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The Ed Show for Wednesday, January 22nd, 2014

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January 22, 2014

Guests: Mark Pocan, Tim Ryan, Goldie Taylor, Bob Shrum, Shannon Watts

ED SCHULTZ, MSNBC HOST: Good evening Americans and welcome to the Ed Show
live from New York. Let`s get to work.


Listen, when it comes to unemployment insurance .

NANCY PELOSI, (D) HOUSE MINORITY LEADER: Unemployment insurance that
millions of Americans rely on to support their family as they look for

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: They need assistance. They`ve deserved it. They`ve
earned it.

BOEHNER: How many times have we talked about this?

decades, we`ve sought to solve the problems of unemployment .

BOEHNER: Too plenty.

REAGAN: Government planning and the more the plans fail, the more the
planners plan.

BOEHNER: Plenty.

PELOSI: House Republicans block the House from even considering extending
this essential lifeline.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: To give voice to the nearly 1.5 million Americans,
just like me, who now have no unemployment insurance.

BOEHNER: And we consider it, but they haven`t paid for it.

SEN. HARRY REID, (D) NEVADA: This is an emergency and should not be paid
for in the minimum course around here.

SEN. JOHN MCCAIN, (R) ARIZONA: We need to have it paid for. It`s got to
be paid for.

GOV. CHRIS CHRISTIE, (R) NEW JERSEY: To make this government truly work
for those who pay for it. Who pay for it.

BOEHNER: They haven`t paid for it.


SCHULTZ: Good to have you with us tonight folks. Thanks for watching.

Let`s roll it back if we can to December. A little over a month ago, we
were talking quite a bit about unemployment extension and of course the
deal that was going to be made when it came to the budget, what was the
right thing to do, what was the wrong thing to do, we`re choosing up sides
on whether the Democrats should trust the Republicans.

I said it was a bad deal at the time. There were 94 House members who
agreed with me and voted against it.

Fast forward to today. Well, we got a decision to make. This past Friday,
President Obama signed a $1.1 trillion spending bill. Now, this budget was
passed by the House in the Senate quickly and rarely by bipartisan fashion
and all that kind of stuff.

But at the time I said, "This is bad karma. This is a bad deal. This is
not good for America." I mean if we`re going to push forward with the
conversation about our priorities, why would you do this deal and hold over
a million people in the balance who are trying to get back into the
economy? It doesn`t make any sense to me.

Let`s have the greater discussion. Well now we`re at 1.5 million
unemployed Americans who have been abandoned by this budget. They came to
a bipartisan deal, doesn`t that make us all feel good? $1.1 trillion.

The Senate Republicans blocked an unemployment extension and now Congress,
heck, they got a 10-day vacation. It`s good work if you can get it.

Senator John McCain steps up and gives a bogus excuse for Senate gridlock
on unemployment.


MCCAIN: This is a system that needs to be fixed. It needs to be modified.
We need to have it reviewed. We need to have it paid for. All of those
things and if we could have open debate in the United States Senate and
amendments then maybe we could make it better in a long run.


SCHULTZ: We have to have it paid for. Why in the heck didn`t the
Democrats say that when we were rolling into Iraq? We never really figured
that thing out, didn`t we? But that was a long time ago.

Unemployed Americans don`t want to hear from Senator McCain or Harry Reid
about an extension but if we have to listen to all these minutia about the
Senate. They don`t want to listen to McCain, they don`t want to listen to
McCain, they don`t want to listen to the bickering back and forth with
Harry Reid about Senate procedure and what we have to fix in Washington.

Look, I want to go back to this word "trust". Democrats decided last
December to trust the Republicans that they were going to make a real
effort to come forward and figure out this unemployment extension. They
trusted John Boehner, they trust Mitch McConnell, they trusted the guys
that have given us the era of obstruction. It was a huge mistake on the
part of the Democrats.

Is this Monday morning quarterbacking? I guess you probably could say
that. But we were on the record saying, "Don`t do this. You can`t trust
these guys." Well now, look what`s happening.

Congress` skipped town for a vacation while 1.5 million Americans are
literally left out in the cold.

You can`t trust these guys. You cannot trust the Republicans to do the
right thing. There is no record since President Obama has walked into the
White House that these guys are willing to work with him on anything.

So what was it last December? The Christmas spirit? I think we talked
about that. Well, where is it now in the cold days of January? 1.5
million, the numbers are growing, they`re left out, and I just hope that
the Democrats have learned a lesson. How many more times will these guys
going to game you? You can`t trust them.

This is why Democrats need to fight Republicans extremely hard on the next
big tidal wave that`s coming in. The Trans-Pacific Partnership which we
were spending a lot of time on because I do believe in my heart, and I will
show you charts in a moment, I do believe right down to my bone that this
is the firewall for the middle class in America. This cannot go through.

