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The Ed Show for Monday, July 21st, 2014

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July 21, 2014

Guest: Jim McDermott, Mike Papantonio, Annette Taddeo, Chris Kluwe,
Clayton Halunen, Reese Halter


be finding a diplomatic resolution within Ukraine. That`s my preference
today and it will continue to be my preference.


ED SCHULTZ, MSNBC HOST: Good to have you with us tonight folks. Thanks
for watching. Well, here`s what`s unfolding. The relations between the
United States and Russia arguably are the most tense that have been around
since what -- decades? We just can`t seem to get along with Putin. All
though George W. Bush said he looked in his eye and saw Putin`s soul, we
could trust him.

Well, that`s not the window. So here we are having the Republicans now
coming up with solutions on how to handle this crisis in the Ukraine. They
are now suggesting that maybe if we could get the oil companies to make
more money we`d be in better shape.

Can we just focus on being Americans and what`s best for the globe right
now without any political play either side? We still don`t know who gave
the order. We don`t know who fired the missile that shot down Flight 17.
These are kind of important details in to the world community.

All signs point to the Russian back rebels. No doubt about that but there
was no public concrete proof of that. The rebels were actively blocking
international investigators on the ground. That was remedied today.
Earlier today, President Obama had some harsh words for the rebels and
their Russian backers.


OBAMA: We have to make sure that the truth is out and that accountability
exits. Now, international investigators are on the ground. They have been
organized. I`ve sent teams other countries have sent teams.
Unfortunately, the Russian back separatist who control continue to block
the investigation. They`ve repeatedly prevented international
investigators from gaining full access to the wreckage.

As investigators approached, they fired their weapons into the air. The
separatist are removing evidence from the crash site. All of which begs
the question, what exactly are they trying to hide? Moreover, these
Russian back separatist are removing bodies from the crash site. Often
times without the care that we would normally expect from a tragedy like
this. This is an insult to those who lost loved ones.

Russia has extraordinary influence over these separatists. Given its
direct influence over the separatist, Russia and President Putin in
particular has direct responsibility to compel them to cooperate with the
investigation. That is the least that they can do.


SCHULTZ: The prime minister of Ukraine today said that the world should
have basically the same outrage that the world had on 9/11 over this
incident. I can`t disagree with that. Earlier today rebels allowed Dutch
investigators access to the crash site. Its about time. President Obama
is exactly right in making the investigation making sure that it is not

We need to know exactly what happened before any hardline action can be
taken against Russia. Don`t rush the judgment, right? If its proven
Russia was directly responsible Europe is likely to come on board with more
severe sanctions. Isn`t that what Right wingers in this country want?

Meanwhile, Republicans basically, what they`re doing is flying off the
handle. It`s another opportunity to bash the president, right? These are
once again using a disaster to tarnish President Obama`s administration,
reputation, legacy -- you name it, just another big job. This time again -
- well of course, it`s gently this guy out. South Carolina senator, Lindsey
Graham is crying over the fact that President Obama didn`t call -- we`re in
the name calling now? Didn`t call Vladimir Putin a thug?


SEN. LINDSEY GRAHAM, (R) SOUTH CAROLINA: He didn`t call Putin the thug
that he is. He didn`t call for arming the Ukraine so they can defend
themselves against rebel separatist supported by Russia. All of the
enemies of our nation are being well supplied. How about sanctions that
would hit Putin as an individual -- their energy sector, their banking
sector? The Europeans are never going to lead on this issue. It is
indispensable that America lead and there`s a battle wheels between the KGB
colonel and the community organizer and the colonel is winning.


SCHULTZ: Cheap shots all over the place. In that interview Graham never
wants to criticize the rebels or Russia for blocking the crash scene. You
know, kind of get down to the basics of it all. Going to look past that,
don`t we senator?

Lindsey Graham is exploiting an international tragedy, no question about
it, to make the president look bad. Arming Ukraine would only escalate the
situation resulting in more bloodshed. Who knows where it would go from
there. Can`t we be a little bit slow about this and give the sanctions a

As far as sanctions go they are working. Bloomberg reports Russian
billionaires are in the hook now. They`re in horror as sanctions continue
to mount. Russian billionaires feel that the isolation will directly
affect their pocketbook and the countries economy.

