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The uncomfortable testimony of Amber Frey

Murderer or not, Scott Peterson is coming off as a sexual predator.

It was as fascinating as it was awkward to watch the testimony of Scott Peterson’s girlfriend, Amber Frey. 

It was fascinating in the way a sort of a tawdry soap opera or a friend's vivid description of a date can be where you keep asking, "And then what happened?" Every detail of her dates—from what foods Scott Peterson brought to picnics, to whether they used protection when they had sex, to his painstaking efforts to romance, all of it— offered up and under oath. 

In a confident, yet formal and stunted courtroom appropriate manner, Frey referred to sex only as "being intimate."  Any time she could answer a question with a yes or no answer, she seemed briefly relieved.  Her answers were measured and seemingly thoughtful. 

Yet with Laci's family sitting only yards away, there was a lingering sense of discomfort, that queasy feeling that they shouldn't hear every nuance of their son-in-law's extra-marital dalliance.  And the rest us had no right to hear any of it at all. 

Laci's family had to be picturing Laci on December 14, 10 days before she was reported missing when Amber described a romantic sexual evening with Scott that night.  As they prepared to attend a formal party, Scott told her to leave him alone in the kitchen.  After a few minutes, he emerged with a culinary surprise.  He had whipped up a pink lady caramel apple.  Why?  Simply, because Amber had always wanted one. 

On that same night, Laci was at a party alone, nursing her swelling belly and returning home to an empty bed.  At one point when Amber described a meal Scott cooked for her, Laci's mother whispered furiously to her husband as if to say, "That was my recipe" or "That's what he cooked for my Laci." 

Of course, it was also awkward for Amber in addition to discussing her most intimate moments, she had to identify in court the man who she thought loved her by the color of his tie and suit, pointing at him with a casual, yet disdainful gesture to complete the formality. 

Peterson listened intently, sometimes taking notes, sometimes conferring with his attorneys; at one point, even laughing. 

One thing is perfectly clear: Scott Peterson was too good to be true.  A good-looking seemingly successful single romantic, using every obvious, but effective romantic tool to woo this wounded single mother. 

His actions as described by Amber were those of a man who just might have killed to be with her.  But if he didn't, he was the least a cruel sexual predator willing to inject himself into every aspect of Amber's life and soul just for sex that she offered up willingly after their first date. 

If Peterson is innocent, then he is just an awful human being.  At least today, it was difficult not to feel sorry for Amber Frey. 

Find out more about Day 2 of Amber Frey's testimony on "The Abrams Report," Wednesday at 6 p.m. ET on MSNBC.