True Love? Say It with Rushing Yardage

/ Source: TechNewsDaily

Many women like guys who like sports, and they will use their sports knowledge — real or faked ― to woo a man, according to a survey released today (Nov. 1) by online dating site

Nearly one-third of the single women in the survey said they are attracted to die-hard  sports fans , and one in five said it was a "red flag" if a man wasn't interested in watching sports. In addition, they put some effort into appearing to know all about their man's favorite team. Some women would read up on a team, while others said they "faked it" and pretended to know more than they did.

So guys, is it time to forget the fancy dinner dates with candles and white tablecloths? Rather than miss Monday Night Football, you might be better off asking her over to join you in front of the TV with cold beer and chips — one in six women said they'd rather watch the game than go out on a date.

And what about you men who aren't into sports? Take a cue from the women and fake it. Of the more than 1,000  survey respondents, 44 percent said mates who knew their sports trivia were hot.

However, when it comes time to pop the question, forget movies like "Never Been Kissed" — the ballpark is no place for declarations of lasting love. In fact, 76 percent of the women surveyed said they would not want to be proposed to at a live sporting event.