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The Ed Show for Monday, October 14th, 2013

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October 14, 2013
Guest: Rep. Alan Grayson, Rep. Bill Pascrell, Ruth Coniff, Rep. Mark


SARAH PALIN, FORMER GOVERNOR OF ALASKA : Our vets as pawn in a political

REP. TED CRUZ, (R), TEXAS: Enough games.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: I do not like green eggs and ham.

REP.JOHN BOEHNER, (R), OHIO: This isn`t some damn game.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: You don`t care me (inaudible).

PALIN: I`m calling out those who would use this as a political game.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: So, I ran over, Louie Gohmer had a scissors. Steve
was standing next to the barrier, I yell "charge".

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: A chief political battle.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: This is our consolation price.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: You are critical (ph) for embarrassing me.

PALIN: Our military, our vets, our --

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: You`re an idiot.

BEN STILLER, ACTOR: It was (ph) OK to be stupid or dumb to be (inaudible).

PALIN: This is a matter of shutdown priority. And a way we go.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: Are you ready Boo (ph).


ED SCHULTZ, MSNBC HOST: Well, the quitter has found a way to inject your
self into the story. She`s the talent, there`s not doubt about it. Good
to have you with us tonight folks, thanks for watching. I have one heavy
lift tonight on this program. Liberals, I`m going to convince you tonight
that this guy right here, Mitch McConnell is really good guy. You can deal
with them, just like those record number of filibusters and cast them
aside, they really weren`t real.

Just let`s cast aside that his number one goal was to defeat President
Obama. Cast aside that his number two goal was to make sure that Obamacare
never got implemented. Come on now, we can get Harry and Mitch together,
to do or deal and everything is going to be OK, the shutdown would be over
with, we will default, we`ll pay our bills, life will be good, it will be
the America that we want to be.

I`m sorry folks, I can take on some challenges but I can`t sell that one.
I can`t sell that one. And you know what? Because there`s no way anyone
could sell it because it`s simply this is the truth.

I`m showing you tonight folks that this is the truth, you cannot deal with
this guy. This is all about political cover right now. This is all about
Republican Senators being able to go back home with some terrible poll
numbers and say, "It`s not my fault. Not my fault at all, Washington is

You know, I`ve voted for the continuing resolution but it was the House
problem. And then we came back and did a deal with Harry Reid and we got
some numbers that were pretty good and I voted for that too. I`m sorry the
government shutdown. Sorry, we didn`t pay our bill. Not my fault. This
is all about making sure, Republican Senators are going to be able to go
home and save a little bit of faith (ph).

But at the heart and soul of it all, it`s still Obama. They don`t want
this deal. They don`t want anything to work with the President staying
connected to it. So, you mean to tell me that these two gentlemen right
here, the Senate Majority Leader and the Senate Minority Leader are going
to be able to get together and they`re going to do a deal at this hour and
John Boehner is going to accept it. Boehner is going to be able to take
whatever these gentleman come up within the senate and go over the House
and say, "Hey guys, come on, I`ve got some new tea for you drink." It
ain`t going to happen. This is nothing but false hope. I will be stunned
if we don`t default. I would be stunned if there is a deal.

Now, meanwhile, the backdrop of all to this was the setup. These
Republicans can shutdown the government, are using our nation`s veterans as
pawns in their battle to win back political opinion. Constantly have to be
asking yourself the questions throughout all of this, where are the
American people? What is our threshold? What do we want?

Well, we want a government that works, we want a government that`s open,
and we want a deal that`s going to give the middle class a chance in this
country. Americans overwhelmingly blamed Republicans for the shutdown by a
22-point margin. That`s a heck of a number. So, why are the Democrats
even dealing with these people with those numbers the (inaudible) just keep
getting desperate?

On Sunday, tea party all stars, Sarah Palin, Ted Cruz, and Mike Lee, both
elected senators appeared to the World War II Memorial in Washington D.C.
to protest the shutdown that they caused, they advocated for, and now we`re
in the middle of.

They joined the group of protesters and veterans from the Million Vet
March. Remove the metal barriers that the memorial, of course these metal
barriers basically have become the symbol of the shutdown. Sarah Palin
waits at no time running to the cameras in an effort to blame President
Obama for the shutdown.


PALIN: You look around though and you see the barricade and you have to
ask yourself, is this anyway that a Commander in Chief would show his
respect, his gratitude to our military. This is matter of shutdown


SCHULTZ: Well, the quitter from Alaska, she didn`t stop there. Palin
actually had the nerve to say President Obama is using our nation`s
veterans as pawns.


PALIN: Our vets have proven that they have not been timid. So we will not
be timid in calling out any who would use our military, our vets as pawns
in the political game.


SCHULTZ: Well, as a result that turns out organizers from the Million Vets
March think Republicans are the ones using the veterans as pawns. They
released a statement today saying quote, "We feel disheartened that some
would seek to hijack the narrative for political gain."