Republicans are also using this disaster in attempt to line the pockets of
U.S. oil tycoons. It`s flat out shameful. So let`s start with The
Chairman of the House Homeland Security Committee, Mike McCaul. He thinks
that we should lift the United States crude oil ban which is been in place
for 40 years on oil exports.


REP. MICHAEL MCCAUL, (R) TEXAS: You know, there`s a crude oil ban that he
could lift tomorrow to allow Europe and Ukraine to have crude oil to get
off this Russian dependence which strangles them and not only would that be
good from a stability foreign policy standpoint, it would also create a lot
of jobs in the United States. And I think that`s the kind of things the
president ought to be looking at.


SCHULTZ: Let`s make the oil companies more money speculations, speculation
and more speculation. Lifting the ban in the short-term is not a long-term
fix at all of this problem. The United States and Europe will eventually
have to abandon fossil fuels. There is a reason the export ban was put in
place in the first place.

Now back in 1973 Arab countries producing oil proclaimed and oil embargo.
This resulted in U.S. oil shortage with record high gas prices. In
response, Congress passed the ban on U. S. export of crude oil in 1975.
Now eventually the ban worked. Gas prices were returned to normal and the
global oil markets stabilized. So there`s no doubt, the export ban has a
direct effect on keeping U.S. oil prices lower today. But that`s no
guarantee either. There is a reason Republicans are looking to lift this

In recent years, U.S. crude production -- what is it done? Well, it

In 2013 we produce over 2.7 billion barrels of oil it`s the most in a
single years since 1989. A large part of this is because North Dakota`s
back in oil fields. You can see the natural gas flares clearly from space.
In March of this year -- in March of 2014 just a few months ago North
Dakota produced over 30 million barrels of oil. It was a record month for
the state of North Dakota.

The United States is running out of refineries to process this sweet crude.
So now Republicans want to make oil companies even richer with this crisis.
They want to lift the ban that would result in massive profits for the oil
companies. It shameful they`re exploiting the Malaysia Airlines tragedy to
get their way and to slam the president.

The facts are simple, lifting the ban would be a short-term fix maybe, it
would increase global greenhouse gas emissions which I think most countries
are concern with and it would jeopardize stability of the United States oil

Basically what the republicans are saying to the president and the
democrats, the oil companies haven`t made enough money and we got to use
this as real business opportunity and by the way we might even create jobs
in the American because of this. Hogwash we would be going in the wrong
direction when it comes to climate change. These sanctions just what five
days old are already got billionaires in Russia shaking in their boots
wondering where this is all going to end.

The good news is that we have a president who`s playing a close to the best
not showing all of his cards and you can see Putin sweat early on. That`s
a good place to be because no one on the globe was ever question out
military and how strong we actually are. Because if Putin wanted to show
down with the United States, he`d be shooting already.

Get your cell phones out. I want to know you think tonight`s question. Do
you think the United States should lift its crude oil export ban? Text A
for yes text B for No to 67622 you can always go over our blog will bring the results later on the show.

For more let me bring in Congressman Jim McDermontt of Washington,
congressman good to have you with us tonight.


SCHULTZ: What would lifting this crude export ban accomplish if we`re to
follow what to some Republicans are talking about right now on the talking
heads. Where would it leave us?

MCDERMOTT: Well, Ed you got to remember this is the war party you talking.
They took every opportunity to go to war. They did one in the Afghanistan,
they did one in Iraq, they`re try to get us in to Syria, they trying to get
us into Iran and now this one comes and they want us to be arming the
Ukrainians and getting started up a war in that area.

Lifting the band on oil exports is just a -- they`re lucky. They are using
this as a way -- that`s been on the shelf. They`ve wanted to do it for a
long time -- some of them. And they have been waiting for a chance and now
they say, "Well, this we`ll do it. If we take the -- if we`ve put our oil
on the market, suddenly the Russians won`t have any were to sellers". But
they`re making deals with the Chinese. They`re selling it all over the

So, this is not something that`s going to be good for us or the environment
but you really have to ask yourself is, "Do you really believe that the oil
price at the pump will go down if we suddenly start selling our oil across
the world and don`t keep at your home and produce our own?" There`s no
question that this is for the oil companies to make more money.