And the Democrats better figure that out. That means all hands on deck.
Don`t -- one or two or three fall by the wayside and say, "Well, you know,
I really got to go along with this trade deal because the president wants
it." No. Every Democrat should say no to fast track and say no to this
trade deal.

This free trade deal would no doubt outsource countless American good
paying jobs to countries like Vietnam.

I think this deal is going to become a major campaign issue in the
midterms. But, you know, in terms of the economy, we got a long way to go
before the midterms.

Democrats are going to have to run against this TPP because this is going
to on for a while. These corporatists want this trade deal and the facts
are very clear. Every time that there is free trade deal, our trade
deficit grows and jobs go somewhere else on the globe. Let me show you the
first chart tonight.

This is our trade deficit with China. That`s a sea red, isn`t it, right
there? Can we make it any redder than that?

You see, back in 2001, China was given the preferred nation trading status.
They`re good folks. They`re not going to manipulate their currency.
Whatever goes out, America is going to come right into America. These are
-- this is really going to be a good deal. Since then, our trade deficit
with China has skyrocketed.

In 2012, our trade deficit with China stood at roughly $540 billion. It`s
estimated the United States has lost 2.7 million as a result of this trade
deficit with China. So tell me where the victor is.

Here`s another chart.

This one shows our trade deficit with Mexico. Well, looks kind of like
that deal we got cooking with China doesn`t it?

Since NAFTA was passed in 1994, the trade deficit with this country,
Mexico, well that`s gone through the roof. 2012 was roughly $60 billion in
a trade deficit which relates to American jobs. It`s estimated the United
States has lost over 680,000 jobs because of that deal with Mexico. NAFTA,
that`s the affected hat (ph).

Now, the numbers, do you want to be a numbers guy? The numbers tell a real
different story on free trade deals for America. No free trade deal has
ever created American jobs. No one else has got a chart like the one I

There is no way anyone can say that the TPP will create jobs here at home.

Democrats totally dropped the ball on unemployment as I see it. They`re
not going to get this done. But I think they can make up for it by coming
back and fighting hard against the trade agreement that is only going to
create more unemployed Americans. It is only going to put long-term
unemployment on steroids in this country.

This is as bad as it`s ever been in America since the Great Depression when
it comes to long-term unemployment. And if we have a trade deal where the
Congress isn`t even consulted or allowed to amend anything on the part of
jobs. We`re going to have all kinds of problems, folks.

Democrats need to send a clear message to the President of the United
States that his team is leading him into a field where this dog don`t hunt.

Now let me tell you where we`re at. We hear a lot about creating jobs.
How many times does Boehner come out and say, "Where are the jobs? Where
are the jobs?" Well I`ll tell you where the jobs are going to be. This is
about protecting American workers.

Now, how about we do that since these guys won`t help us create jobs,
Democrats, how about let`s protect some industries, protect some American
jobs if they`re not going to help us create anything?

Here`s what`s going to happen in the halls of Congress and let me tell you
they`re lobbying hard on this. The corporatists, they are out lobbying big
time. The pharmaceuticals, big oil who by the way gets your tax dollars,
your subsidies that don`t pay their fair share we`ve been talking about
that, income inequality, the corporations not paying their fair share.
These are the folks who were doing the bidding.

And they`re going to go into some Senate offices and they`re going to say,
"Hey, look, I really need your support on this. You know, we`re going to
bring X amount of jobs to your state if you give us this TPP." Give the
president fast track. This is one of the very few things that we agree
with on the president. We`ve really brought him around to understand
business that this is really what we got to have. As if the oil companies
don`t have enough. As if their environmental standards are just up for
grabs, up for bargain, up for trade. It`s roadkill that`s what is.

And so they`re going to go in and try to cash whip and intimidate some
lawmakers saying, "Well, you know, the next election, you could be faced in
so and so who we really do like.

If one Democrat breaks on this, it`s going to put pressure on the rest of
the Democrats. If you stay in for the middle class, if you stand for
workers in this country, if you believe that there is real disparity when
it comes to wages in America, and if you are truly in your heart for the
middle class you cannot go into this building and support TPP.

The President has got it totally wrong across the board. As the hour
glasses turn on the middle class in America, there`s some real bad
discussions going on about what were going to do fix it. And if you think
we`re having a discussion right now about long-term unemployment in this
country and not going to continue that discussion if this deal goes
through, you got another thing coming. By the way, that dog don`t hunt

Get your cell phones out. I want to know what you think tonight`s

Before we go to the question, I want to go to a challenge to any elected
official in Washington. Maybe there`s some information out there that I
don`t know. We have called the White House and we have asked for one of
their economic advisers to come on the Ed Show and explain to us the

Don`t just tell me that exports are going to increase. Show me the money.
Show me what is going to happen. Show me some numbers. Give a ledger on
how this is going to create American jobs.