I got some more news for Sarah Palin, the quitter, 70 percent of Americans
think Republicans are putting politics ahead of Americans when it comes to
the shutdown. American`s are basically I think pretty much sick of all of
this kind of stuff. The stun on Sunday proves that Republicans are
basically are going to do anything and try anything to get political favor.

All Republicans have done since the shutdown started is use the veterans as
a footstool. Well, I`m going to show the number one climber. Take a look
at Michelle Bachman on the first day of the government shutdown.


MICHELLE BACHMANN: We`re trying to protect the lives and the healthcare of
these wonderful veterans.


SCHULTZ: Really? All of a sudden they are concerned about the veterans,
when they have voted down numerous times veterans benefits to the level of
the (ph) Democrats who`ve tried to help the veterans.

Meanwhile, Canadian Senator, Ted Cruz wasted no time in getting in on the
action. The very man who is responsible for the shutdown because he wanted
to defund Obamacare and be Mitch McConnel`s puppet said, "Veterans
shouldn`t be used for political gain."


CRUZ: Our veterans should be above politics. Enough games. Listen, I
want each of you to think about the park rangers who served, who have been
asked by their bosses to stand in the way of veterans and stop them from
coming to this memorial. That is not right.


SCHULTZ: Well, I`ll tell you what, we should bring back psycho talk, don`t
you think?

A short time later and I want you to pay attention to this guy. Larry
Klayman, the founder of Freedom Watch and formally of judicial watch came
to the podium to speak. Now, I want to make note of this. When you go to
the podium at a rally and you pick up the microphone and you were there,
you are doing what? You are trying to make the case. And if someone gets
up and says something very inflammatory, and out of bounce and maybe even
insights violence and you`re an elected official, does it matter? You
better believe it matters.

When you put your name, your reputation on that stage, birds of a feather
flock together, you are endorsing everything that is said on that stage and
you can`t (inaudible). Now, this guy is inflammatory. Listen to Klayman.


LARRY KLAYMAN, FOUNDER OF FREEDOM WATCH: We are now ruled quote unquote by
a president --

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Imperialistic (ph) president.

KLAYMAN: -- who bows down to Allah. This President is not a president
of we, the people. He`s the president of his people. I call upon all of
you to wage a second American non violent revolution to use civil
disobedience and to demand that this president leave town. To put the
Koran down, to get up off his knees, come here and demand the resignation
of Obama and other leaders who have subverted the interest of our country.


SCHULTZ: Now, I think it`s very profound statement that elected officials
would stand with someone advocating social unrest. And, you know, what
words matter? The results of this, the result of all this rhetoric, it
turns out that the crowd was paying attention to Klayman. The group
wrapped up their protest by carrying all the metal barriers to the White
House and dumping them right on the sidewalk. Some member of the crowd got
into a confrontation with law enforcement.




SCHULTZ: Oh, it`s all about the shutdown and it`s all about the good faith
and credit of the United States in paying our bills. No, it`s about the
President of the United States. I think it`s also important to point out
that John Boehner and Mitch McConnel have not condemned to the likes of
Cruz and Senator Mike Lee and of course Palin. She`s just -- she`ll be
wherever she can get attention.

It`s because of this radical tea partiers, our nation is headed for a
possible default. And as I`ve said on this program repeatedly, these
people are on a mission to discredit this president. They are on a mission
to make sure that this default happens on his watch. The bill is there.
The clean bill is there. All they have to do is vote on it in the house,
and Boehner can`t do that.

So now, we`re at a point, we`re supposed to believe that Mitch McConnell
and Harry Reid are so close to a deal, whose numbers are we using? Are we
using sequester numbers, are we using numbers worst than that and how long
is this deal going to be, months, two months, three months? Mr. President,
when you meet with the "big four" later on today, the leaders from the
house of the senate. Understand sir, respectfully, that the people are on
your side. The best negotiation is telling Boehner what to do. We`ll deal
with the numbers later on. The public is with the president and the
Democrats. They are in a position now to make sure that they go to the
floor and take a vote on the continuing resolution to open up this
government and then we`ll talk numbers after that. That`s what`s this is

Get your cellphones out. I want to know what you think. Tonight`s
questions, is John Boehner more afraid of the tea party or defaulting?
Text A for tea party, text B for defaulting to 67622. You could always
leave a comment at our blog at

Now, there have been a number of opportunities that have been presented by
the Democrats to just put this shutdown off to side, stop using it as a
hostage and do some real work for the American people. Let me bring in
Congressman Alan Grayson who recently had something on the floor that would
deal just with this. Congressman, great to have you with us tonight.


SCHULTZ: Do you think the senate will reach a deal and will it have an
effect on what unfolds in the house?

