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'The Abrams Report' for Sept. 6

DAN ABRAMS, HOST:  Coming up, a special Labor Day edition of the program: the Scott Peterson tapes. 


SCOTT PETERSON, ACCUSED OF MURDERING WIFE, UNBORN CHILD:  I know I hurt you, lying to you, and I know the situation hurts you, but I want you to know that physically, I can never hurt you.


ABRAMS:  Sex and lies on audiotape.  It is key evidence in the Peterson murder trial.  The suspect, the girlfriend, his family and friends and their voices and words up next for the hour.  The program about justice starts now.

Hi everyone.  Welcome to this special Labor Day edition of the program.  Special, because we‘ve got one topic: the Peterson trial tapes.  Revealing conversations between Scott Peterson and girlfriend Amber Frey, that Frey secretly recorded for weeks after the authorities became suspicious that Peterson might be connected to the disappearance of his pregnant wife Laci.  Much more than a chronology of Scott‘s deceitful pillow talk, the tapes could help prosecutors prove that Peterson premeditated the murder.  After his relationship with amber took off. 

During this hour, we‘re going to take you through the highlights and low lights of the tapes starting with a call made on January 1.  Laci has already been missing for a week.  Scott is pretending to Amber Frey that he‘s on a business trip in Paris, never telling her he had a wife, much less one who was missing.  Rather, he‘s only talking about their future together. 


PETERSON:  My thoughts are that I think that we, you know, would be wonderful together.

AMBER FREY, SCOTT PETERSON‘S EX-LOVER:  I know.  But you haven‘t elaborated on that.  That doesn‘t really say everything that I need to hear.

PETERSON:  Well, I was hoping that nonverbally—it‘s difficult over the phone obviously, you know, how I felt about you.

FREY:  You can‘t assume your own life, Scott.

PETERSON:  What‘s that?

FREY:  I said I can‘t assume anything in my life.  I mean, I‘m very—you know, I need to hear thing as well as—you know, I you know, seeing and hearing is such a great—you know, thing for me, I need to hear that.


FREY:  I‘m the type of person I need to hear, you know.


FREY:  And so...

PETERSON:  You know, in my mind, we could be wonderful together and I could care for you, and I mean in every way for the rest of our lives.  I think we could care for each other and Ayianna, and, you know, we could fulfill each other.

FREY:  What—and Ayianna, what?

PETERSON:  We --- we together, could care for her and, you know, raise Ayianna.

FREY:  Mm-hmm.

PETERSON:  And we could fulfill each other, you know, forever.

FREY:  That would be...

PETERSON:  That‘s what‘s in my mind.  You know, and obviously there are some questions from points that may be of contention between us.

FREY:  Like what?

PETERSON:  There‘s obviously, you—in a religious aspect.  You enjoy going to church and have that faith and I don‘t.

FREY:  What don‘t you...

PETERSON:  I‘ve never gone to church.

FREY:  What was that?

PETERSON:  I‘ve never going to church much.

FREY:  Mm-hmm.

PETERSON:  And would that be a—you know, a contentious point for you.  And would we see eye to eye on a lot of raising Ayianna and how, you know, would you accept our role of growing together and doing that?  You know. those and I can‘t think of other—but those are major, you know, thoughts.

FREY:  Right.  Well, we haven‘t...

PETERSON:  And the fact that you want another child.

FREY:  Right.

PETERSON:  And the small things that we have to discuss.

FREY:  Which you don‘t?

Don‘t you still feel that you‘re very adamant about not having another child?

PETERSON:  Oh, I wouldn‘t say adamant, but it‘s just not in my thoughts currently.

FREY:  Well, like I said, that‘s something—you know, you may change your mind in the future.  But that‘s not something that, you know, this next year coming that I can see happening.  And I don‘t think I‘m ready for that.

And I want to enjoy, you know, Ayianna and where she‘s at, and experience that.  And, you know, like you said before, assuming we were together that I could enjoy being with you and Ayianna.  And, you know, if that came—but, you know, one thing I never said is I had talked about this with another friend earlier this year.

Well, now, next—that I definitely met someone that didn‘t want to have children.  I would find contentness in that if all my needs were met and Ayianna‘s needs were met than certainly I would find contentness in that.  And that I‘d be OK not having another child.


