Why you got to love Arnold

California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger Kevin Lamarque / REUTERS

Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger blast into the California governor‘s office calling for a better working relationship between the governor and the state legislature.  He vows to work with them closely to solve many of California‘s problems.  Well, this week, a bipartisan solution.  Arnold proposes to essentially pull a Donald Trump and tell them all “you‘re fired” --- or at least sort of.  He said the legislature should become part-timers rather than having full time positions. 

California is one of only three states where the state legislators have full time jobs.  My favorite part was his “spending so much time in Sacramento without anything to do, then out of that comes strange bills.”  He wouldn‘t elaborate. 

While vacationing in Hawaii, he compared it to preproduction and post production of a movie, saying that people perform best while on deadlines. 

Look, he may be right, that it‘s not worth the expense and that the state‘s business can be concluded in half the time, but I just love the irony.  Arnold is on an exclusive expensive vacation while the legislators who make $99,000 a year working at home to reform the state‘s worker‘s comp system.  Senate President John Burton said  “while I‘m working my **** off, he is pontificating from Hawaii?” 

That‘s probably what got him elected:  He‘s direct, he's confident, and he really doesn‘t seem to care much what people think— but he certainly keeps it interesting.