SCHULTZ: Your response to the rhetoric from Senators McCain and also
Lindsey Graham -- the kind of things that they are saying, the President`s
coward just across the board going after every move and not even giving the
sanctions a chance to operate.

MCDERMOTT: I remember George Bush saying, we`re going to go into
Afghanistan and grab Abaya`s (ph) hair and drag him out and there was a lot
of loud war talk. And what happened is we`re still very 13 years later and
we still we haven`t solve the job.

The President is showing statesmanship and he is showing reserve and
thoughtfulness. He`s what we really needed in a leader in 2011.

A long time ago or 2001 -- I mean, we really needed him them but instead we
had a wild war party and away they went. He is keeping us out. We`ve got
all kinds of cross-currents, you know, with Russia. We need Russian to
help us deal with the Iranians to get that Iranian nuclear situation

We need them to help us in the Syrian, the whole question of how we do with
Syria. We can`t be just going in there calling people names and running
around breaking out the furniture.

SCHULTZ: Well, you know, this Rightist, they think that we should be
arming the Ukrainian army. Would not spiral out of control?

MCDERMOTT: That is -- that you`re absolutely right. My feeling is that
throwing more arms in on one side simply says to the Russians, we`ll is
guess we`re going to have to arm the separatists some more so we can ever
real full-fledged war in Iran -- Ukraine without any of us having to pay a

SCHULTZ: What`s your.

MCDERMOTT: We`ll just sell arms, that`s all we`ll do.

SCHULTZ: I mean, is this a positive sign that Russian billionaires are
speaking to the international media being concern about their profits and
they`re maneuverability in the financial worlds and also the economy for
the Russians? I mean, they don`t want to band economy.


SCHULTZ: I mean, is this really going to have an impact?

MCDERMOTT: The President has got hid hand on their pocket and they know it
and they don`t like it and they`re going to tell Putin scale those thing
down. That`s why today, he announced that those separatist were going to
let the Dutch investigators that they were going to let the bodies be taken
and treated appropriately and take at home to answer the.

SCHULTZ: So you think the financial guys are going to tell Putin to back

MCDERMOTT: Absolutely.


MCDERMOTT: There is no way that they`re going to let him roar around to
start another war.

SCHULTZ: All right. Congressman Jim McDermott, great to have you with us
tonight, sir. Thank you so much.

For more, let me bring in America`s Attorney and Ring of Fire Radio Host
Mike Papantonio. Mike, your response to Senator Graham running to his

MIKE PAPANTONIO, ATTORNEY: Well, you`re right -- McDermott had a lot of
point. As you listen to all the war pimps criticized Obama and criticized
Kerry over their reproach to diplomacy, it reinforces the truth that if
Obama weren`t in control of American missile around the Presidency and a
Republican Senate majority by this time, we`d have a war a with North
Korea, Iran, Syria possibly even China as you listen to him.

And what they do is they tie the oil argument into it. For this last six
years, there`s continued then some version of conflict being tied into the
oil industry expansion and that`s what we`re hearing today. Republicans.

SCHULTZ: Are Republicans lifting this band just to help their oil bodies?
I mean, do they really view this as an opportunity here?

PAPANTONIO: It`s big money form. Listen, we heard when Republicans told
us that Russia`s invasion of Georgia showed us their need for more American
drilling and more exports. You might remember that argument.

The same oil industry mouth pieces told us that the Syrian conflict showed
us their need for Keystone XL more drilling and of course the need to
invade Iran because of oil. So, these arguments are continuous as the same
story. They don`t talk about why we have the ban. They don`t talk about

In 1973, economist determined that the unregulated export of American
energy created chaos. It created a volatile U.S energy crisis that almost
shutdown our economy.

So, the arguments that gee-whiz conflict equals the need for more drilling
that`s been worn out. It`s been worn to death by the Republicans but they
still seem to be willing to make that argument and not really talk about
the truth faction. The truth is, without that kind of ban regulation,
we`ve been in big trouble.

SCHULTZ: Don`t you find this comparison to Reagan chemical? I mean,
clearly there is a difference in reaction, the timing and also sanctions --
all of these things but the Republicans keep going back to Reagan. Don`t
they have anybody in their party right now that they can point to for any
kind of leadership or whatsoever? The answer to that is "no."