FREY:  You know, I can‘t really ask for anything more than that.

PETERSON:  There‘s so many things that we need to learn about, you know, each other.

FREY:  Mm-hmm.

PETERSON:  You know, on the one hand, you know, I think we have a connection about my, you know, 95 percent of me that I guess the romance and diehard just see wonderful possibilities.  Unfortunately, you know, 5 percent of me, you know, has questions.

FREY:  About what?

PETERSON:  About how we fit together, parenting with, you know, our ideas on what you said needs versus wants and where, you know, two people take care of each others needs versus wants and desires and—and not just where people and how they work in a relationship.


ABRAMS:  Amber Frey was to learn a lot more about Scott Peterson, more than just his thoughts about partnerships and parenting in the coming days.

Coming up, the alleged world traveling fertilizer salesman admits to a world class catalog of lies in more private conversations with girlfriend Amber Frey coming up. 


ABRAMS:  We‘re back with a special Labor Day edition of the program.  The focus: Peterson trial tapes.  Amber Frey secretly recorded the conversations of Peterson which you‘re about to here.  This one, on January 6, at the time the framework of lies that Peterson built around his relationship with Amber was near collapse forcing him to make a few confessions. 


PETERSON:  You haven‘t been watching the news obviously?

FREY:  No.

PETERSON:  I have not been traveling during the last couple of week. 

I have—I have lied to you that I have been traveling.


PETERSON:  The girl I‘m married to, her name is Laci.

FREY:  Mm-hmm.

PETERSON:  She disappeared just before Christmas.

FREY:  Mm-hmm.

PETERSON:  For the past two weeks, I‘ve been in Modesto with her family and mine searching for her.


PETERSON:  She just disappeared and no one knows...

FREY:  OK, now...

PETERSON:  ...where she‘s been.

FREY: Scott?

PETERSON: And I—I can‘t tell you more because I—I need you to be protected from the media, and Ayianna.


PETERSON:  OK, that are amazing.

FREY:  Scott, are you listening.


FREY:  You cam to me earlier in December and told me that you lost your wife.  What was that about?

PETERSON:  She—she‘s alive.

FREY:  What?

PETERSON:  She‘s alive.

FREY:  Where?  She‘s alive?  Where?

PETERSON:  In Modesto.  Now, I know I—this is the hardest—I—I wanted to tell you in person—I—you need to protect yourself from the media.  I have just been torn up the last two weeks wanting to tell you and I‘m so weak that I haven‘t.  And I just—I just hope that I had—I had to call you and tell you that.

FREY:  You never—you never answered my question, Scott.

PETERSON:  Sweetie, you don‘t—you don‘t—I can‘t—I can‘t say anymore.

FREY:  I think I deserve...

PETERSON:  You deserve so much better.  There is no question, you deserve so much better.

FREY:  Yes.  And I deserve to understand and explanation of why you told me you lost your wife and this was the holidays you‘d spend without her?  That was December 9 you told me this.  And all of a sudden, you wife‘s missing?  Are you kidding me?

Did you hear me?

PETERSON:  I did—I don‘t know what to say to you.  I...

FREY:  I think an explanation would be a start.

PETERSON:  I can‘t now.  I‘m so sorry for that.

FREY:  Why?  Why can‘t you?

PETERSON:  It‘s to protect all of us.

FREY:  To protect all of who?

PETERSON:  Everyone involved.

FREY:  So, where is she?

PETERSON:  That‘s what we are trying to find out.  We have—it‘s a nationwide search.  We have—I mean, it‘s a half a million dollar reward for information leading to her safe return.

FREY:  OK.  So again, you never answered my question.  Why did you tell me it would be the first holidays without her?

PETERSON:  I can‘t.  Sweetie, I can‘t explain anymore now.

FREY:  When can you?

PETERSON:  I‘m so sorry.  You should be so angry at me.  And God, I hope you are.  I just...

FREY:  Yeah.  Isn‘t that what you told me before, oh, I wish, you know, it would be so much easier if you‘d just hate me and not want to talk to me.  And, of course, this is the person I am, of course, I‘m going to say well, you know, you told me you lost you wife.  You sat there in front of me and cried and broke down.  I sat there and held your hand, Scott, and comforted you and you have lied to me, again.  You‘re lying to me about lying.

PETERSON:  I lied to you about traveling.