They can`t do it. No one in Congress can.

All right. The question tonight, "Do you think the president will back
down on TPP?" Text A for yes, text B for no to 67622. You can always go
to our blog at We`ll bring you the results later on in the

For more on this, let me bring in Congressman Mark Pocan of Washington.
And we`re going to this gentleman from Washington because he has been
working on this in the middle of the country trying to get real polls of
where folks in the middle of the country are on this issue.

And the other reason we`re going to this Congressman -- Congressman Pocan
is because I consider him to be unspoiled.

This is his first term in the United States Congress. And these are just
the kind of guys that they`re going to try to intimidate to try to get to
break. I don`t think they can do it to this gentleman.

Congressman, good to have you with us tonight. Is there any plan right now
that you know of to extend the unemployment benefits right now that is
going to work with Republicans?

REP. MARK POCAN, (D) WISCONSIN: You know, Ed, that`s what we`re trying to
do. You know, I`m back home in Wisconsin this week. I`m actually in Rock
County. Rock County is a county that split between my Congressional
district and Paul Ryan`s Congressional district.

And it`s been a harder hit that most parts of the state, GM closed down the
plant, all the companies that fed in to GM have closed down all of the
jobs. Parker Pen, 25 years ago had a thousand jobs here. In the late
90`s, they sent the last 150 jobs. they head to Mexico. It`s been really

And I see it every day when I come through the county. The problem is I
don`t know if the other congressman sees it from this county. And we need
to keep talking about the real stories.

We just had a press conference and I was talking to a woman, she lost her
benefits, her car just got an accident. She`s getting $50 from food share
for food and she`s going to food pantries and still looking for work.

These are the real people who are affected by this. It`s not some kind of
a game that you trade for that the Republicans are trying to do. It`s
taking care of real Americans who`ve worked hard and paid in the system
most of their life.

SCHULTZ: OK. So can we say now that the Republicans have gained the
Democrats on unemployment extensions? The word trust is gone. You can`t
trust this crowd once this budget deal was made. Or maybe you have a
different view of it, sir.

POCAN: No. There shouldn`t be a deal. We should just do this because
it`s the right thing to do. And that`s why I think we`re trying to argue
for. But I agree.

You know, five times under President Bush when unemployment rate was even
lower, we did this without any strings attached in a bipartisan way. And
now, they`re trying to make this some kind of trade game. And you`re
playing at real people`s lives. And I know that it just came out that over
half the Congress are millionaires. Maybe that`s part of the problem.

But I can tell you, we`ve got to convince the Republicans in the House to
even take this up for a vote because I think if we did you`d find enough
votes .


POCAN: . to pass it.

SCHULTZ: The case that I`m making here tonight is that if we`re not going
to do anything for the long-term unemployed, we better be prepared for the
long storm ahead because there`s no evidence that if the president gets
fast track and we enter into more free trade deals that aren`t going to
create American jobs, this is going to be a generational conversation about
what we do with people who can`t find jobs and the numbers are only going
to grow.

And so, it`s like a domino effect. And I hope the Democrats can stand
shoulder to shoulder on this. We know we can`t trust the Republicans on
this. They`re all about the corporations. The corporations can`t make
enough money for the Republicans.

So, Congressman, where -- as you see these two fit together where does this
all going to end up and what does in your estimation the president need to

POCAN: Sure. Well, there`s two issues. One is the Trans-Pacific
Partnership of this really bad trade deal that you`ve laid out. I think a
lot of us had talk about. A lot of us are very concern for labor,
environmental, currency reasons, food safety you name it. There`s 29
chapters that have cover a lot of things in there.

But the most immediate thing is the fast track legislation and that is one
word. There maybe some bipartisan support, because the fast track
legislation takes away Congress and really the people`s ability to debate
the issue and amend it. And that what`s going to becoming up most
immediate. That was just introduced in Washington.

So, I know 151 Democrats, and the House have signed a letter saying, "Do we
oppose fast track?" 27 Republicans have signed the letter. We just have to
do everything we can to hold tight because if we give up our voices, that
means we give up America`s voices. And we shouldn`t just give that kind of
prerogative to the president on a trade deal that`s been negotiated largely
in secret among a bunch of corporate leaders and not members of Congress.

SCHULTZ: Congressman Marc Pocan of Wisconsin, great to have you with us
tonight. I appreciate your time on this subject. Thank you, sir.

Remember to answer tonight`s question there at the bottom of the screen.
Share your thoughts with us on Twitter at Ed Show and like us on Facebook.
We appreciate when you do that. We always want to know what you think in
your tweet world. Thank you so much.