GRAYSON: I don`t know. I think it`s too late. You may recall it during
the brouhaha over Syria. I pointed out that we`re wasting three valuable
weeks. And now, the chickens have come home to boost (ph). We`re out of
time. We shouldn`t be even involved in this fight and we need to just get
beyond it by the earliest, most quickest, most facilitating means possible.

I`ve introduced the bill called H.R. 3213. The Anti-Self Destruction Act
that would fund the government at current levels for 12 months and would
raise the debt ceiling for 15 months and that`s where we need to be right
now. We need to be dealing with jobs, with healthcare, with housing, with
the real problems in everybody`s lives, not these artificial problems.
These artificial crises turned up by the Republicans over and over and over

SCHULTZ: Congressman, and what`s your reaction to the rhetoric that was at
the World War II Memorial yesterday in Washington and also what unfolded in
front of the White House? What is this to sign off?

GRAYSON: I`m sure that the Republicans feel that we should be grateful if
they do not burn the president in (inaudible).

SCHULTZ: Is there more to come? I mean, is this really who the
Republicans are? Is this just a side bar show or is this the conventional
thinking of these folks?

GRAYSON: We see who they are. A recent ABC Washington Post poll found
that 31 percent of Republicans, basically the tea party Republicans,
thought that a government shutdown and a default from a debt would do
tragic harm to the U.S. economy and they want it to do it anyway.


GRAYSON: Look what they`re doing right now. They`re basically saying if
you let us steal you car, which is Obamacare, then we won`t burn down your
house, which is the economy. That`s extortion.

SCHULTZ: Are we to believe as liberals that if Harry Reid and Mitch
McConnell do a deal that there`s going to be just a clean vote on whatever
they decide in the house. I mean, I just think that is a pipe (ph) dream.
I think that this is just a joke. There`s no way in hell that John Boehner
is going to bring anything these two gentleman come to agreement on and I
think it`s false hope. I want your take on that.

GRAYSON: I agree to you. John Boehner used to be Dr. Jekyll and now he`s
Mr. Hyde of the John Boehner that nine times avoided some kind of national
tragedy by allowing Democrats and Republicans who are the same to get
together and pass a bill that the same John Boehner that wouldn`t let even
rename a bill last Friday saying, "Yes, we`re doing this piece meal thing
but we much rather be doing a comprehensive and clean C.R." He wouldn`t
even let me rename the bill back right. And that`s the John Boehner that
we`re all facing right now. I think John Boehner has to go.

SCHULTZ: So why are the Democrats even entertaining negotiation at this
point with Mitch McConnell when a clean bill is sitting right there to open
up the government? I mean, what could -- I mean, what could they possibly
be talking about why give anything to the Republicans? You`ve been in
business. You know what confiscatory rates are. Sometimes, you lose
everything, sometimes you have to just do what you`re going to do for the
good of the order and for the good of the company.

Well, for the good of the country right now, what Boehner`s got do is put
this on the floor, get it done and come back and fight for another day and
he simply won`t do it.

GRAYSON: No, because he`s been held captive like all the rest of us by the
Tea Party loons, the people who feel that is best to shut down the
government, best to default on our debt, the ones who actually look forward
to that, that`s the problem that we all face right now. But he has to rise
above, that he`s failed to do that and therefore Boehner has to go.

SCHULTZ: Are we headed for default, Congressman?

GRAYSON: I think it`s quite possible. And I deeply regret it. I think
that the Republican Party has become the largest suicide pack in history.
I`m just hoping they don`t drag our soul down with them.

SCHULTZ: Congressman Allan Grayson, thanks to your time tonight. I
appreciate it so much. Thanks for being with us.

GRAYSON: Thanks you too.

SCHULTZ: You know, I was mentioning about confiscatory rates. There are
times in business where there are no options left because you`ve got to
move on. Cut your losses and move on. Why can`t Boehner do that? He
can`t do it because it`s about bringing down Obama. It`s about bringing
down the president. This is what -- this has been about all along. And if
Democrats don`t recognize that at this 11th hour, then you`re in denial.

Liberals, these people have shown us by their actions who they are. Mitch
McConnell, a record number of filibusters, Mitch McConnell who made it his
number one goal to defeat President Obama, all of a sudden he`s going to
turn around to be good guy to the liberal (inaudible) and cut a deal. And
we`re going to get the numbers we want, I don`t think so.

Remember to answer tonight`s question there are at the bottom of the
screen. Share your thoughts with us on Twitter at Ed Show and on Facebook.
We appreciate that. Coming up, Glenn Beck and Oscar the Grouch have a lot
in common. We`ll tell you why. Plus Paul Ryan`s new war on women, love
your twits, keep on coming we`re about social interaction.


