Porn Company Brings Adult App MiKandi to Google Glass

/ Source: TechNewsDaily

A number of porn providers have big ideas for Google Glass, but as of now, only Android porn app developer MiKandi has its hands on the spectacles. Glass could make it easier than ever to film point-of-view (POV) porn — you see what the stars see. But the MiKandi developers see a whole world of racy applications beyond the predictable, such as erotic games and direct access to porn stars' personal lives.

Jesse Adams and Jen McEwen are the two co-founders of MiKandi (pronounced "my candy"), and found themselves in possession of a pair of Google Glass after attending the Google I/O conference last year where Glass was introduced (all attendees were promised a free pair, which they have now received). At present, Adams and McEwen represent the only porn company that has announced having a pair (of Glass, that is).

MiKandi is not a porn studio, but rather an app provider. Both Adams and McEwen offer an alternative Android app store that provides only adult content, including apps they have developed. If you're interested, simply search for "MiKandi" on your Android Web browser, and follow the instructions that will walk you through installing the app store.

Still, before MiKandi can sell content for Google Glass, it will have to develop that content. "What we're finding is that the Glass software is in its infancy right now," McEwen said. "At the moment, it's pretty hard to build superinteractive apps." [See also: How Google Glass Will Change Porn ]

Using Glass to film POV porn is simple enough, in theory: Just don the tech and start recording. "Recording with your head is something you need to get used to," Adams said. "Sneezing or scratching your nose really messes up the video."

Creating apps that leverage Glass is much more complicated. In addition to creating compelling content, Glass apps must take into account the device's unusual user interface and provide an interactive component — ideally one that can provide much more than the 10 to 60 minutes of entertainment in an average porn film.

Nevertheless, the two co-founders are hard at work on a few introductory apps. "We're keeping them under wraps until a little closer to release," McEwen said, "but we plan to announce them within the next couple of days."

The only issue is that Google Glass does not run on the standard Android OS, and as a result, cannot install the MiKandi store. Instead, MiKandi's first Glass apps will be available through the official Google Play app store. While Google is extremely permissive about outside app stores, it still keeps sexual content to a minimum in its own shop.

"We're going through the Terms of Use with a magnifying glass," Adams said. "We really want to play within Google's rules." [See also: 5 Unsettling Uses of Google Glasses Camera ]

"In the long term, we're interested in two-way interaction between adults, [but] the software is just not there yet to facilitate that kind of interaction in a smooth way," McEwen said. "If you want to do a two-way video, you have about 20 minutes of battery life." That's not strictly a hardware issue, though. As the software evolves, it may allocate battery power more efficiently and allow for longer, er, conversations.

Games are still a long way off — McEwen believes that both the software and hardware have a little maturing to do first. But MiKandi wants to create augmented reality games rather than traditional titles at a closer perspective.

"[We] have always explored getting games out of the console and into the real world," McEwen said. "[We want to] integrate gaming into your reality." Games like this might offer branching narrative paths (like a "Choose Your Own Adventure" book), actions to take in real-world locations, or even innovative multiplayer with other pleasure-seekers.

POV porn could also become more interactive. "Fans will have access to their favorite porn stars' lives," Adams said. From waking up in the morning to performing everyday tasks and some suggestive not-so-everyday tasks, Adams thinks it would be "interesting and fun to have access to someone's POV."

"Other adult companies … didn't really embrace mobile as much just because it's been blocked [to them] for so long," McEwen said. PayPal, iOS and other tech organizations have been hesitant to back adult content, she said, "so a lot of these guys are getting burned or jaded [and] are a little bit slower."

"We're excited to be the first," Adams said. "We got into this to break things and blow things up, so we're having a lot of fun with it."

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