FREY:  Among everything else.  That‘s just an add-in.


FREY:  So again, are you going—is it that you‘re just not going to answer me?

PETERSON:  I want to.

FREY:  And what‘s stopping you?


FREY:  And what‘s stopping you from answering me?

Why would you tell me this, on March 9 that you have lost your wife, and I‘m sorry, I can‘t tell you until after I get back to Europe and about this tragedy.  And I asked you, are you ready for me?  “Oh, absolutely.  This will be the first holidays without my wife.  I‘m going to spend them with my family in Maine.”  Is this not what you said?


FREY:  It is.

PETERSON:  It is and I—it is.

FREY:  And how do you explain—all of a sudden you tell me it‘s a national search.

PETERSON:  It is, yes.

FREY:  How is that just not such a coincidence?

PETERSON:  If you think I had something to do with her disappearance that is so wrong.

FREY:  Really?

PETERSON:  Yes.  It is.

FREY:  Then how is there such a coincidence to that story from what you‘re telling me right now about what...?

PETERSON:  No.  No.  Sweetie, I...

FREY:  And you s till have the audacity to call me sweetie right now.


ABRAMS:  When we come back, more of Peterson‘s lies, Amber‘s anger and

his claim to her that he could never hurt anyone, physically that is.  This

special Labor Day edition of the program continues after this.  Of


ABRAMS:  We‘re focusing on the evidence in the Peterson murder case.  The tapes that Amber Frey secretly recorded of her phone conversations with Scott Peterson. 

We continue with another of their conversations on January 6, when Peterson finally admits to her that he‘s married and that his pregnant wife has been missing for two weeks.  We pick up with a question from Amber Frey about Scott Peterson‘s unborn child, Conner. 


FREY:  So is this baby yours?

PETERSON:  I cannot tell you everything.

FREY:  You can‘t tell me everything?  That‘s a simple yes or no.

PETERSON:  Amber, honestly to protect everyone, I can‘t tell you everything.

FREY:  You know...

PETERSON:  I know you don‘t...

FREY:  That only leads me to believe to say that it‘s not.


FREY:  Because if it was, you‘d say, of course, it‘s my baby.  That‘s my wife.

PETERSON:  Amber, I‘m so sorry that I lied to you.

We are doing everything we can to find her.  And I am so sorry you are hurt by this.  I don‘t want to see you be involved where you don‘t want to be.

FREY:  How is that possible?  Let‘s see, I don‘t want you to have to be involved.  Say that again for me?

PETERSON:  You can choose what you want to do.

FREY:  Really?

PETERSON:  Regarding this issue.

FREY:  I can choose what I want to do with this?  I have a choice in this?  Really?

PETERSON:  I think so.

FREY:  Really?  And what would you like my choice to be, Scott?

PETERSON:  You cannot listen to me.

FREY:  I cannot listen to you?

PETERSON:  And I would never ask me to.  That‘s completely your choice.

FREY:  Wow.

PETERSON:  You know that.

FREY:  If your life‘s not just a whirlwind of chaos and commotion and the choice of words that you‘re throwing out there at me.

PETERSON:  I‘m sorry.  I don‘t understand.

FREY:  Then maybe you should listen.

PETERSON:  I‘m trying, Amber.  Say it again.  Amber?

FREY:  I‘m here.


FREY:  I can‘t listen to you, hmm.  So then...

PETERSON:  Well, I can‘t ask you to listen to me.

FREY:  Well, you know what...

PETERSON:  I‘ve lied to you.

FREY:  You lied to me.  You know what, it‘s done and so why don‘t you...

PETERSON:  You should never trust me.

FREY:  I shouldn‘t have to trust you?

PETERSON:  No, I‘m saying I cannot ask you to ever trust me.  I mean I know that—you know, I know that you can‘t.

FREY:  OK, so again...

PETERSON:  So, I would never make an appeal to you to do so.

FREY:  So—I‘m going to assume this, but I‘m going to ask this, assuming I know what you‘re talking about the questions to my answer.  Who else knows about me, Scott?

PETERSON:  That you and I have a relationship?

FREY:  Do your parents know about me?


FREY:  Well, I thought that was the topic of conversation, oh, I‘m going to talk my parents ears off about you over the holidays.

PETERSON:  Well, that trip didn‘t happen.