SCHULTZ: Time now for the Trenders. The social media and this is where
you can find us, Facebook, Twitter and of course on the blog at, and on the radio you can catch me (ph) noon to three,
SiriusXM Channel 127. Well, the Ed Show social media nation has decided
and we are reporting. Here our today`s top Trenders voted on by you.


UNIDENTIFIED MALE: If you really want to see something trashy, look at

SCHULTZ: The number three Trender, Trash Talk.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Oh, I love trash.

GLENN BECK, TELEVISION & RADIO HOST: Are we allowed to pick up the trash?
I don`t even know anymore. I`m your garbage man..

SCHULTZ: Glenn Back cleans up them all in trashes the government.

BECK: There`s no honor. There`s no integrity, whether you`re the guy who
lives on the street or you`re the guy who lives down the street in the big
White House. We`re all the same. You break the law, you go to jail.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Get some water (inaudible).

BECK: We`re in an amazing point. The whole world is going to change. The
system doesn`t work, so the west will reset. It will. It`s nothing to be
afraid of.


SCHULTZ: The number to Trender, More trash talk.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Eddie Schultz is back.


SCHULTZ: The fact Republicans want to use the debt limit to take away your
healthcare is down right dangerous.

SEAN HANNITY, SEAN HANNITY SHOW HOST: He`s (inaudible) at the mouth about
treasonous John Boehner.

SCHULTZ: Hannity targets me over treason. The word is treason, the
treasonous John Boehner. They will shut down the government and they will
not pay the bills to get their way.

HANNITY: I wonder what Williams and (inaudible) think of this knuckle

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: What he`s saying is that (inaudible) treason. I got to
tell you this Sean, that`s what`s called (inaudible).

SCHULTZ: And todays top Trender, Ryan`s hope.

REP. PAUL RYAN, (R), WISCONSIN: I`m very proud of my politic (ph) record.

SCHULTZ: Paul Ryan adds the war on women into the shutdown debate.

RYAN: We need to completely rethink government`s role in healthcare.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: There was an extreme faction on the House of
Representative that just can`t let this go.

RYAN: We don`t want a country where abortion is simply outlawed (ph). We
want a country where it isn`t even considered.


SCHULTZ: So Hannity goes the name calling on (inaudible). Sean, wherever
you want a debate you name the place, the time, you can even take the gate,
because I know you like doing that kind of stuff, OK? Come on, give me a
chance, Sean. Let`s see if I`m the knuckle head that you think I am.
Let`s have a debate Hannity. Certainly, you`re punching up in my opinion.
I`m joined now by Congressman Bill Pascrell of New Jersey. Congressman,
good to have you with us tonight.

REP. BILL PASCRELL, NEW JERSEY: Always going to be here, Ed.

SCHULTZ: The big Trender is Paul Ryan. He is considered the numbers guy
and he has been relatively quiet and kind of in the backdrop of all of
this. But now, he step forward and he has made some comments when it comes
to abortion and what the deal should actually involve. Is he just a
holding to these social conservatives?

PASCRELL: Well, yeah. I think he`s looking at 2016 in the presidential
race, just like these folks are. They have every right to do that. The
problem here is that we`re talking about the debt limit which is going to
on effect in a few days and we`re talking about opening up the government.
And of course, they`re going to try every string (ph) to (inaudible) to
whatever we`ve ask.

I`m glad that Harry Reid and Mitch McConnell are stepping up to the plate,
trying to put a package together, not complicated, something that will take
this into 2014 that will be sensible and that we get bipartisan support

And, you know what, I feel badly for John Boehner. He`s not a bad person I
happen to like him. But John`s missed it. I mean, he let these guys and
gals get a way with everything since 2011 and now he`s paying the price, so
we had bail him up too.

SCHULTZ: Well, Congressman why would the Democrats agree to something that
Mitch McConnell would put his name to after what he has done to President
Obama? Why would the Democrats say that all of a sudden Mitch McConnell is
an honest broker and give Boehner that opportunity when the public is
clearly with the Democrats right now? You have all the cards.

PASCRELL: Republicans clearly with us, but we got to get a resolution of
the problem. I think you know that just as well as I do. And either
whether it comes from Mitch McConnell and whether it comes from Mr.
Boehner, as long as we can do that and not simply talk about saving face,
but standing on our principles, the president and he`s supported by the
Democrats and both the senate and the house is not going to negotiate the
debt deal and he`s not going to negotiate whether we have a budget or not.
We need these things, these are necessities, then we could debate later on
we`re not backing off that principle Ed by any stretch in your (ph)

SCHULTZ: So, what kind of deal we`re talking about here? And what kind of
numbers are we talking about?

PASCRELL: We`re talking about a deal that will bring us to January, both
on the debt and the continuing resolution which will be in the number which
the Republicans have pushed which we compromise on which is the lower deal
which includes sequestration between now and then with negotiable parts of
that within the next four or five months. That`s something we can begin to
live with as long as we can open up this government again and never not
agree that sequestration is going to be the name of the game over the next
two years.

