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Tech Stressing Out Users of All Ages

If you feel overwhelmed by all of the gadgets, tech devices and social networking in your life, you’re not alone.
/ Source: TechNewsDaily

If you feel overwhelmed by all of the gadgets, tech devices and social networking in your life, you’re not alone.

A new report from the University of Cambridge found that one in three people claim they’ve been overwhelmed by various forms of communications technologies – from email and texting to Facebook and Twitter – over the years, so much so that they’ve felt the need to escape it.

The study, which spoke to nearly 1,300 people in the United Kingdom, found that those frequently overwhelmed by tech are more likely to feel less satisfied with their life as a whole. Those who felt in control of their use of communications technology were more likely to report higher levels of overall life satisfaction.

Surprisingly, tech users of all ages are feeling stressed out by the various mediums, including young demographics. About 38 percent of participants ages 10 to 18 said they feel overwhelmed by technology, while 25 to 34 year olds are not far behind with 34 percent feeling same way.

Some people are taking extra steps to limit the tech in their lives, with 36 percent of adults and 43 percent of those ages 10 to 18 cutting back.

"There is much discussion about whether communications technology is affecting us for the better or worse," said John Clarkson, lead study author and professor at University of Cambridge. "The research has shown that communications technology is seen by most as a positive tool, but there are examples where people are not managing usage as well as they could be."

About 36 percent of parents found that technology at least sometimes disrupted family life, while 58 percent believe their family would benefit from having tech-free time around the house.

However, most respondents believe that tech usage is only going to grow over the years, with 37 percent claiming tech overload will become more common.

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