PAPANTONIO: Well, they would -- what -- the thing they have in common,
they would take us back a Cold War Mentality in a second. I mean, if you
listen to the volatile nature of the discussion about Putin right now, this
isn`t a guy that you just push around like you do some third world country.
This is something that Obama has to be very wise in the way that they
handle. What he`s doing should make us feel safe.

If you remember one of the talking points when Obama run against Romney was
-- what will Romney do is he`s in office. What we`ve been another war with
Syria. What we`ve been war in North Korea and we all felt secure in the
idea that we elected a President who will think about, who will use some
diplomacy rather than this Cold War Mentality and he certainly won`t buy
into this oil industry argument that every time there`s a conflict. We
have to drill more. Every time there`s a conflict, we have to figure some
way to make the oil industry more money because that is the talking point
when you drilled down to the history of their discussion about conflict and
oil expansion.

SCHULTZ: They jus don`t miss an opportunity to make the big boys more
money. No doubt about it.

Mike Papantonio, Ring of Fire Radio Host, Americas Attorney good to have
you with us tonight. Thank you so much.

We were able to answer tonight`s question there at the bottom of the
screen. Share your thoughts with us on Twitter at Ed Show and @wegoted
like us on Facebook as well. We want to know what you think.

Coming up, the Minnesota Vikings special team`s coordinator was suspended
on Friday over allegations to homophobic remarks.

Minnesota Vikings Former Punter Chris Kluwe joins me next to discuss his
lawsuit, but first Charlie Chris has tapped Ed Show favorite Annette Taddeo
as she`s running mate for November.

She joins me next to discuss her plans to push Charlie Chris campaign
preliminary nomination in Florida. We`re right back.


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UNIDENTIFIED MALE: As today`s top trender joining the team.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: Former Governor Charlie Christ introducing voters to
his running mate.


UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: And Taddeo considered arising his candidate (ph)
figure in Florida politics.

it has been. And the people need a voice.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Charlie Christ taps on Annette Taddeo as it sunshine
state running mate.

CHRIST: She truly as the American dream come true. She`s a working mom.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: founder and CEO of her own company, chair of the Miami-
Dade Democratic Party. Christ, the newly minted Democrat now has a major
party player with him.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Christ to choose someone from Miami-Dade, someone hopes
will win him votes in Hispanics and from women as well.

CHRIST: I think Annette`s a huge asset the ticket in every way.

TADDEO: Together, we can make a difference.


SCHULTZ: Joining us tonight, Annette Taddeo, candidate for Florida
Lieutenant Governor and Chair of the Miami-Dade Democratic Party. Annette,
congratulations you are a successful businesswoman. You`ve have a lot of
success in your career. You`ve been involved in politics, all the way back
to college but I think it`s pretty clear and there`s a lot of people are
talking that you certainly fit the demographic, a woman, a Hispanic from
South Florida, what do you bring to the ticket?

TADDEO.: Well, the most important that I bring is the voice for the people
and I see at the table. Just being a working mom and a small business
owner, we need that seat the table and I`m so proud to be a part of the
people`s ticket. Because right now what we have in Tallahassee is special
interest, have a seat at the table but as regular people, people who have
been through the tough times -- I`ve lived up the minimum wage.

I know what`s like to have to meet payroll and wonder if you`re going to be
able to do during tough times. And then you worry about your employees.
How is that going to affect them? How that`s going to affect my own
family? These are the things that I bring to the table that are so
important that we do not have. We do not have a voice at the table and
certainly as a woman we do not have the voice at the table. It`s a very
important voice that Governor Christ really saw that was important for us
to have that.

SCHULTZ: Annette, do you think that you will get out the Hispanic vote
more so than any other candidate on the ticket?

TADDEO: Well, it certainly doesn`t hurt and I hope so. But I will tell
you this is about all of us coming together. When I say together we can
make a difference, I mean all of us for irradiance (ph) can make a
difference. And it doesn`t matter if you`re Hispanic, African, American,
Anglo or Asian, the fact of the matter is we`re all stuck with a Scott
Florida and we need to be Scott free.

And together we`re going to be able to do this. And I will tell you,
sometimes I know that it`s a plus. And some Hispanic -- I speak Spanish
but, you know, African-American issues, Asian issues, Anglo issues, moms
issues those are all our issues together and we need to all understand each
other and work together towards the -- and making a difference and not just
divide us by out ethnicity.