SCHULTZ: You know, Congressman, this as I see it and I respect your take
in a big way. You and I have had some good conversations on a radio over


SCHULTZ: If the Democrats do this, this opens the door for a fight on the
left because obviously we`re going to be pushing Democrats to hold the line
on the Big 3 and not take the cuts in the food stamps, not take the cuts to
the social programs, Medicare, Medicaid, and Social Security, and this buys
the Republicans more time to look like they are negotiators in good faith.
They are not. They want this president out at all cost.

PASCRELL: Yes. I watched those clips from yesterday. They were (ph) an
absolute disgrace with the sign in the background and peace to president.
He just got elected you fools. You can`t -- you don`t know the time and
the date. And thank God you have nothing to do with the negotiations.
We`ll need the reasonable people in both parties.

And I am telling you, Ed, if we can live with this sequestration for a few
more months, change it because many Republicans do (ph) including Chairman
Rogers, he wants to change it. He knows it can`t work when you`re cutting
right across the bow (ph) and you`re cutting everything and saying doesn`t
make any sense. Well, in order for us to get a deal -- a clean deal, Ed,
we may have to swallow something as we did with the number that we`re
agreeing on which is less than a trillion dollars.

SCHULTZ: And there`s no time --

PASCRELL: We cut the deficit in half --

SCHULTZ: Absolutely.

PASCRELL: -- this president (ph).

SCHULTZ: Absolutely.

PASCRELL: We cut the deficit in half. And they won`t agree. Look,
they`re not going to give them a pat on the back of the president for
anything. It doesn`t matter what it is, Ed, and you and I are going to
talk to a blow in the face it ain`t going to work.

SCHULTZ: Well --

PASCRELL: So, what we need to do is reconcile our differences by Thursday.

SCHULTZ: Here`s the best place in my opinion for the Democrats. There`s
this thing called the continuing resolution that passed in the Senate.
Boehner has to bring it to the floor.

PASCRELL: He won`t do it.

SCHULTZ: OK, then we default? I mean, it`s on them, it`s on their party,
and this is the way it is. I hate to look at it that way but this is --
because this means that they`re going to be able to come back to this point
again, again and again, and do the default, do the shutdown to get what
they want, to piecemeal it right back, and slowly try to get the American
people on their side. This --

PASCRELL: Knowing what he`s dealing with, I think he should have known
from the very beginning that there are certain members of his party that
are never going to agree on anything.


PASCRELL: Because if you give the one thing, it`s not enough to go to the
next thing. This is performance over the last two and a half years. I`m
not making this stuff up. Look in the record.

SCHULTZ: No, that`s true. Mitch McConnell, not an honest broker, not on
the record number of filibusters in all of his state that goes (ph)
politically. Congressman, great to have you with us tonight, I appreciate
your time.

PASCRELL: Always a pleasure, Ed.

SCHULTZ: Thank you, sir.

PASCRELL: Thank you.

SCHULTZ: Coming up, new developments in the fight to raise the debt limit
and reopen the government. Our Rapid Response Panel is next. And later,
(inaudible) Congressman Louie Gohmert lands in tonight`s Pretenders after
his latest attack on the president. But next, I`m taking your questions.
Ask Ed Live just ahead. Stay with us.


SCHULTZ: Welcome back to the Ed Show. Love hearing from our viewers in
our Ask Ed Segment Live. Tonight, we have the first question, Regina
Morrison. She -- how much should Democrats concede to get the government
open and prevent a default? Nothing. We were there. The Senate did its
job. Continuing resolution was passed, now, it`s up to Boehner. That`s
the position I think the Democrats should hold. And if we default, it`s on
them. It will be political suicide. They will be politically scarred for
decades to come.

Our next question comes from James Mills. If you were the president, how
would you deal with the Tea Party members in Congress? Well, it`s a
serious question, if I were president. Let`s just say if I were counseling
the president, OK? Let`s bring it down a notch. I would go campaign in
their districts and I do it again and again and again because I think that
this is what the president has to do.

There`s an old saying, "You need to (ph) fish or cut bait." It`s time to
do one of the other. It`s time. It`s time for the president to point out
this folks in their own districts no matter whether it`s red, blue, green,
black, political, whatever, to go after this guys because these are the
people that are obstructing. Stick around. Rapid Response Panel coming up

JOSH LIPTON, CNBC MARKET WRAP HOST: I`m Josh Lipton with your CNBC Market
Wrap. The Dow finishing at 64 points. The S& P 500 in gaining six. And
the tech (ph) having NASDAQ climbing 23. A preliminary estimate finds
people living on Social Security will see their benefits increased about
1.5 percent next year. Shares of Netflix spite (ph) the reports the
company is in talks (inaudible) streaming service through cable boxes. A
new survey find 82 percent of Americans over the age of 50, plan to work
during retirement. That`s it from CNBC, First in Business Worldwide.