FREY:  Oh, that trip didn‘t happen.

You know, I‘m led to believe and to question about other things that had happened, Scott.

PETERSON:  I understand that you can never trust or believe me.  I‘m so sorry for that.

FREY:  I find it hard to believe.  I have a hard time believe that, Scott.

PETERSON:  I know.  I know.  I don‘t know what—what to say, I mean.;..

FREY:  Well, so Scott...

PETERSON:  I know you probably can‘t even believe that.  I‘m sorry that this has happened, that I lied to you.

FREY:  I‘m going to tell you again.  And this is worthy advice, never apologize to someone on the phone.

PETERSON:  What should I have done.

FREY:  What should you have done?

PETERSON:  I mean, I wanted to come down there.

FREY:  Let‘s see.  Let‘s back it up.  You‘re a 30-year-old man.  What should I have done?

PETERSON:  I wanted to come down there, Amber.

FREY:  A 30-year-old man, married, with a baby on the way, assuming a new relationship with a another woman...

PETERSON:  Amber, I think the answer to my question is I should have come down there.

FREY:  OH, you should of came down there.  And at that point, shouldn‘t I have been afraid of you had I caught wind of anything before then?

PETERSON:  You have no reason to fear me.

FREY:  I have no reason to fear you.

PETERSON:  No.  I think you know me well enough to know that.

FREY:  If I knew you well enough, I would have known you lied—if I knew you well enough.

PETERSON:  I would never hurt anyone.  I know I hurt you by lying to you.  And I know the situation hurts you.  You‘ve got to know that physically I could never hurt anyone.

FREY:  So what do you think the people would think when I‘m found out about?

PETERSON:  What‘s that?

FREY:  I said, what do you think all the people are going to think when I‘m found out about?  I mean, it‘s bound to happen.

PETERSON:  It‘s your choice.

FREY:  You know what, Scott.  You say it‘s my choice.  I‘m not the only one you showed your relationship with me to.


FREY:  And how about, I mean—right?


FREY:  And you didn‘t keep our relationship private?

PETERSON:  No.  I did not.

FREY:  So, in this whole—in this whole mess of people in the search of Laci.


FREY:  You‘re doing everything you can?  You‘re putting up fliers and

·         that‘s it.  You‘re putting up fliers?

PETERSON:  No.  I‘ve been going door to door.

FREY:  Door to door.

PETERSON:  Knocking on door asking...

FREY:  What do you expect to find from knocking on doors?

PETERSON:  I don‘t know where else to go.  We have a volunteer center set up here.

FREY:  Really?

PETERSON:  And I go in.  I open it up in the morning.  Volunteers come in and we direct them out into every city in Stanislaus Country we‘ve done...

FREY:  Really?  And so what were you doing—I mean, were you doing this with, you know, in your conversations with me during the day and at night?  I mean, what was that?  You‘ve been calling having conversations with me when all this is happening?


FREY:  Really?  Isn‘t that a little—isn‘t that a little twisted, Scott?


FREY:  Well, at least you agree with me there.

PETERSON:  Well, that‘s the truth, isn‘t it?

FREY:  You have a missing, pregnant wife and you‘re talking to your girlfriend.  Hmm.  Did you think about that one?

PETERSON:  It sounds terrible.


ABRAMS:  When we come back, a skeptical, sarcastic Amber Frey on the attack as Scott Peterson desperately pleads his innocence.  More of our special Labor Day program on the Peterson case and the tapes when we return. 


ABRAMS: Coming up, Amber Frey confronts Peterson about whether he had anything to do with his wife‘s disappearance. But first the headlines.


ABRAMS: Welcome back to this Labor Day special edition of the program.  We‘ve heard already Scott Peterson trying to sweet talk girlfriend Amber Frey, not knowing she was recording his conversations for police, who suspected that Peterson was connected with his wife Laci‘s disappearance.  We‘ve also heard Peterson confess to a lifetime‘s worth of lies. We pick up the tapes again, this time January 17. That day Laci‘s parents held a news conference demanding that Peterson come forward and cooperate with the authorities. Meantime, Peterson was back on the phone defending himself again to Amber Frey.


PETERSON: Amber, are you asking if I had anything to do with it?

FREY: You‘ve never told me you haven‘t.