SCHULTZ: The Miami Herald reports that Scott`s campaign impacts have
raised $24 million since Charlie Christ enter the race in November. Now,
where is the money going to come from for the Democrats? Are you concern
about money with your team and the kind of money that you`re up against and
how do you combat that?

TADDEO: Well, we have the voice of the people. We obviously are working
very hard to raise the funds. And there was no question Rick Scott is
raising a lot of money because he has specialist interest in his side and
big corporations that want him to stay there but we have the people.

And more importantly, we need to make sure that people get the message out.
And there`s no question. He said he may put his own money and even over a
$100 million plans on spending on this raise which is why I need everybody
watching this show to understand the importance of getting behind the
people`s ticket working this campaign.

We cannot keep our eye of the ball. We need to get rid of Rick Scott.

SCHULTZ: Well, there`s been a lot of voters` suppression effort in the
State of Florida. Do you think that will factor into this election
especially in South Florida?

TADDEO: There has been and certainly Rick Scott did everything he could to
ensure that President Obama would not be reelected. And he tried to
suppress the vote along with many of his republican colleagues in

What we have done is been fighting it and I am so proud to be on the ticket
with Charlie Christ because when push came to shove in 2008, he was
governor and nobody in the Republican Party wanted him to extend voting
hours and he said, that`s just the right to do to allow people to vote.
I`m going to extend the hours. And there were a lot of people mad at him
on the side.

But I`ll tell you, those of us on the democratic side were so proud of him
for doing the right thing. And that`s what he`s going to when he gets back
to Tallahassee -- do the right thing for people.

SCHULTZ: And finally Annette where is this raise going to be one as you`ve
see it?

TADDEO: I think it`s going to be one knocking on doors. We are doing a
ground game and we have a lot of the Obama team with us and we are
definitely going to just get out the vote and let people know that this
really affects the future of -- even my daughter, my eight-year old
daughter visits for the environment. We have just such a sharp contrast
between Charlie Christ and Rick Scott.

It`s night and day. One it`s for science, the other one doesn`t even meet
with scientists because he doesn`t believe in science. So there`s just a
huge difference and people are going to see that difference and I believe
we`re going to be successful.

SCHULTZ: All right. Annette Taddeo, you have worked all awful hard for
this your whole life to have this opportunity all the best to you. We will
visit again. Thank you so much.

Coming up, a massive hole hundreds of feet wide in Northern Siberia lives
scientist searching for answers. What is it?

Plus allegations fly between the Minnesota Vikings former punter Chris
Kluwe. Kluwe joins me to discuss the latest developments in his lawsuit
against the team. But next I`m taking your questions Ask Ed Live just
ahead of the Ed Show on MSNBC.

We are right back.


SCHULTZ: Welcome back to the Ed Show, I appreciate all the questions in
our Ask Ed Live Segment. First question is from Tom. He wants to know,
"Do you expect a ramp up of Keystone XL screaming thanks to the downing of

No, I don`t. I think that the momentum has shifted on Keystone XL project.
I think that it is got serious legal problems, momentum problems,
environmental problems and the President is not going to make a decision
now because he doesn`t have to.

Our next question is from Donna. She wants to know, "Do you think Putin
will take responsibility for the shooting down of Flight MH17?"

There`s ever time you can use the word never, it`s probably now. No, I
don`t think he will take responsibility at all even with international
pressure. And you can take it all American saying and apply it to Putin
right now. It`s the economy stupid.

If these sanctions do what I believe that they`re going to do and they
really muzzle the defense in energy industries with the billionaires in
Russia, it`s going to politically squeeze Putin. That`s what this is all
about. Force him to make a decision based on the politics of his own base.

Brilliant move. The clock is -- or shall we say that the hour glass has
been turned on Putin in some regards. That`s what I believe.

Stick around, Rapid Response Panel is next.

HAMPTON PEARSON, CORRESPONDENT: I`m Hampton Pearson with your CNBC Market
Wrap stocks in lower on geopolitical concerns. The Dow falls 48 points,
the S and P sheds 4, the NASDAQ off 7 points.

Chipotle shares are rolling after hours. The company reported revenue and
earnings that handedly bit analyst expectations. Restaurant sales jumping
more that 17 percent. And shares of Netflix are up slightly in late
trading. Profits came -- came in a penny shy investments but investors
shared in this, the company is more than 50 million subscribers.