Coming up, Toronto Mayor Rob Ford, well he`s apparently fallen off the
wagon. More video coming.

Plus, President Obama presses the case for raising the minimum wage. Stay
with us.


SCHULTZ: Time now for the Trenders social media action. Lot of activity
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UNIDENTIFIED MALE: New York is that way, man.

SCHULTZ: The number three Trender, New York states of mind.

GOV. ANDREW CUOMO, (D), NEW YORK: Are they these extreme Conservatives,
who are right-to-life, pro-assault weapon, anti-gay? They have no place in
the state of New York.

leave and I`m taking all of my money with me.





SCHULTZ: Hannity cools his jets.

HANNITY: If I could, I`d probably would. There`s probably over 100 people
that count on me for their jobs. And as soon as I am able, I`m getting out
of here as quick as I can.

SCHULTZ: While Glenn Beck blasts the governor`s comments.

GLENN BECK: Governor Cuomo sounds a little like the Governor of Alabama
when he was talking about the freedom bus and I think he is trying to
assert his position. And it`s the position that`s going to leave him in
the dustbin of history.

SCHULTZ: The number two Trender, Ford focus.

episode of Toronto Mayor Rob Ford?

DRAKE, RAPPER: The city of Toronto? Where the rappers are polite and the
mayor smokes crack.

KIMMEL: Thank you Canada. This almost makes up for Justin Bieber.

SCHULTZ: The Toronto mayor gets caught on camera again.


UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Those aren`t even words.

FORD: (Inaudible). And you`re trying to tell me.

I met some friends. If I speak that way, that`s how I speak with some of
my friends.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: You`re mocking me actually.

FORD: (inaudible).

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: You don`t make any sense at all.

SCHULTZ: And today`s top Trender, bare minimum.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: We can`t survive on $7.25.

raise a minimum wage.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: If we increase the minimum wage, we will see everyone,
even rich people, make more money.

SCHULTZ: President Obama weighs an executive order to raise the minimum

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: We hope that he pursues it. It would be a great start.

OBAMA: I`m going to keep pushing until we get a higher minimum wage for
hardworking Americans across the entire country.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: He talks in the right place but his signature ain`t in
the right place. And it needs to be on an executive order.


SCHULTZ: Joining us tonight, Congressman Tim Ryan of Ohio.

Congressman, great to have you with us tonight. I know you`re on the
correct side of this issue with the workers but it really now is a
determination and a decision that has to be made by the president.

The president`s looking at this executive order to raise the minimum wage
for about 2 million federal workers. Your thoughts on that. Do you think
it would get the ball rolling across the board and make it easier to get a
full minimum wage hike done? Your thoughts on this, sir.

REP. TIM RYAN, (D) OHIO: Well, I think at some point, because it`s going
to reframe the argument, it`s going to bring the argument to the forefront
of the national debate.

We`re going to be stuck in the House. There`s no way John Boehner`s going
to bring up a minimum wage bill although my colleague mentioned in the last
segment, you know, President Bush and other then moderate, now we see as
moderate Republicans were saying, "Hey, this is something that we need to
do." So I think it can help reframe the debate cast it front and center
for us to have this national discussion.

And this discussion, Ed, is going to be about family values. That`s what
the minimum wage is about.


RYAN: That what these issues are about. They`re about family values and
the minimum wage is front and center in that debate.

SCHULTZ: Well, since the mid 1960s, if minimum wage had kept up with the
rate of inflation, it`d be just a little over $22 an hour right now. We`re
talking $7.25 .

RYAN: Right.

SCHULTZ: . an hour right now. I don`t know what $10.10 an hour would do
but it would seem to me that they could go at least half way as to where it
would be had it kept up with inflation.

If Boehner`s not going to do anything .

RYAN: Right.

SCHULTZ: . what options do you have and how big of a campaign issue is

RYAN: Well, that`s why I think the president has to act and he has to act
boldly. And then we`ve got to obviously use this as an issue throughout
this year and see how it plays in the fall and we`ve got to energize the
base. Ad this is one of those issues, but we`ve got to talk about it.

Too many times, we`ve shied away from it. And we -- I think we all agree
there`s got to be a way to slowly put this in place. We don`t want to drop
it on a business person tomorrow morning. But we do got to get in place
and we`ve got to make sure that it ramps up and that the average American
that -- as we make these political arguments, that the average American
recognizes that there is a level of unfairness, unfairness if you work 30
or 40 hours a week and you`re still living in poverty. That`s not the
American way. That`s not the American dream.

If you work hard, you play the rules, you live a good and decent life, you
raise your family properly, you work hard. You should not live in poverty
in the United States with the wealthiest country and the history of this
planet by far. And this is a small, small ask I think, and the economy
will adjust and we`ll continue to move forward.

