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Roku Adds Universal Search to Streaming Service

/ Source: TechNewsDaily

Roku has added a new feature that lets viewers search all streaming channels based on what they want to watch. That means there’s no longer any need to search for a show one channel at a time because you’re not sure whether "Breaking Bad" is airing on Netflix, Hulu Plus, Amazon or HBO Go.

You can find the new search feature at the far left of the Roku channel queue. Select Search and Roku's search box appears. You can type in a movie or TV title, as well as an actor or director's name, to find out what's available on the streaming service.  Thankfully, Roku will present a list of suggestions as you select letters in a title or name. (Smartphone owners: Download the free Roku app for  Android and iOS  to use your phone as the remote, which is easier than using Roku's remote.)

Make your selection from the list to see details. Each listing includes the program’s rating, runtime, synopsis, main cast and director (as well as pricing if it's an on-demand offering) from channels such as Amazon and Vudu. Roku currently offers streaming of about 130,000 movies and TV shows.

Roku Search works with Roku 2, Roku LT, new Roku HD players and the  Roku Streaming Stick . Roku will send a free over-the-air update to devices over the next week.