That`s it from CNBC, first in business world wide.


SCHULTZ: Welcome back for the Ed Show. The fallout continues in the
battle between the Minnesota Vikings and their former punter Chris Kluwe.
On Friday the Vikings suspended special team`s coordinated coach Mike
Priefer. For the first three games NFL season this year. The suspension
came as a result of a six month investigation and the allegations made by

Chris Kluwe has been a outspoken advocate for gay rights and marriage
equality. In January, the former punter wrote an article for Deadspin
claiming that he was railroaded out of the NFL in may of 2013 by two
cowards and a bigot, he wrote for speaking up. Kluwe claims that former
Minnesota Vikings`s head coach Leslie Frazier and general manager Rick
Spielman repeatedly trying to dissuade him from speaking out on the issue.

Kluwe claims that Mike Priefer responded to his activism by berading in
team meetings, giving him unfair evaluations using homophobic language,
saying things like, "We should round up off the gays, send them to an
island, and nuke it until it glows."

Well, the Vikings wants an independent investigation free for originally
denied making the comment, however, long snapper Cullen Loeffler told the
investigators, he recalled the coach making the statement, quote "after
becoming frustrated that Loeffler and Kluwe were not focused on football
during practice, free for admitted.

If Loeffler remembers me saying something on the practice field I am not
going to disagree with it." Priefer`s penalty can be reduce to just two
games if he complete sensitivity training. In their investigation, the
Vikings also said that they found no evidence, said punter Chris Kluwe was
released after eight seasons with the team, for reasons other than
performance. The full investigation however has not been made public.

Joining me tonight, the two men involved in this, former NFL player, Chris
Kluwe and also his attorney, Clayton Halunen, great to have both of your
with us tonight. Chris, you first, why hasn`t this report been made
public? Why is it so secret and what`s your position on that?

CHRIS KLUWE, FORMER NFL PLAYER: Well, I think that`s a very good question
and I think it`s one that the Vikings should be answering because clearly,
there`s something in those 150 pages and 1600 pages clip notes that the
Vikings don`t want to -- the public to know and I think the public should
know. If there`s a culture there that allowed this to happen and will
continue to allow to happen. Then I think that needs to be change.

SCHULTZ: Well, do you feel that you were run out of the National Football
League because of being an advocate for marriage equality?

KLWUWE: Yes. I do and the Vikings say that in their summary that they
released. They try to walk a very fine line by stating that it was because
of my activism and not the subject of the activism but I don`t think the
legal system will see it that way.

SCHULTZ: Clayton, what`s the options here legally for the punter?

CLAYTON HALUNEN, ATTORNEY FOR KLUWE: Well, we intend -- we will have one
legal option and that`s to file a lawsuit which we intend to do this week.
Chris has a number of claims that we believe are very strong. And I think
at the end of the day, once we get a jury, hearing the different stories, I
think there`s no doubt that Chris is the most credible.

What I do know about the investigation by the independent investigators is
the management -- Spielman, every level of management, Frazier? They all
lied in the number of occasions about their knowledge about Chris`s

So I think when it comes out a credibility, Chris is the only one who has
consistently been truthful throughout the entire investigation.

SCHULTZ: Will you proposed a settlement which included free for being
suspended for four to eight games? The full report being made public in
the Vikings donating a million dollars to the LGBT groups, Preifer got a
three-game suspension. The Vikings only paid $100,000, so your thoughts on
that Chris?

KLUWE: Well, you know, I think it`s unacceptable because the whole purpose
of the investigation and the president that the NFL itself has said is that
these investigations are completely transparent. It`s transparent in
public. They did that in the same Bounty Gate scandal, and they did that
in the Miami Jonathan Martin scandal. And so, I think we need to be asking
why all of the sudden is it different in this case?

SCHULTZ: Mr. Halunen, your punter, your client here was one of the best in
the NFL, I mean the numbers are what they are, very productive. Do you
feel like he was run out of the league because of this?

HALUNEN: There`s no doubt, I mean Chris said, no problems until he started
his advocacy. And then he was repeatedly told by his coaches and
management to keep his mouth shut. And then, within a couple of weeks of
him making a specific report regarding Priefer`s comments about nuking the
gays, that`s when he was released. So just the timeline alone and the
specific comments that were made to him, we think there`s no doubt that
jury will find in our favor.

