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Clicked: The chilling effects

My name is Will.  This is what I clicked.


Jason Kottke, whose links and insights are appreciated Web wide, and who has been linked here a few times already in the short life of this blog, is getting legal for sharing his Ken Jennings Jeopardy! scoops.  Now fine people across the blogosphere are this issue and the of corporate intimidation of individuals.  (

MSN's new service topped the blogdex list yesterday.  ( it's too limiting for him but he does see some bright spots.  He also links to today's , in which the Microsoft programmers explain what they were thinking when they created this new blogware.)

Holiday link of the day:  .

Let's play Spot the Hoax:

  • (I don't expect to see this tactic from Bernie Kerik, but you gotta give him credit for optimism.)

  • HIV, the virus that causes AIDS, can be . (Oh, and touching a person's genitals "can result in pregnancy.")

Commuter Click #1:

[] Guest writer Glaser is a columnist for OJR: "Time for someone to do it, to make the case for a new way of doing journalism, to stop talking about change in decades and start thinking about change in months and days. To stop complaining about the way things are, and the way things don't work, and to start doing it differently..."

Sick of journalists talking about themselves all the time?  Here's an alternative Commuter Click: ?  (Heck, the weekend's coming.  Print them both up.)

Prefer politics to tech?  explores some of the spin around the situation in the Ukraine.  Of course, if you print it you can't click all those links.  Tell ya what, log back here this weekend and this link will still be here.

  (I blog primarily because I have an incurable case of "you gotta see this" but also because I want to maintain a voice to participate in online discussion.)

I only barely understand , but I clicked it, and it's the kind of thing I know other people would get even if I don't, so I'm including it.  I think the idea is that they take a bunch of radio stations and sort of average all the music together (Average being the totally wrong word, but I didn't want to say "mush").  I've been listening for ten minutes so far.  Not danceable or hummable, but interesting to hear it morph.

Surely no American oil company would be involved in dirty dealings that undermine American security.    It must have just been Annan's son and Saddam.

Speaking of the Food for Oil scanal, I ran into on a number of blogs-- Senator Norm Coleman make the case for Annan's resignation.

about No Child Left Behind being used as a draft related program activity.  I have a feeling President Bush would before he'd reinstate the draft.  (Robocop?  Never heard of it.)


'Blog' Tops U.S. Dictionary's Words of the Year  (Which also means people who don't know what a blog is don't have to look for a blog to give them .)

"Jesus doesn't turn people away..." .
Josh Marshall draws link attention pointing to the story of a church's ad campaign being rejected by CBS and NBC.  (Don't settle for the one entry, scroll up to see how he chased down an explanation from the networks.)  (MSNBC is a joint venture between Microsoft and NBC.)

Speaking of NBC, Brian Williams, were you

One more "people getting angry at NBC executives" item ( a former one).

Michael Totten shows .


for Hollywood not expressing more outrage over the death of Theo van Gogh, the Dutch filmmaker who was killed (allegedly--I don't think the guy's been technically convicted yet) by a Muslim extremist following the release of his movie about women in Islam.  I've written three drafts my own reaction to this essay, but ultimately you don't need my help drawing your own conclusions about which points are valid and which are a stretch.

On the subject of Muslim extremists, the headline is "" but it would be more accurate to say Five MORE Webloggers jailed.  Bloggers have been playing an important role in undermining the Iranian theocracy.  When that government falls, bloggers will be due some credit (and no doubt they'll be the first to point that out).

Speaking of government oppression,   (It's interesting that this story and the item above stem from releases by ".")

Every now and then I read something on a blog about , but I don't really get it when I read the excerpt.  Here's a clip that's meant to show an incestuous orgy:

It… it started one winter when the three of them lived together, Joe and Deer Woman and Emile.  It seemed all right in the beginning.  Emile told me that years later, when he had to talk about it.  But then Deer Woman was pregnant, and they didn't know whose child it was, Joe's or Emile's, and it didn't seem right any longer.

Deer woman?  Anyway, the thing is so god-awful I can barely stand to drag my eyeballs through it to look for the trashy bits.  I know it would be funny if the V.P.'s wife wrote a sex book, but as far as I can tell, that's not really the case.

There's little the Internet loves to crow about more than a .

Commuter Click:  , the Commuter Click is something I haven't read yet because it has too many little words on the screen and I'd rather print them up and read them in a chair under good light.  is my commuter click today because I'm interested to read a discussion of these two questions: "What are our post-mortem election rights?  Specifically, what constitutes 'actionable fraud'?"

if your dad is Christian and your mom is Jewish?