SCHULTZ: Welcome back to the Ed Show. Thanks for watching tonight and
welcome to day 14 of a partial government shutdown. We`re just three days
away from the United States facing default first time ever. After talks
between House Speaker John Boehner and President Obama failed negotiation
is obviously are now focused on senate leadership. Majority Leader Harry
Reid and the Senate also Minority Leader Mitch McConnell met today and they
are looking like the last hope for a deal.


HARRY REID, SENATE MAJORITY LEADER: Constructive good-faith negotiations
continue between the republican leader and me. I`m very optimistic and we
reach -- we will reach an agreement that`s reasonable in nature this week.
I deeply appreciate my friend from minority leader for his diligent efforts
to come to an agreement

MITCH MCCONNELL, SENATE MINORITY LEADER: Let me just echo the remarks of
my good friend, the majority leader. We`ve had an opportunity over the
last couple of days to have some very constructive exchanges of views about
how to move forward. Those discussions continue and I share his optimism
that we`re going to get a result that will be acceptable to both sides.


SCHULTZ: I must have miscalculated. Actually everybody in Washington just
loves each other. And an afternoon meeting which in (ph) White House and
bipartisan leadership was postponed to allow leaders in the senate time to
get along even more and continue more progress towards its solution. It
all sounds great. But remember, any deal reaching (ph) the senate would
have to be agreed upon at the house, very fundamental stuff where there
aren`t a lot of folks calling each other friend.


JOHN MCCAIN: The Democrats, they`ve been -- understand something, what
goes around, comes around and if they try to humiliate Republicans, things
change in American politics and I know what is like to be in majority and
in the minority. And it won`t be --


SCHULTZ: Did he use the word humiliate? You mean to tell me that John
McCain and the Republicans are in such a weak position right now that he
has to say to the Democrats, "Well, you better not humiliate us. You
better not do that." I mean, we don`t have a good negotiating position
right now but don`t come in here and humiliate us because someday the
political pendulum might swing. I don`t think so Senator, because during
the record number of filibuster you were ominously silent and 30 years of
wage has being depressed (ph) in the middle class I don`t think you`ve been
a real advocate for the middle class, I don`t think middle class voted for
you in 2008.

So, this just exemplifies how frustrated the Republicans and how weak their
position is to the point where please (ph) don`t humiliate us, you better
not do it because someday there might be a different political way in
America, does it matter? You`re the ones that won`t up the government with
the simple C.R. vote on the house floor.

Joining me now on Rapid Response Panel, Michael Eric Dyson, MSNBC political
analyst, Ruth Coniff for the Progressive Magazine out of Wisconsin, and
MSNBC political analyst Jonathan Alter. Jonathan I want you to take on
this first, what`s unfolding? What kind of did are we talking about and
can it be reality.

JONATHAN ALTER, MSCBC POLITICAL ANALYST: Well, they`re talking about a
kick to the can down the road deal, which would essentially say that the
continuing resolution would go a clean continuing resolution will go until
January, February, same thing for the debt ceiling and that in the time
between now and then, with nothing agreed to in advance, there would be
conversations on the budget.

But, I understand that they are not going to include any kind of a deal in
medical device tax for Obamacare, because the White House and then Harry
Reid and the Democrats are absolutely firm on this that they will not
negotiate on Obamacare even if that gets changed sometimes down the road.
They will not negotiate with a gun pointed to their heads and they are
sticking with that and this deal will not include any concessions by
Democrat so we simply kick the can down the road (inaudible).

SCHULTZ: Do you think Mitch McConnell is going to go along with something
that Boehner is going to put his stamp of approval on?.

ALTER: Yes. Mitch McConnell, you know, is -- for all of the, you know,
the ridiculous things he said over the years in saying this top priority
was getting rid of Obama and so forth. He is a Washington insider, a deal


ALTER: And also, he understands as that (ph) John Boehner that when it
comes to the debt ceiling right now, they`re playing with matches in
Washington in a roomful of kerosene.

SCHULTZ: Ruth, your take on all this.

ALTER: I really disagree with you Ed. I disagree with --


ALTER: -- what you are saying about Rodel Pascual (ph). It would not be
good for this country for working people in this country.

SCHULTZ: I`m not saying it would be good.

ALTER: We can`t let that happen. And the good news is (inaudible) --

SCHULTZ: No, wait a minute --


SCHULTZ: -- respectfully.

ALTER: -- it`s not going to happen. It`s not going to happen.

SCHULTZ: We are out of point. We are out of point where the Republicans
have got to be responsible for the way they treat this President. They
have got to be responsible and they don`t bring us to default.

ALTER: They are.