SCHULTZ: Chris, the Vikings report did not cast you in a very favorable
light. There are claims that you made fun of Vikings, head strength
condition and coach of the time, Tom Kanavy I believe his name is, by
cutting the seat out of your pants to imitate a victim of the Penn State
child abuse scandal. What`s your response to that?

KLUWE: Well, I think it`s interesting that in a 29 page report, three of
the pages deal with this subject of the investigation like Priefer and 26
of the pages deal with the person who brought the complain which is me.
And I`m not denying that that happened. It`s something that yes, that, you
know, I made a joke and apparently it was a bad joke, apparently it failed.
And to people who are offended by that and I apologize but this is
something where -- the way that Vikings had painted this picture they made
it seem like I made fun of the victims of the Penn State scandal which is
completely not the case.

And frankly, it`s personally very insulting. I was making fun of the
culture in Penn State which allowed this kind of thing to happen and for
the Vikings still twisted like that when I made it clear in my statements
to the investigators that that was in the case. That to me says a lot
about the culture over there.

SCHULTZ: Mr. Halunen, your response to that.

HALUNEN: Yeah, you know what? I think it`s unfair, I mean the fact is
half the team was making jokes about that subject and then to try to make
Chris look like the bad guy, I mean this is a classic sexual harassment
case where you look at the alleged harasser and all of the sudden it`s the
victim who was the bad person because of their conduct to make an issue and
that`s what they`re trying to do with Chris. They`re trying to make him
look like the bad actor when they`d spent no time dealing with the very --
I mean let`s remember what Priefer said.

He specifically said, suggested to destroy, to kill a group of people, I
meant that`s horrendous, I mean that`s a very hate speech and this is a
leader, this was a coach and people is a very different role than Chris
played. And so, I think it`s a very different.

SCHULTZ: Chris, why didn`t the other team pick you up? You have the
numbers. You have the talent. You had years left.

KLUWE: Well, I had an opportunity with the Raiders and I felt that they
give me recently fair opportunity. It was between me and a younger guy and
they where in a rebuilding mode so they won`t look the younger guy and I
can`t really fault them for that but I think there were other trials that I
had one in particular where I felt that I should`ve got the job and I
didn`t get that job and then later on, the team cut that punter that they
took two weeks later, to be specific, and take up another veteran players.

So clearly in that case, it wasn`t about my age and it wasn`t about my
ability because I showed at the tryout that I can do what they needed me to
do. It was about something else.

SCHULTZ: So there`s no doubt Chris that this is probably going to get a
little uglier as it proceeds. What is your goal? What`s the end goal
here? What o you want to have come out on this as a result of this fight?

KLWUWE: The end goal is I want the Vikings to release the full reports so
ever one knows what went on and if there is a culture there of trying to
cover up homophobic behavior then., you know, fixing that, getting rid of
that because there`s no place for that and getting rid of the idea that you
can lie to people simply because you`re in NFL organization and you have a
lot of organization and you have a lot of money and power. To me that is

SCHULTZ: OK. Chris Kluwe and also Clayton Halunen great to have both of
you with us tonight. We will follow the story and look for your action
later on of the week.

Coming up.

KLUWE: Thanks.

SCHULTZ: . Conservative Congresswoman Renee Ellmers asked her male
colleagues to bring it down a nudge for ladies. Pretenders is next. Stick


SCHULTZ: And in Pretenders tonight, down in Alps, Renee Ellmers. The
North Carolina Republican is facing American idol runner up, Clay Aiken in
the midterm elections. Ellmers is already off the charts. She says the
men in her part in the Republican Party are using too many graphs and pie
charts to make a point.


REP. RENEE ELLMERS, (R) NORTH CAROLINA: Men do tend to talk about things
on a much higher level. Many of my male colleagues when they go to the
House floor, they`ve got you know, some pie chart or graph behind them and
they`re talking about trillions of dollars and, you know, how the debt is
awful. And, you know, we all agree with that. But by starting of that
discussion that way, we`ve already turned people away.


SCHULTZ: Ellmers believe his voters can`t handle bar graphs. Well,
Ellmers also offered her solution to the Republican war on women bringing
it down to their level.