PETERSON: Yes, I have. I had nothing to do with it. You know that.

FREY: How am I supposed to know that when I didn‘t even know you were currently married. You have a child on the way. How was I supposed to know?

PETERSON: The only way you can know about it is just by knowing.

FREY: How am I supposed to know, Scott?


FREY: You‘re supposed to be in Europe right now, Scott. How am I supposed to know that you have nothing to do with this, tell me that, Scott?

PETERSON: You know, Amber. I know you‘re intuitive enough to know.

FREY: Then explain all the coincidences and lies that you‘ve told me.

PETERSON: I‘ve lied to you. You‘re right.

FREY: That should make me think any different than that, Scott?

PETERSON: I‘m sorry, Amber. I‘m sorry I lied to you. I‘m sorry you‘re involved in this. I hope you‘re not.

FREY: You didn‘t answer the question. No, you‘re deferring.

PETERSON: What was the question? What was your question?

FREY: I said, with all these things, how can I not possibly think you have something to do with this, Scott?

PETERSON: The only way that you can know that is by—the only way.

FREY: You lied about having to me about having a wife.

PETERSON: The only way that you know me well enough to know I would never do anything like this.

FREY: I don‘t know you well enough. How could I possibly know you well enough?

PETERSON: I think you know. I think you know me. You know people‘s hearts and souls, Amber, better than anyone in this world, you know people.

FREY: And from what I know, Scott, and this pains me to say, this was all a plan. I was a plan in your—before all of this, this is was just a plan you had, Scott. You—the only—the thing is, you know where it went wrong for you, Scott, in this plan is that you didn‘t think the media would be so big and I‘d ever learn of this. That‘s where it went wrong.  That‘s it so huge that I did learn of this and that now where are you?

Because you were going to come back from Europe and you and I were just going to take off. That was my indication from you. That‘s how I perceived, when you got back that things—you and I were going to be together and possibly just kind of take off from this area.

Is that—am I far-fetched?

PETERSON: Amber, it just hurts so bad for you to think I could have something to do with this.

FREY: That was a good question I asked. When was that before the dance, December 14th, just before the dance. So it was roughly around 6 or so. I said, can I—you know, to answer your question, can I trust you with my heart?

PETERSON: I remember.

FREY: What was your response?


FREY: What a mistake there, huh, on my part? What a fool. That‘s worse than—you make me feel like such a fool, Scott.

PETERSON: I‘m sorry, Amber. You‘re not a fool. I never should—I‘m sorry you‘re going through this.

FREY: Never should have what, Scott? Finish your sentence.

PETERSON: Never should have became involved with you.

FREY: No, you should not have. You‘re married.


ABRAMS: And there were more apologies from Peterson to Amber Frey 11 days later. Amber‘s anger was whipped up again this time by comments Peterson made about their relationship in one of his first TV interviews, though Peterson told Amber that much of what he had said about her wound up on the cutting room floor.


FREY: I guess one that bothered me the most was when they asked if you‘re in love with me and you said, no.


FREY: Right?

PETERSON: I thought that might bother you.

FREY: You know, you never said that, but your intentions as far as you and I talking about future plans and everything as well as Ayianna.

PETERSON: Yes. We talked about possibilities with you, definitely. And that is one of the things that they cut down really bad on what I continued to say.

FREY: What—OK. What was that then? What did they cut down?

PETERSON: Well, you could see there was skip from when I answered no to when I said, you know, that I respected you. And they cut out parts that I mentioned that I care about and I, you know, hope the media doesn‘t continue to harass you and you don‘t deserve, you know, that type of thing.

So that‘s basically what I said. And they cut it down to what was a very quick no, and then the (UNINTELLIGIBLE), it was a very fast no because I was coached from Waltona. You know, they just kept saying, you should say no, say no, say no. And I, you know, I said no so fast and then they cut out the rest of it.

FREY: So yes, that threw me. The only—you know, before when you made a statement about you and me having a future together? I mean, I would think there would be more emotions involved. But I mean.

PETERSON: Yes, well you always.

FREY: I don‘t want to assume anything.


FREY: . because, again, I mean, I don‘t think that you could fully flat-out—didn‘t have any feelings for me. Are you there?

PETERSON: Yes, I‘m here.

FREY: Comments?

PETERSON: Well, I mean, obviously I did encourage you.