SCHULTZ: And for the Democrats to go out and do any kind of budget deal,
to kick a can down the road with any kind of concession, I think it`s not
the right thing to do.

ALTER: There aren`t any concessions. It`s just going to be kicking the
can down the road. (Inaudible) --

SCHULTZ: So, who`s numbers are we talking about?

ALTER: -- going to be. Well, as Pascual (ph) indicated to you, they are
going to lead the sequester in place, but only until January.


ALTER: And even the Republicans recognize that this sequester stinks --

SCHULTZ: All right, I got to get to --

ALTER: -- and even revisit this budget number.

SCHULTZ: All right. Ruth Coniff, your take in all of this.

sequester stink and really, the Democrats couldn`t go looking for this
fight (ph). So, despite all of the republican effort to say, you know,
don`t put us on this position. This is terrible. Clearly, it`s the Tea
Party element within the Republican Party that caused this problem to them.

Their ridiculous protest that the World War II Memorial where they try to
make it seem like that they wanted to reopen things that they were causing
to be close didn`t work and it`s the American public that blames republican
53 versus 31 for Democrats for being responsible for this. So, they`re in
big trouble.


CONIFF: Their numbers are deep (inaudible) territory in terms of
popularity, 21 percent for the Tea Party, 24 percent for the republican
party overall. They`re worried about loosing seat in congress now in both
house, so I think --

SCHULTZ: Michael Eric Dyson --

CONIFF: -- you know, there has to be --

SCHULTZ: Here, we have John McCain`s plan revenge politics here. You
better not do this to us.

this to the American public. I think the Democrats are absolutely right.
Hold to your gun so to speak, do not negotiate because if you negotiate
with these terrorists, this rhetorical terrorist, these ideological (ph)
terrorist, all you`re doing is begging for a fight that will continue to
give them strength and will ultimately undermined the economic, I think
integrity of the American economy.

So, they got to stick to it, they cannot give in the right wing, Tea Party
especially. And you know, it`s time for John Boehner to stand up and be a
true speaker. He`s got to fight back against dead vicious remnant of the
right -- far right wing in his own party that continues to bully him. He`s
got to stop being bullied. We talked about all these bullying tactics.
They`re bullying their own Speaker of the House. He`s got to stand up and
show some back (inaudible).

SCHULTZ: Well. Dr. Dyson, who says that John Boehner is going to bring
this to the floor for vote, he didn`t do the continuing resolution?

DYSON: You`re right but I think -- look Ed, if the reality that face is
that this will be the first time that we`ve gone into default like this.
That`s got to apply a pressure to John Boehner that not even the Tea Party

ALTER: Especially since Boehner said, he will not allow default. He`s
been very clear about that so he has to go Mr. McConnell re-deal. He`s
going to have to.

SCHULTZ: He also said that Obamacare was the law of the land and they
weren`t going to try to repeal it.

ALTER: That`s true.



ALTER: -- a character test for him (ph).

CONIFF: Even a terrible situation.

SCHULTZ: All right. Michael?

CONIFF: It`s embarrassing for him and it`s a bad situation for him.

SCHULTZ: Across the board.

CONIFF: But they`re going to lose.

SCHULTZ: But it`s still a fisher --

CONIFF: They`re going to lose.

SCHULTZ: It`s a fisher cut bait situation for the Democrats. It`s on them
and there`s no better time and then no better position of strength for the
Democrats to hold the line on this and say, "You got to put that vote on
the floor. You can`t trust Mitch Connell at all." And I`m not sure the
Boehner is going to go along with a kick of the can down either. I don`t
know if this will bring that to a vote. We`ll see.

ALTER: He`s going to have to

SCHULTZ: Michael Eric Dyson, Ruth Conniff, and Jonathan Alter, great to
have you with us. Thank you. Coming up, a dangerous deal for the U.S.
trade negotiations going behind close doors to put labor jobs and middle
class jobs at risk. More on that. Stay with us.


SCHULTZ: And in Pretenders tonight, misguided and terribly uninformed
Congressman Louie Gohmert. Well, he was caught at the Value Voter Summit
spreading his blissful ignorance.


UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: Would you allow it to default on our debt?

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Right. Let`s put it here a little better (ph). Thank

REP. LOUIE GOHMERT, (R) TEXAS: No. That would be an impeachable offense
(inaudible) --


SCHULTZ: Oh Louie Gohmert, he`s trying his very hardest, but he still has
no idea how his job works. He has no clue how the debt ceiling works.


GOHMERT: There is no reason we should ever, ever default on our debt
unless the President and the treasury secretary conspire to make us

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: The best thing they could happen to this country is
that Obamacare goes away.

GOHMERT: That`s right, absolutely.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: And the debt ceiling is not raised? The second best
thing --

GOHMERT: We have enough money coming in every week to pay our debt, to
keep from defaulting.


