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Countdown's Countdowns

From the Wednesday, February 25th show

Countdown’s Top Five

  • Top 5
  • No legal penalty for FBI agents who to souvenirs at ground
  • Two bigger examples of looting. 
  • The great missing candidate caper.  Ralph Nader moves from media spotlight to . 
  1. The Green party is
  2. "
  3. Aubrey Immelman's Nader papers for the Unit for the Study of Personality in Politics
  • D'ya want
  • The in the Martha Stewart trial.
  • But what if they`re wrong?  What if Martha will end up resting in one of the country`s
  • In other trial of our patience news, Kobe Bryant`s attorneys have
  • On I-95 in Baltimore.  As a police officer returns equipment to his patrol car, a pickup truck with a drunk driver inside races by and
  • As Mel Gibson`s "The Passion of the Christ" premieres, a 57-year-old woman in Wichita, Kansas, during the depiction of the crucifixion.
    • What we don`t know about Jesus, especially relevant in this time when the visual image is everything, is what he looked like, and

    Today’s Top Three Newsmakers

    1. Steven Robyor, , a new device for paddling your child that reduces injury, but increases sting.
    • "I never beat him. I whipped him with a switch and a belt. I never beat him. You
    • The Home Depot in North Olmsted, Ohio has pigeons living in the rafters. That's ok, though, because they also have a Cooper's Hawk living in the rafters, who, conveniently, .
    • Hikers in the Oakland Hills were convinced the body they saw, motionless -- one leg, contorted -- was that of a dead man. Two days, 47 officers, firefighters, rangers, and ambulance crews, and two choppers later, they found him.  He was a transient who was into .

    Let's Play Oddball!

    1. Tabitha Bracken and Dalvin Robinson at Buffalo Niagara International.  They were expecting 119 pounds of marijuana, what they picked up .  You know, for transplants. 
    2. How will Rocky escape this ? 
    3. U.S. Army interested in
    4. Kiss your good-bye. 

    Keeping Tabs

    1. A spokesman for Jayson Blair says he wants to to charity and is looking at mental health issues.  You bet he is.
    2. Bill O'Reilly has now been accused, as it is phrased in New York's Daily News of "."