FREY: What was that?

PETERSON: Obviously.

FREY: Obviously what?

PETERSON: That I care about you. I mean, there‘s no question.

FREY: It still puzzles me that, you know, also that Laci knew about me and you guys—obviously she wasn‘t OK with that. But I mean, you were making—or talking with me about future plans. I mean, I‘m still at a loss on how that was going to be possible with you being married to Laci and having a child on the way.

PETERSON: Yes, we always talked about—we did, we talked about possibilities, you‘re right.

FREY: We talked about—you talked about it. Not possibilities but that it was going to happen, things we would like. I mean, again, I had no knowing of her in this so.

PETERSON: Yes, I know.

FREY: . you have to keep that in mind.

PETERSON: Of course.

FREY: . that that‘s where I was at with you.

PETERSON: Yes, I see what you‘re saying.

FREY: So are you telling me none of this was going to ever happen with you and I?

PETERSON: No. I don‘t know. I mean, that‘s why they‘re possibilities.  You know, that‘s what we talked about was, you know, if and things like that.

FREY: But I had no knowing of Laci so how.

PETERSON: So you weren‘t thinking of them in terms of—you know, but I mean, you know, I would have said if, you know, we were together. And I think you.

FREY: And why would I think.

PETERSON: And you thought of them as definitely going to happen then, huh?


ABRAMS: Coming up, with Laci‘s due date a few days away, Peterson is back on the phone trying to get back together with Amber. Back with more of the tapes in a moment.


ABRAMS: Back now with more of the Scott Peterson tapes. The date, this time, February 7, 2003. Scott Peterson wants to arrange a secret meeting with girlfriend Amber Frey. He of course doesn‘t know that she is taping their conversations and it seems he can‘t get over the fact that she doesn‘t want to see him.


PETERSON: What do you think?

FREY: What do I think about.

PETERSON: What I‘m asking?

FREY: To see me?

PETERSON: I‘m asking to see you.

FREY: I said I don‘t know how that would be possible without being spotted by somebody.


FREY: Unless you have ideas, I don‘t know.

PETERSON: No, my idea was like, tonight.

FREY: How is that?

PETERSON: I thought I could come to wherever you are, like tonight just for (UNINTELLIGIBLE).

FREY: I can‘t have you come to my house, Scott.


FREY: And I have Ayianna.

PETERSON: I know. I can‘t say I understand, but OK.

FREY: Scott.

PETERSON: You know I‘m not a monster, Amber.

FREY: I never said you were, Scott.

PETERSON: Thank God, I know. But you know I could never hurt you or her or anyone. You know that, don‘t you?

Don‘t answer it. There‘s—oh, I don‘t know if you would trust me that far then.

FREY: I‘m sorry?

PETERSON: The other possibility is that house at Lake Arrowhead.

FREY: Where?

PETERSON: Lake Arrowhead?

FREY: I don‘t know where it‘s at.

PETERSON: Basically east of Los Angeles.

FREY: Why there?

PETERSON: What‘s that?

FREY: Why there?

PETERSON: It‘s just a house that‘s owned by a friend if the family - that they‘ve offered, you know, whenever I want.

Is there some what for us to see each other, Amber? Do you think it would help?

FREY: If it would help?


FREY: At this point all I could see is it just damaging me even more.

It‘s just frustrating for me too, Scott, you know?

PETERSON: Yes. It‘s in your eyes.

FREY: What about my eyes?

PETERSON: I need to see them.

FREY: And what would that do for you?

PETERSON: What‘s that?

FREY: I said, what would my eyes do for you?

PETERSON: I think they‘d do so much. I don‘t know. They‘d either—I guess they‘d either hurt really bad or they‘d do so much, I don‘t know.

FREY: It‘s funny, you like to make a statement and then.

PETERSON: What‘s that?

FREY: I said, you do this a lot. You.

PETERSON: Well, let me ask you this. How do you feel about me?

FREY: Confused. Sad. Frustrated. (UNINTELLIGIBLE) I said, I could just

·         you know, there are so many words in how I feel, I just—always these things that you want to tell me in person and not over the phone.

PETERSON: There are so many things I want to tell you. God, it‘s unbelievable.

FREY: Where to begin, Scott?

PETERSON: One very important thing I wanted to tell you last Saturday.

