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Travelers share their road-trip photos

Some photos frame the landscape ahead; other travelers with a keen eye choose to zoom in on a quirky roadside attraction or a particularly dramatic feature.
Image: Dog in car
Sniffing the aromas at Willow River State Park, Wis. Courtesy of Travel + Leisure
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Everyone’s experienced that moment: you’re driving a long stretch of road when suddenly something catches your attention. Something photo-worthy. Better act fast, before that image fades into rear-view oblivion, if you want to get that perfect road-trip photograph.

One reason that these photos are so special is, by definition, you don’t stay in the same place for long when on a road trip. So the photos serve as tangible memories, often of places that you were just breezing by to get to your final destination — but that may be even more memorable.

Thanks to Travel + Leisure community members, we’ve got a window into recent road-trip experiences, including iconic routes like Hawaii’s Hana Highway and California’s Redwood Forest. Some shots frame the landscape up ahead; other travelers with a keen eye choose to zoom in on a quirky roadside attraction or a particularly dramatic feature.

One of our favorite road-trip photos depicts a frosty mountainside tunnel that appears straight out of Dante’s Inferno. The entrance to the tunnel is adorned with huge, spiky icicles, while the glow of orange overhead lights from within the tunnel makes it appear like the passage to a fiery underworld.

A more lighthearted photo reminds us how much fun it can be to bring along a furry four-legged companion when taking to the road. One T+L community member — riding in the passenger seat, mind you — snapped a playful shot of a dog sticking its head out of the back window. The wind blowing against its face creates an adorable smile effect that could cure the worst of moods.

But let’s not forget about the value of capturing a photo of your destination. One such example, taken in Moab, Utah, shows a small tent propped up against the stunning backdrop of a lake, mountains and a strikingly blue sky with fluffy cotton-candy clouds. It’s the kind of picture-perfect image you hope for when you hit the road — and that will keep you feeling inspired once you’re back home.

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