But it`s about demand side, Ed.


RYAN: That`s the difference. We`ve got to move away from the supply side
economic .


RYAN: . trickle down, cut taxes for the top one percent and hopefully,
somebody in Monroe, Ohio get a crumb that falls off the table or do we give
average people money in their pocket to go out and buy cars, homes and make
investments into the economy.

SCHULTZ: Well, disposable income, but, you know, is really what is going
to move this economy, you know. And this just isn`t restricted to our

At the world economic forum in Davos, Switzerland, Pope Francis spoke again
about economic inequality. And what he said telling business leaders in a
letter, "I ask you to ensure that humanity is served by wealth and not
ruled by it."

I mean this is helping the Democrats and the Progressives keep the
discussion alive and coming at it from a religious vantage point. I mean,
doesn`t this help? I mean doesn`t this heighten the awareness in different
communities in this country?

RYAN: Well, I love this new Pope. I`ll tell you. He can just keep
talking, as far as I`m concerned and I hope he comes in America soon and
drives his message home to the American Catholic community and the American
people. I think that would be huge.

But him talking about this and talking about in a global level, you were
talking about the trade agreement with Japan and Vietnam and other


RYAN: That is what we`re talking about. Lifting people up in these other
countries so that they`re not being abused as workers and our workers here
aren`t losing their jobs. There`s a way to do this in a global way and
America has got to lead that charge because we`re the most powerful economy
in the world.

SCHULTZ: Congressman Tim Ryan of Ohio, great to have you with us. I
appreciate your time tonight, sir. Thank you so much.

RYAN: Always a .

SCHULTZ: You bet.

Coming up, the golden voice of the Republican Party are losing their shine.
We`ll talk about the Conservative fall from grace and the Rapid Response
Panel coming up.

Still ahead, an NFL star heading for the super bowl shares his story about
how lucky he is to be alive. But due to gun violence in schools thousands
of other future stars` lives have been lost.

And next, we`ll have an update on another NFL star Richard Sherman. He`s
speaking out about his fiery comments after the big game on Sunday. Stay
with us.


SCHULTZ: Welcome back to the Ed Show. I`ll change from Ask Ed tonight to
a story that I find very interesting. I, among with many other Americans,
took a lot of flack on Twitter for defending all pro Seattle Seahawk
defensive back, Richard Sherman, after his post-game interview about
Michael Crabtree on Sunday night. His so called rant made him the top
trending topic on Twitter and the biggest water cooler conversation in the
workplace in America.


SCHULTZ: A lot of the response was shockingly hateful and downright
racist. People called Sherman a thug, a monkey, and many used racial
slurs. In the heap of the moment -- OK, he was passionate. Whether or not
you think his statements were over the top, there is no excuse for folks
turning this into an issue of race.


SCHULTZ: And I stand by the kid. He may have let his emotions get the
best of him at that time but he didn`t deserve the onslaught or outrage of
racial slurs that followed on the social media network. Just a short time
ago, 25-year old Stanford graduate who majored in Communications spoke in a
news conference and expressed what he`s learned since Sunday night.


really don`t know how to be anybody else. I can only be myself. And, you
know, it -- I obviously learn from my mistakes and try to do a better, you
know, where at situations like that better and be more mature about
situation, understand the moment.


SCHULTZ: Understand the moment. Didn`t use any profanity. He didn`t
threaten Crabtree in any way. He just didn`t give the typical low key,
polite volume post-game interview that maybe we expect. We`ve become
accustomed to expecting stuff like that, haven`t we?


SHERMAN: I feel like my game might be 20 years too late. You know, maybe
I watched those guys too much. You know, maybe I studied the Mohammad
Alis, the Deion Sanders, the guys who played the game -- the Michael Irvin,
Jerry Rice -- I studied the old-school game more than I studied the new-
school game, and I play it that way. And, you know, it rubs a lot of
people the wrong way, and you know, giving a true speech after game, a true
passionate speech is old-school football.


SCHULTZ: Well, that`s to be debated. But tonight, the NFL network is
going to play the full conversation between Sherman and Crabtree. So, if
you really want to know why he was exploding after the game, maybe it`s
because the competition was pretty dug on intense. Stick around. Rapid
Response Panel is next.

Market Wrap. The Dow falls 41 points. The S and P gains one. And the
NASDAQ is up 17.

eBay shares are sharply higher after hours. The company`s earnings beat
estimate. Meanwhile, billionaire investor Carl Icahn has disclosed a state
in the firm. He`s also proposing a spin off of its PayPal business.

Another stock moving after hours -- Netflix. The company`s profit came in
better than expected. Investors were also impressed with the projected
subscriber growth.

That`s it from CNBC, first in business world wide.