So many things.

FREY: About Saturday?

PETERSON: No, there was one thing I want to tell you so much about that.

FREY: What?

PETERSON: What‘s that?

FREY: Tell me now what?

PETERSON: I can‘t, sorry.

FREY: Why?

PETERSON: I can‘t tell you.

FREY: Why?

PETERSON: Not over the phone, Amber.

FREY: Well.

PETERSON: And I‘m not saying that so that—you know, I‘m not pressuring you or anything as a far as that.

FREY: There‘s one thing you want to tell me, but not over the phone?

PETERSON: No. There are so many things I want to tell you.

FREY: But not over the phone?

PETERSON: But there‘s one so special if you knew it, OK?

FREY: You know what?

PETERSON: I‘m sorry, I shouldn‘t say these things to you. I shouldn‘t.  It hurts or frustrates you or makes you made, I don‘t know which, but it‘s unfair.

FREY: I had a thought.

PETERSON: Unfair and I‘m sorry.

FREY: I have a thought. But the thing is you probably won‘t because you question things about me. But I said, you know, you want—do you have a video camera, Scott?


FREY: Because right now I think that‘s the closest you and I will have in communicating face to face.


ABRAMS: Jump ahead now to February 19 as Amber calls Peterson to say it‘s time to call it quits.



FREY: Good morning.

PETERSON: Hey, good morning.

FREY: Did I wake you up?

PETERSON: Off and on (UNINTELLIGIBLE), just kind of. How are you?


PETERSON: Yes? Are you just getting up?

FREY: I‘ve been up for a little while.


FREY: Yes.

PETERSON: Something wrong?

FREY: Well, I wanted to talk to you about a few things.


FREY: Are you coherent?


FREY: Are you sure?


FREY: OK. I can‘t really say in light of current events, but I don‘t know really the right words to say, but I‘m just going to say it however it comes out. But I think right now for me, Scott, and really everything that has happened in the last 50-plus days for myself and the family and you and everything that‘s going in right now I think it would be best if you and I didn‘t talk anymore until there‘s resolution in this whole.

PETERSON: Yes. I agree with that.

FREY: Good. Good.

PETERSON: You‘re right.

FREY: OK. Well, that wasn‘t so hard.

PETERSON: No, it‘s the right thing.

FREY: Huh?

PETERSON: It‘s the right thing, so yes.

FREY: OK. So is there anything you want to say before I say goodbye?

PETERSON: Yes. I mean, you know, I see the reason. Just be well.

FREY: Likewise.



PETERSON: I hope to talk to you in the future

FREY: OK. Bye.

PETERSON: Goodbye for now.

FREY: Hmm?

PETERSON: Goodbye for now.

FREY: Goodbye for now.

PETERSON: Goodbye for now.

FREY: Goodbye, Scott.


ABRAMS: When we come back, more of Scott Peterson on tape. This time calls between Scott Peterson and his family, Laci‘s family, and one to a real estate agent about putting his house on the market. .


ABRAMS: Coming up, Scott Peterson hears from Laci‘s mom and tells a real estate agent he has got a house for sale on tape, coming up.


ABRAMS: There‘s no more Amber Frey on tonight‘s show but plenty more Scott Peterson. Modesto Police tapped his phone, taped calls to family and friends, even to me. Now Scott Peterson in his own words caught lying to both his mother and Laci‘s mother, even about his location when making the calls. Peterson also calling Laci‘s half-brother Brent and a real estate agent asking to put the house he shared with Laci on the market. All of it important evidence in Peterson‘s murder trial, right down to some phone mail messages that could cast light on Peterson‘s feelings about his missing wife and child.


S. PETERSON: Hey mom.

J. PETERSON: Hi. Are you there?


J. PETERSON: Where are you?

S. PETERSON: What‘s that?

J. PETERSON: Where are you?

S. PETERSON: West Fresno.



RECORDER: You have one unheard message. First message.

SHARON ROCHA: Hi, Scott. This is mom. It‘s about a quarter to 1. Just wanted you to know, I just got a call from Ron Cloward. He‘s at the marina and it was a boat anchor. Of course, we knew it wasn‘t Laci, but I just wanted you to know. I‘m going to call your house in case you don‘t get this message first.



