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Amber on the offensive

On the Peterson tapes played today, a calm but furious Amber Frey confronts Scott Peterson about his lies. Peterson’s lies range from his marital status a European business trip he had been pretending to be on while the search for his wife was on.  Whether she is being coached or she just has a knack for it, Frey was as good as some prosecutors I've seen.

First, she was trying to get him to talk about his lies. When did he little more than confirm he lied, she'd follow up using his own words.  At one point she even said, “You're lying to me about lying.”  Peterson repeatedly said, he could not answer her questions to protect “everyone involved.”

Again and again she asked, “who is everyone?”  She gets into him to admit he told her in early December, he had “lost his wife,” weeks before his wife was reported missing.

She followed up saying, “How do you lose her before she was lost?  Explain that.” There are very different kinds of loss, he responds. She asks him to explain his. Once again he said he could not tell her now. 

And when he suggested that maybe a robber had taken Laci. Amber said “Robbers don't steal people—pregnant people.” She asked him straight out if Laci's baby was his, as Jennifer points out.

He says “I can't tell you everything.”

Her response, “You can't tell me everything?  This is a yes or no question.” 

You have to give Peterson credit.  He did as much as he could to apologize by telling her almost nothing, except to deny he was involved in Laci's disappearance.  But she was relentless.  Never letting him off the hook, always using his own words to incriminate him, just like a good lawyer.

Based on what I've seen of Amber versus the prosecutors trying this case, if Peterson ever did take the stand (which he won't), I think the people of the state of California might be better served having Amber Frey do the cross-examination.

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