SCHULTZ: Welcome back to the Ed Show.

Well, the golden voice of the Republican Party are losing their shine. New
Jersey Governor Chris Christie is watching his 2016 pipe dreams to get the
nomination. Oh, they`re in the balance to say it at least.

On Tuesday, Christie was sworn in for a second term. It should have been a
day of great celebration and looking ahead. Instead, his inauguration was
ever shuttered by subpoenas, investigations, and allegations since
administration conducted acts of political intimidation and possibly broke
the law. Possibly.

Now, another chosen one of the Republican Party is learning what it`s like
to be in the heat of the battle and in the spotlight for all the wrong

On Tuesday, Former Virginia Governor Bob McDonnell and his wife Maureen
were charged with illegally accepting gifts, luxury vacations, and large
loans from a wealthy businessman seeking special treatment from the
government. The gifts and loans from Jonnie Williams Sr., Former CEO of
Star Scientific totalled at least a $165,000. McDonnell and his wife were
indicted on corruption charges with 14 felony accounts including wire
fraud, conspiracy to obtain property under color of official right, and
making false statements.

The former governor has denounced the charges and addressed the allegations
on Tuesday.


FMR. GOV. BOB MCDONNELL, (R) VIRGINIA: I come before you this evening as
someone who has been falsely and wrongfully accused in his public service
has been wrongfully attacked.

I will use every available resource and advocate that I have for as long as
it takes to fight and prevail against this false allegations and the unjust
overreach of the federal government.


SCHULTZ: Well, the worm has turned. He may be innocent. He may be an
innocent man. But it`s a far cry from the Bob McDonnell we knew whose in
the news four years ago.

Remember this guy in 2010? The Virginia Governor was selected to give the
Republican response to President Obama`s State of the Union. McDonnell was
riding high and being counted as a potential presidential contender. Now,
Bob McDonnell is just hoping to retire instead of facing a maximum of 30
years imprison.

Joining me tonight on our Rapid Response Panel, Democratic Strategist, and
Professor in NYU Bob Shrum, and MSNBC Contributor and Columnist for
theGrio, Goldie Taylor. Great to you have both of you with us tonight.

Goldie, what does this say about the Republican Party? It seems like
everybody has in troubles. You know, Christie`s got some issues right now
that he`s got to deal through legally. You`ve got this situation with
McDonnell. Let`s see. Rand Paul was using other people`s material. I
guess the word is plagiarism. I mean, they got a boat load of folks over
there that are just having a real hard time getting their act together.
So, where does this leave them? When the does the repair start?

GOLDIE TAYLOR, MSNBC CONTRIBUTOR: Well, you know, on the first count, I
don`t know what this necessarily says about the Republican Party. You
know, adverse certainly knows no ideology. You can ask some former mayors
of Atlanta, Detroit, and D.C. But at the end of the day, this is about the
road to 2016 for Governor Christie or the lack thereof.

You know, I always say that, you know, when you come down to power and
corruption, you know, those things aren`t, you know, reveal when you come
into fame. You know, these really only magnifies and illuminates really
what you are already are. And so, this is the Christie that, you know,
people really have always known. He just happens to be on a much larger
platform. How the politics and the legalities play out for him really do
remain to be seen, but these Republicans on this side of the aisle really
have to decide whether this guy is a kind of guy they want to invest
another donor class to take him into 2016. I really doubt if that is true.
They`re going to be looking for another candidate tonight.

SCHULTZ: Bob Shrum, will conservatives continue to rally around these guys
or are they going to be looking elsewhere for somebody who may have a
cleaner slate and no media attention that might be negative?

BOB SHRUM, DEMOCRATIC STRATEGIST: Well, nobody`s going to rally in my view
around Governor McDonnell. I mean, he and his wife, he maybe, just maybe,
as you said, he might be innocent in some technical way, but there`s no
question that they could be called Governor and Mrs. Greedy. I mean, she
was calling people, this guy, who is giving the money saying "Take me on
shopping trips, buy Rolexes for my husband" and then they were doing
favors. I mean, what the scandals have in common is stupidity. The
difference is that one is about averse in Virginia. The other is about a
kind of vindictiveness and maybe some corrupt land dealings.

Look, I thought when this started that Christie might come out of it OK.
If he didn`t stole more questions of something new didn`t come out, well,
both those things have happened. He faces an investigation by the U.S.
attorney, he went to Florida for an event that was supposed to launch 2016
for him, closed the events to the press, he`s falling apart in the polls at
home and nationally. You know, look, if a guy was innocent, they`d be
putting up the e-mails, all of the e-mails, instead of lawyering up. So, I
think he has something to hide and I think in 2016, he`s in real trouble
for that. What`s he going to run now? What`s his slogan going to be?


