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Check Email? Google? Some Internet Users Don't

/ Source: TechNewsDaily

Search and email may be the two most popular online activities, but not everyone is checking messages and Googling every question that pops into their heads.

In fact, according to a new Pew Internet & American Life Project study, 8 percent of the Internet population does not use email or search online.

“E-mail and search form the core of online communication and online information gathering, respectively,” the report said. “And they have done so for nearly a decade, even as new platforms, broadband and mobile devices continue to reshape the way Americans use the Internet and Web."

The study didn’t elaborate on what the 8 percent of users not accessing email and search sites are up to.
Pew’s search and email findings came from a survey of more than 2,250 adults ages 18 and over, with a margin of error for the sample of 2 percent.

Not surprisingly, search and email use has jumped up in the past decade. In 2002, about 8 in 10 online adults were using search engines and 9 in 10 online adults were emailing.

Now, about 92 percent of users engage in both of these activities, with 6 in 10 online adults doing so each day. In 2002, only 49 percent used email each day and 29 percent used a search engine daily.

The youngest, most-educated and more financially well-off Internet users are more likely to use both search and email compared with other adults.

Although email use is comparable across white, African-American and Hispanic online adults, email use on any given day is not.  White online adults (63 percent) are significantly more likely than both African-American (48 percent) and Hispanic (53 percent) online adults to be email users on a typical day.

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