S. ROCHA: Where are you headed now?

S. PETERSON: Well, I‘m actually down in Bakersfield.

S. ROCHA: Or are you? OK.

S. PETERSON: Yes, I had to finish up some work stuff here today and we‘re just getting done. Going to pass out fliers on the way home so I won‘t be home until 5 or so.





S. PETERSON: I am in Buttonwillow. So you‘re going down 99, huh?



S. PETERSON: I was going to—our schedule is not going to work out.

I just got a call from the chief—or not the chief, the sergeant up at Berkeley.


S. PETERSON: Did you hear on the news?

RICHARDSON: No, what‘s up?

S. PETERSON: The object that they‘ve been searching for and all this stuff that they have 88 people in the water for?


S. PETERSON: Big old boat anchor.


RICHARDSON: Oh shut up.


RICHARDSON: Are you serious?

S. PETERSON: Yes. He called up. There‘s a little point of humor though that‘s pretty funny.

RICHARDSON: What‘s that?

S. PETERSON: A little point of humor.

RICHARDSON: Yes, very—actually, it‘s very funny.




BRENT ROCHA: Apparently those pictures of you and the girl together.

S. PETERSON: Yes, mm-hmm.

B. ROCHA: So we know that‘s true, right?

S. PETERSON: Yes. There was an encounter.

B. ROCHA: OK. So then, I mean, knowing that, I mean, what can you tell me about my sister to make me understand that you‘re telling the truth and that I can still support you?

S. PETERSON: I mean, I know that you know how happy we were together.  And that never changed or wavers. And you know, I don‘t know if you can believe me. I certainly hope you can. I hope you know me well enough.

B. ROCHA: I want to.

S. PETERSON: We‘re looking for her and we need to find her.

B. ROCHA: Yes. Do you think that girl might have had something to do with it?

S. PETERSON: No. She didn‘t.

B. ROCHA: She didn‘t?

S. PETERSON: No, she couldn‘t have. She didn‘t know about Laci.

B. ROCHA: Is there anything else like this person—this woman, I mean, is there anything else out there that might throw us off—catch us off-guard?

S. PETERSON: You know, this brings up—I‘m just trying, no, I mean.

B. ROCHA: I mean, because, if I‘m going to go out there and talk.

S. PETERSON: I‘m thinking about—I‘m just—I‘m thinking about other relationships but those were before we were married.


S. PETERSON: You know, this was the only, you know, thing like that.

B. ROCHA: I would love to have her back, Scott. You know, I just miss her dearly.

S. PETERSON: Yes. I want her back.

B. ROCHA: I don‘t care where she‘s at right now, I want her back one way or the other.

S. PETERSON: That‘s the way I am.

B. ROCHA: So you can tell me, honestly, OK, I asked you earlier this morning, you have nothing to do with this?

S. PETERSON: I have nothing to do with her disappearance, Brent.



S. PETERSON: I want to also talk to you about selling the house.


S. PETERSON: I mean, can I do that? I don‘t know.

ARGAIN: I believe you can. I mean, I don‘t see why you couldn‘t if that‘s what you want to do.

S. PETERSON: Yes. I mean, I need to. We‘re not staying there anyway.


S. PETERSON: However this comes out, you know?


S. PETERSON: You know, but keep it quiet, obviously.

ARGAIN: Yes, of course. When did you want to look at doing it?

S. PETERSON: I mean, I‘d like to put it on the market right now.


S. PETERSON: I mean, there‘s no way if Laci comes back that we‘re going to stay there.



RECORDER: Please record your message after the tone or to send a numeric page, press 2.

S. PETERSON: Hey Joan, it‘s (UNINTELLIGIBLE) on Monday. And I‘m sorry, I missed it looks like a couple of your calls. For the past four days or so I went to a grief counseling—it was out in the hills, no phones. So anyways, (UNINTELLIGIBLE). I should be back in town. I‘m just leaving that session now and I‘ll give you a call back when I‘m in town. Thanks, Joan.


ABRAMS: Scott Peterson‘s phone message to his friend Joan pretending he was in grief counseling. That‘s all the time we have for today on this Labor Day special edition of the program. I‘ll be back with our regular show tomorrow. Send your e-mails to abramsreport, one word, We go through them at end of the show.

Coming up next, “HARDBALL” with Chris Matthews, thanks for watching, see you.


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