SHRUM: He can`t run New Jersey, so let him run the nation?

SCHULTZ: Yeah. Now, and there`s a lot of material that go after there
even by those who would be competing against him. They would use that
against him in a big, big way as you all know.

But Bob, I also want to know. How is he going to be able to function as
the head of the Republican Governors Association and have this cloud of
trouble around them and be able to function properly and do the kind of job
that asked to be done there?

SHRUM: Well, I think he`s going to be tremendously distracted no matter
what they say. They`re probably spending 80 percent of their time trying
to figure out how to handle this. Let alone run the state of New Jersey
and the Republican Governors Association. I think he doesn`t want to
resign from that job because it`s another big story. It`s another big
blow. But he may soon get to the point where he worries more about
avoiding criminal charges than about whether or not he can run from the
White House.

We just don`t know at this point, but we`re going to have a lot more come
out. And as I said earlier, if this guy was clean, if he didn`t know about
any of this, if he wasn`t involved in any of this, if it didn`t happen, and
the mayor, of course, of Hoboken has some contemporaneous evidence that
suggest it did, they put out all the documents. They`re not putting out
documents. They`re taking the Fifth Amendment and he`s not answering
questions. So, I think he`s in real trouble for 2016.


SHRUM: I suspect that Goldie is right. Republicans will look at
everywhere else for somebody.

SCHULTZ: Well, that`s really a table center, isn`t it Goldie? I mean, if
there were ever a time for a new fresh conservative to step out on the
national scene to change the subject to get different attention and not be
a radical and to be something fresh, this would be the time, wouldn`t it?

TAYLOR: This is the time. But, you know, this -- there really was always
that opportunity. I mean, Christie is nothing more than really a big media
creation. We took him to the national platform, really, because of his
proximity location, location, location, New Jersey is right across the
bridge, you know, really from New York and so he gets this attention, you
know, for not being a great governor, you know, in terms of economically
developing his state, in terms of, you know, really investing in schools in
his state.

You know, if you look at New Jersey today as opposed to four years ago, I
don`t know if they`re better off today than they were four years ago. And
so, if he`s going to run for anything on that, I think he`s really at lost.
So, it is really a time for Republicans to come together and pick their own


TAYLOR: And not let the Beltway in New York media pick it for them.

SCHULTZ: And Goldie, how much -- with a comment like he made yesterday in
the inaugural speech, he`s going to run the government for the people who
paid for it? 90,000 people in his state of New Jersey had their
unemployment benefits cut off, run out, what about them? Don`t they going
to say -- and what`s going on? Is this somewhat of a backward signal
saying that he`s not -- he don`t have anything for them?

TAYLOR: No, that statement can be construed in any number of ways
including the big money donors who can pay for it. You know, he really
ought to be about running the state based on the people who lived in it.
You know, the people who, you know, really fight and to survive, cope and
make it on a daily basis, and find meaningful jobs and meaningful wages to
educate their children, and find great healthcare. He`s going to be ought
to be running New Jersey for them.

SCHULTZ: Bob Shrum, does Chris Christie consider resignation?

SCHRUM: I don`t think at this point he does that. Right now, he`s in
survival mode. He`s put off his presidential hopes for a year. I think
he`s got some very, very big problems. And when you have these kind of
problems, it`s hard to run for president.

SCHULTZ: Yeah. Bob Shrum, Goldie Taylor, great to have you with us
tonight. Thanks so much.

SHRUM: Thank you.

SCHULTZ: Coming up, there have been at least 35 school shootings since
Sandy Hook Elementary last December including one yesterday at Purdue
University. You probably haven`t heard about half of them across the
country. The founders of Moms Demand Action for Gun Sense in America will
join me live. Stay with us.


SCHULTZ: And in Pretenders tonight, tanking Kevin O`Leary. Oxfam blew the
lead off of global inequality this week. But the star of the reality show
"Shark Tank" couldn`t be happier about the state of the world`s poor.


UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: Well, that`s according to Oxfam of the world`s 85
richest people is equal to the three and a half billion poorest people.

KEVIN O`LEARY: It`s fantastic. And this is a great thing, because
inspires everybody, gets some motivation to look up to the 1 percent and
say "I want to become one of those people." I`m going to fight hard to get
up to the top. This is fantastic news and of course I applaud it. What
can be wrong with this?



SCHULTZ: O`Leary isn`t done yet.


UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: If somebody living up.

O`LEARY: I celebrate capitalism.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: . a salary day in Africa is getting up in the morning
and saying "I`m going to be Bill Gates."

O`LEARY: That`s the motivation everybody needs.