ELLMERS: We need our male colleagues to understand so that you can bring
it down to a woman`s level and what everything that she is balancing in her
life -- that`s the way to go.


SCHULTZ: Presenting data isn`t a Republican thing or a man thing. It`s a
smart thing. And I see plenty of women in Congress with charts. I also
see plenty of people in Congress without any charts at all. Talking down
to women is precisely the Republican problem. If Renee Ellmers think
bringing information down a level helps women, she can keep on pretending.


SCHULTZ: Welcome back to the Ed Show this is the story for the folks who
take a shower after work. Global warming could be partially to blame for a
massive hole in the Earth in Northern Siberia. Siberian television
recently aired helicopter footage of a giant hole. It`s hundreds of feet
wide and it`s located about 18 miles from the region`s biggest natural gas
field. People are scrambling for explanations.

One Australian scientist says it`s look like a collapsed Pingo which is a
huge chunk of ice under that soil. Other scientist say the area`s unique
geology could be the reason. They say a natural gas pocket combined with
water and salt, could have produce by a large explosion if the permafrost
were punctured by climate change and dews fall.

A team of scientist will investigate the mysterious hole and are scheduled
to arrive on Wednesday. They plan to samples of soil, air, and water from
the scene. The fundamental questions remain. Why and how?

Dr. Reese Halter, author of the "Insatiable Bark Beetle" joins us tonight
and also a conservation biologist. Reese, good to have you with us
tonight. What do you make of this? What is this from what you can gather?

What we`re seeing here is the summer of 2012 and 2013 were extremely warm.
The permanent frozen soils are fine. It is very likely that what we`ve
seen here is a torrent of gas gashing out of Mother Earth just like a big
old champagne cork being ripped off the bottle. And look, if we look on
the other side of the artic circle in Alaska, what we`re seeing in Alaska
is our soils drying out even faster and that spells epic fires.

The Anaktuvuk River Fire scored 386 square miles. It was the most
devastating fire in 5,000 years. How this all relates? It`s very clear
because what`s happening is hundreds of years of accumulated mercury from
coal are being released in one event. And these artic fires are causing
toxicity of an epic global level because mercury in the form of metal
mercury is in our entire food chain, from polar bears to panthers to bats,
to 175 species in the North East, to my sharks to the tuna, to the sword
fish and the largest living animals, the blue whales are full of mercury.

SCHULTZ: So this hole you think was caused by climate change, global
warming, and could there be more of these or is this the beginning of
something, you know, this is rather rare no doubt about it.

HALTER: Absolutely. But this is what we call an unintended consequence.
There will be more unintended consequences but the take home message here
is this, what we do to our oceans, what we do to our soils, we do to
ourselves. We got to wake up Ed. We got to wake up now.

SCHULTZ: Well, explain the permafrost and how this -- well, the layer
would have changed and the pressure would have been there to allow this to

HALTER: Well, what happens is obviously in the artic circle in the olden
days, these soils were permanently frozen and because the artic is warming
at least two but possibly three times faster than the rest of our globe,
these soils are warm -- are melting and we`re talking about 50, 75 feed of
accumulated age in forest wood that is becoming pliable and in anything and
everything can happen up there. It`s these fires that we`re all watching.

SCHULTZ: Yeah. Well, the fact that this happen about 18 miles from the
region`s largest natural gas field, your take on that?

HALTER: Well, there`s so much gas underground. The Australian scientist I
believe nailed it (ph). What we`re seeing is everything beneath this
surface is also starting to warm up and the oil field, the gas field is
popping like champagne corks. Yeah?

SCHULTZ: Yeah. Well, it`s rather interesting and Siberia is kind of a
cold place, or should we be concern of the location of where this happen?

HALTER: Siberia might be a cold place but let me tell you, Ed, up around
70 degree latitude in Alaska is very cold. We should be very concern with
fires in the artic and we should be very concern about all of the methane
that`s happening in our soils.


HALTER: It`s bleeding into the air.

SCHULTZ: All right. Dr. Reese Halter. We`ll come back to you again.
It`s amazing story. Thanks for your time tonight.

HALTER: Thanks, Ed.

SCHULTZ: That`s the Ed Show. I`m Ed Schultz. Politic Station with
Reverend Al Sharpton starts right now. Good evening, Rev.


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