appealing mobile application (music, games, mobile TV, social networking, health, banking, etc.) to the market. Qualifications include sound, user interface, ease of use, success in the market as measured by consumer adoption and/or revenues generated.
  • China Telecom and Huawei share this award for boosting rail and operator competitiveness and brand value by providing constant real-time capabilities to reliably monitor engine status and rail car conditions. By meeting higher service and safety requirements, competitive strength is maintained while sustaining revenue models matched to both business and leisure user expectations. This represents a significant service advance and a dramatic (and potentially life-saving) improvement on historically encountered high-speed rail communications.

Winners of the 2011 Smart Wireless Awards are:

  • Innovation in Smart Wireless Enterprise Devices:  DriveCam, Inc.
  • Smart Wireless Enterprise Devices enable wireless transmission of meaningful information to another machine or a system of networks that perform one or more machine-to-machine tasks. Devices include components (such as sensors, modems, modules or meters) and/or an invention serving a particular purpose, and may also include wireless accessories or any wireless product or device designed for communications between machines.
  • DriveCam's solution uses CDMA2000 technology to enhance driver safety and reduce the frequency and severity of accidents for consumers and commercial fleets. When the device's accelerometer detects an abnormal G-force (e.g., the car suddenly stops, swerves or speeds up) it triggers the event recorder to capture the audio and video of what is happening inside the cab as well as in front of the car. DriveCam's tangible benefits include more than simple cost savings. DriveCam has helped save lives and reduced teen driving collisions by 70% in vehicles where the solution is deployed. Improving driver safety and reducing collisions in commercial fleets has helped customers cut their fleet claims in half – generating significant savings.
  • Innovation in Smart Wireless Services: TATA TELESERVICES LTD.
  • Smart Wireless Services provide robust, reliable and tested M2M application solutions that enable communication between one or more machines or devices over CDMA networks. Services can be geared toward consumer applications – such as entertainment, gaming, leisure, social networking, etc. – as well as vertical industries such as healthcare, public safety, transportation, energy, or a general business solution that promotes the conservation of resources.
  • Tata's "Mobile HOTSPOT" solution was conceived to combine call processing capabilities and EV-DO Rev. A to overcome the limitation of wired networks by rolling out mobile hotspots anywhere. This solution can now be deployed in buses, cars and also as a standalone hotspot, even where Tata does not have wireline backhaul reach. The key innovation in enabling the wireless backhaul was provided through a smart tunneling solution and a framed routing implementation in the Tata Teleservices network and integration with Tata's unique authentication services.

The CDG also presented two Chairman's awards to China Telecom for its leadership in the CDMA2000 market, evidenced by two significant milestones. The first award is for "Outstanding Contribution in Promoting CDMA Device Development."  In 2010, China Telecom became the first CDMA2000 operator to sell more than 60 million handsets in a year, signifying its key role in promoting and developing the device ecosystem for CDMA2000. The second Chairman's Award is for "Outstanding CDMA2000 Subscriber Growth," as in March 2011 China Telecom became the first CDMA2000 operator to surpass 100 million subscribers.

The awards nomination process was open to the general public through the CDG Web site. Final selection of the winners was made by senior CDG executive members as well as representatives of industry associations and the trade media community.

Photos from the awards ceremony are available upon request. More information about CDMA2000 and the CDG can be found at .

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