SCHULTZ: Well, Kevin O`Leary`s comments are business as usual for the top
1 percent. The businessman is playing the blame game with the penniless in
this world. People are poor because they`re lazy. Kevin O`Leary can try
to spin this attack on the poor, but if he wants us to believe this
celebration of disparity is a celebration of capitalism, he can keep on


SCHULTZ: And finally tonight, this is a story I think everyone should

On September 24th back in 2003, two young men were murdered by a ninth
grader at Cold Spring Rocori High School in Central Minnesota. Lawmakers
have done nothing to stop tragedies like this over the last 10 years.
Hundreds of lives and dreams have been wiped pout due to gun violence in
this country. America will never know how many future doctors, lawyers,
professional athletes we have lost over the years. Over a hundred million
Americans are going to watch the Seattle Seahawks and the Denver Broncos on
the Super Bowl coming up on February 2nd.

You may be wondering, "Well, what`s the connection here?" Denver Bronco
wide receiver Eric Decker will be on the biggest stage of his life. And
I`m sure his family is going to be awfully proud, going to be beaming with
pride. All of these could have been wiped out by a single bullet. You
see, Decker was in that school Cold Spring Rocori High School on that
tragic day of the shooting back in 2003. Decker and his friend hid inside
a cabinet for 45 minutes until police rescued them.

Now, right before the AFC Championship game of the weekend, Decker sent a
message of support to the students who survived the December 13th school
shooting at Arapahoe High School in Colorado.


ERIC DECKER, DENVER BRONCO WIDE RECEIVER: To tough times like this, you
got to stick together. And you got to be a shoulder to cry on and ear to
listen to or just a person to feel the hug. If there`s ever, you know, a
grieving moment.


SCHULTZ: Like Decker, hundreds of children have survived school shootings
and have gone on to live productive lives. Sadly, we`ll never know how
many Eric Deckers, Bill Gates, Barack Obamas have been lost in shootings
like this. When you watch the Super Bowl, take a minute to think about
those young men and women who could still be with us today if we as a
society and as a legislative body in America would just act.

Shannon Watts is the founder of Moms Demand Action for Gun Sense in
America. She joins us tonight. Ms. Watts, thank you for your time. I
appreciate it very much.

The story comes to light because there is someone who is directly
surrounded and involved in a school shooting on the big platform of the
biggest sporting day of the year -- the Super Bowl. He takes his time to
send a very positive message of support to those who have also been exposed
to such a horrific act. Is this how we have to fight it? What -- is this
just one of the elements that has to be done unfortunately?

changing the culture in America. To have 35 school shootings since the New
Town shooting in December of 2013 -- or 2012 is not acceptable. Each
shooting it seems to be less reported on. And we don`t want to become
immune to these things. We need everyone`s voice. We need the moms of
America, we need the athletes of America, we need police, we need military,
we need all responsible gun owners to stand up and say, "No more."

We have to put common sense laws in place that protect our children. And
at some point, our legislators made the decision that it was easier to ask
students and teachers to stand up to gunmen instead of themselves standing
up to the gun lobby. And that`s not acceptable. And as a mom, I am
standing up and saying, "No more."

SCHULTZ: If you could do one thing, what would it be?

WATTS: We need to start with some of the easiest things that we can do
like background checks. And we know they work. In Colorado, they passed
background checks on private sales in July. Since then, they`ve had 6,200
background checks on private sales and 122 of those were stopped because
the people trying to buy the firearms were felons or had been arrested for
things like domestic violence or abuse.

This is easy. It`s convenient. It`s quick. It`s just a matter of
minutes. And we know it works. And yet, our Congress has not required
background checks on private sales in this country or online sales. And
that`s a huge loophole that is endangering all Americans.

SCHULTZ: There has been no national legislation passed since Sandy Hook.
Do you think that what is happening in Colorado is a model for other states
to follow when it comes to back ground checks?

WATTS: Absolutely, you know, if our Congress won`t act, we`ll have to get
a new Congress in place. And moms are going to be at the forefront in the
midterm election saying, "If you support gun reform, we will support you.
If you don`t, we will not support you."

In the meantime, we`re gong to work hard at the state level to get common
sense laws in place and hopefully, that will bubble up. But it is working
in the states and we know that we can continue to have a grass roots action
that goes toe to toe with the gun lobby because they`ve done a lot of
damage at the state level for 30 years. And it`s -- we have to get in
there and stop that from happening.

SCHULTZ: Shannon Watts, I appreciate your time tonight. And I think that
Eric Decker is showing some real leadership by stepping forward and
acknowledging the unique position that he is in and sending that message
and telling that story. I appreciate your time tonight, Shannon. Thank
you so much.

WATTS: Thank you.

SCHULTZ: That`s the Ed Show, I`m Ed Schultz. Politics Nation with
Reverend Al Sharpton starts right now. Good evening Rev.


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