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Readers reveal their holiday dream gifts readers reveal what's on top of their holiday wish list this year.
/ Source:'s Holiday Gift Guide highlighted some of the hottest items in the tech scene this season. But what are people actually asking for this year? We asked readers to write in and tell us what tech gift was at the top of their lists and most responses centered around two words — Apple iPod.

Since its introduction in October 2001, more than 6 million iPods have been sold. Based on readers' responses, more people are hoping to join the millions of iPod users already sporting those white headphones. But if $399 for a 40GB Apple iPod or $249 for an iPod Mini sounds too steep for your wallet, one reader suggests picking up a copy of The Cult of Mac by Leander Kahney for the Mac lovers on your list.

As for the other most-requested gifts, readers also asked for portable XM satellite radios, GPS devices and the Nintendo DS. To find out what else people are asking for, here's a collection of some readers' e-mails:

I'm dreaming of an Apple iPod this year! I'm a university student and lack the funds to buy anything nice. I can't even afford gifts for my family members! An iPod would be the perfect high-tech gadget. I could sit for hours studying without having to get up and find another CD in my messy dorm room. It is the perfect gift for any student.
Jennifer Lyon - Meaford, On/ Canada

GPS, I am an avid mushroom and ginseng hunter and I don't like getting lost in the forest. Which has happened a few times.
Terry - Edwardsville, Illinois

OQO model 1 - I read up on it months ago, dreamed of just touching it since then. The very very small PC is the future after PDA's,then laptops altogether. With engineers from IBM and Apple, finally we got brains and style. But the price tag will [make it] remain on my wish list
Alfi Fulgencio - New York, New York

The Nintendo DS it has backward compatibility with the Gameboys, two screens, a stylus (for the touch screen), instant messaging, and so many other new features!
Joshua - Bird Island

I am hoping for a Canary Wireless Hotspotter. I've seen plenty of these hotspot-spotting devices on the market, but none sums it up better than Canary's product. It features an LCD screen that lets the user know what the Wireless SSID is named, signal strength, channel number and whether or not the network is encrypted; pretty much answering all my questions as to whether or not booting up my notebook is worth it.

As one of America's "Road Warriors", this little widget should be on every person's wish list that owns a wireless network card.
Lou - Boston

The Logitech MX1000 Laser Mouse lords over my list of tech gadgets this holiday season. The first laser optical tracking, fast RF, and less expense than any Bluetooth's a must have for me!
J. Kingsbury - Elkhart, IN

I have been drooling over a laptop for the past few days ... A laptop, 256 MB Radeon 9800 PRO mobility with 1GB DDR RAM AMD processor, and lots of hard drive space ...
Mario Chong - Texas/El Paso

The hottest item on my list this season has got to be the new Wacom Intuos3 tablets. Being an enthusiast and not a professional, it still is attractive. Using a stylus would feel a lot better than a mouse and the control is nice to have while sketching. If you still want a mouse, these come with a 5 button wireless and optics free. You cant beat that.. cordless, BATTERY FREE mouse. I cant wait to pick one up this season!
Triet Nguyen - Pawtucket, Rhode Island

I am asking Santa for a big screen HDTV, DLP, 56 or 62 inches of glorious sight and sound. I love the Samsung HLP5685 for it's beauty on or off. And I desire the Toshiba 62HM84 for it's theater size. Which one will he bring me? I can't wait until Xmas.
Richard English - Gilbertsville

Sony's "Location Free" wireless TV. This looks absolutely cool. In addition to being able to carry a TV around the house, it says it will surf the Web and run your DVD player. With a little html work, it could probably run your whole media center
Gary - Bellevue, WA

The XM MyFi portable satellite radio! It can be played in the home, car or anywhere as a portable device. It also records up to 5 hours of XM's incredible programming. This is the first truly portable satellite radio!
Ian Band - Potomac, MD

Creative Zen Micro - more capacity than iPod mini, doesn't use proprietary music software, has a battery than can be replaced, and an FM tuner. Will hold up to 2500 songs and is the size of an Altoids tin.
Anne - Thomasville

Apple iPod. Those cool iPod commercials have really piqued my interest in acquiring the iPod. My thirty-year-old daughter thinks it's pretty cool, and I don't want my cool rating to shrink below five.
Brenda L Williams - Cleveland Ohio

This holiday season I'm dreaming about the all-new handheld Playstation 2 system.
Kong - New York, Queens

I really want an Apple Ipod. I am a dance teacher and this little device could save hundreds of dollars a year and time. I can buy and download specific songs instead of purchasing an entire CD just for 1 song. I won't ever have to worry about misplacing CDs and having to buy a replacement. The best part is that I won't have to waste time and space anymore - I can just plug in the ipod into my receiver and have my whole music library at my fingertips - what a lifesaver!!!!
T. - Columbus, Ohio

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