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Statement from the Church of Scientology


August 16, 2012

Drug rehabilitation is a challenging social responsibility and the Church of Scientology is proud of Narconon’s four decades of commitment to helping free individuals from the scourge of drug addiction. Narconon has an exceptional record of helping tens of thousands of individuals to lead drug and alcohol free lives.

Drug abuse is an epidemic in this country. Tens of thousands are dying every year from drug addiction, 12,000 from unintentional overdoses of prescription pain killers. Dealing with drug salvage requires a concerted, coordinated effort and a high level of dedication.

The Narconon program is a social education life skills model. In contrast to the failed concept that addiction is an incurable disease only treatable with replacement drugs, Narconon has demonstrated that with proper and intensive life skills education, a recovering drug addict can in fact stably recover from the disability of addiction and truly become drug free. There is a growing international awareness that the proliferation of more drugs is not the solution to drug addiction.

The Church of Scientology is committed to helping people free themselves from the ravages of drugs through its support of Narconon and through its global drug abuse prevention and education programs.

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