SCHULTZ: It`s your job to raise the debt ceiling Louie Gohmert. Congress
must act or else the nation defaults without raising the debt ceiling, the
government cannot pay for the programs Congress has already enacted. If
Louie Gohmert wants us to believe his personal ignorance has grounds for
the President`s impeachment you can keep on pretending.


SCHULTZ: Welcome back to the Ed Show this is the story for the folks who
take a shower after work, the workers of America and you need to be on
alert laborers. U.S. trade officials are trying to reach a deal on the
Trans-Pacific Partnership at the end of this year, trouble is this
agreement would send American jobs overseas.


UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: The Trans-Pacific Partnership has giant implications
for working families.


SCHULTZ: It sure does. The so called TPP is aiming the establishing a
free trade bloc stretching from Vietnam to Chile, to Japan covering about a
third of the world`s trade and nearly 40 percent of the global economy.
Folks, this is dangerous for America. It will put U.S. workers, job and
businesses at a distinct disadvantage

All of the negotiations have been buying close doors. And Congress has bee
giving the limited access to negotiation documents. Congressman Mark Pocan
of Wisconsin is expressing concerns with the deal and its encouraging
Congress not to fast track the agreement for approval.

Congressman Pocan joins us tonight here on the ED Show. Congressman, you
have seen this. I realized because of security issues. There`s always so
much that you could tell us but what are your main concersn about the TPP?

REP. MARK POCAN, (D) WISCONIN: Well, the Trans-Pacific Partnership is the
biggest and baddest of the trade deals yet. It has so many countries and
so many economic interests they`re involved, and yet, it`s the same
problems we`ve seen in the past on labor standards, environmental
standards, food safety. It has a great potential to take away more
American jobs and really hurt the middleclass in America.

So we`re very concerned about what is coming out. One of the things last,
last week was the White House was announcing that this could be finished
and negotiated by the end of the year.

SCHULTZ: It is true that there would be a stipulation that we could
actually lose our sovereignty through multinational corporations who have a
hard time dealing with the United States law that they would go to a higher
power of decision making process to make sure that they could get their
products into the United States?

POCAN: Yes. One of the problems with these trade deals, and again, well
to see the exact language that comes out that but I have no reason to
believe and I`ve seen some of the language. I have had chance to sit down
with the combined record tax, the actual language we`re negotiating that
this is definitely not going to be any better than any of the past deals
and could potentially be worst.

When you take a country like Vietnam and put into it, you know, they don`t
have any labors standards. There are some real problems. So when it comes
to corporate ability to usurp laws whether it be a state laws or individual
nation laws, that`s when part some of the past trade deals. I`m expecting
it will be part of this trade deal.

SCHULTZ: And are there provisions that we have to as a country except so
many products from their country?

POCAN: Well, it all depends on the exact language but very likely, if we
would do something, for example, by American Provision, I use to have Buy
American Provision when I was in our legislator back in Wisconsin. This
would take away our ability to have things like that, buy American laws,
buy local laws.

That`s part of the problems that we have with -- to give away so much
authority --

SCHULTZ: Well, that`s traps America right there?

POCAN: Exactly. It`s a huge problem.

SCHULTZ: I mean -- you mean international trade deal would tell the
Congress what laws they could pass when it comes to our own products.

POCAN: In a company like you said the multinational corporation could
challenge a states law or the U.S. law even based on if they`re losing
access to a market which could take away our ability to do something like
Buy American or even, you know, things around food safety.

SCHULTZ: So how do the Democrats run around the country talking about
their for the middleclass and sign on to something like things and we`re
just giving the basics here?

POCAN: Well the good news is right now we are aggressively -- I`m working
with Rosie Deluro (ph) and George Miller (ph), and Louise Slaughter, we`re
getting people to sign a letter to say don`t go so fast to fast-track. We
want to have say as Congress. I`m guessing we`ll have a majority the
Democrats signed that letter by the time it`s done.

But we`re doing everything we can to even though in the middle of the
craziness that`s going on in Washington, we`re trying and make sure we`re
not looking at this and make sure we`re ready for that fight.

SCHULTZ: Why there are 600 corporate consultants who know more about it
than the members of Congress?

POCAN: And that`s part of the problem. The people that are supposedly the
professionals who help negotiate these things are have to have input to it
when I have to make sure that in the middleclass families in South Central
Wisconsin. The companies in my district are still able to do business like
they`ve always and we don`t want to give away that ability to Vietnam which
could happen.

SCHULTZ: I want to give air time to anybody who`s a proponent of this is
going to tell me it`s going to be good for the American economy. I have
not seen or heard that case made as of yet. Congressman Mark Pocan, thanks
for the fight. I appreciate you`re sticking it up for American workers.

And that`s the Ed Show. I`m Ed Schultz. Politics Nation with Reverend Al
Sharpton starts right now. Good evening, Rev.



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