Speaking of holidays, I had seen the news spreading among bloggers that iTunes has a copy of the BandAid song "Do They Know It's Christmas?" but I wasn't clear why that was anything bloggers would care about.  .

File under:

P.S. What a .  Did you see the entry about the ?


News for the people, .  I mentioned the Wikipedia here once before, that's the encyclopedia written and edited by the public (and remarkably successful in spite of that).  Now they're trying to do the same thing with a news Wiki.  I admit it, I'm a skeptic.  My experience with the news audience is that they don't play nice when left to their own devices.  I'll be happy to be wrong.  Wired has of the project.

Fans are excited to learn that David Byrne is keeping a .  Now we can finally read about his haircut.

A lot of folks are for his defense of Dan Rather (including ).

The anti-Kerry crowd is up-in-arms over this story about a Swift Boat Vet whose life has taken a turn for the worse since he spoke out during the election season.  Powerline blog even wants to for him.  I'm surprised the SBVT aren't taking care of him, that seemed like the kind of group that would stick together.

screen saver from Lycos -- .

Speaking of spam,

Elsewhere on the Korean peninsula...
What I don't understand is, bloggers have been clicking this link since Saturday, the story says "TV lights and flashing cameras," and maybe I've not been paying close attention, but has this story not appeared... anywhere?  Too much calling wolf from the Raelians I guess.

Didn't we just read that Japan is living in the future?  I'm sure the are relieved to hear that.

Although for , that future may not come soon enough.

A at bridging the socio-political gap between religion and academia

It may be an important note for my fellow editors here that with of Brokaw's departure (including my own ), the link that pops up on blogs more often is the short list of questions asked of him by .  Humph.

Commuter Click:

are upon us.

Will Vioxx be for which no one is to blame?

  (By the title I thought this would be about how to judge a blog's politics by looking at its blogroll.  That's not what it's about, but still, a good primer for the uninitiated.)

Don't feel like wandering around holding your laptop in the air looking for signals?  .

P.S. Thank you to the neighbor of mine who didn't lock up their WiFi so I could file this entry from my living room.  And Time Warner Cable of NYC, you're killin' me!

Here's a rarity.  University of Chicago professors Richard Posner and Gary Becker have already generated a buzz about and they haven't even posted anything yet.

For some people, 9/11 didn't change their thinking one bit.  is a bit of an "I told you so" but it makes the interesting point that 9/11 did more to confirm some people's worldview than change it.

.  I didn't see that Alexander movie becase of phrases like "bad dye job," "terrible accents" and "Angelina Jolie plays his mother."  It sounds like a stupid movie.  When they talked about it on TV for the weekend movie preview, the anchors actually laughed out loud at the trailer.  I'll see it when it comes to HBO (where somehow my so-called homophobia doesn't seem to be an obstacle to my watching Six Feet Under).

Credit to Ann Althouse, by the way, for spotting the homophobia excuse .

Oh, I think .  I wasn't sure, but that rendering convinced me.  is basically a blog, where you'll also find our video(s) of the day.


Remember that story about the legislator trying to change the name of Highway 69 in the name of decency?  .

Woah!  !  I saw just the photo on a blog and thought for sure that it was some kind of photoshop prank.

Razanne : The Muslim Doll a.k.a. Burka Barbie?  .

Alabamans vote to keep segregationist language in their state constitution?  .

?  (With interesting discussion in the comments.)

Speaking of discussions in the comments, Doc Searls points us to a "." 

Related (in a tangential way):  Randy Barnett of the to argue before the Supreme Court.

An is afoot to elect Pat Tillman Sports Illustrated's Sportsman of the Year.

Lately is seems like we could have a "Ukraine Click of the Day" with all the blog material coming out of that part of the world.  I'll settle for calling it today's Commuter Click:  .

Also on the Ukraine are stories from the UK's Guardian Unlimited.  This one on and on media portrayal of the events there:

The western imagination is now so gripped by its own mythology of popular revolution that we have become dangerously tolerant of blatant double standards in media reporting.

I understand that some people are sick of hearing about America interfering and/or deluding itself, but sometimes these stories are good for a different perspective.  Personally, I'm just tickled that the U.S. is paying this much attention to a country we're not even at war with. 

"A community-based, word-of-mouth approach to websurfing - pages you "stumble upon" come from like-minded people who share your interests."  right up our alley here at Clicked since all of the links found here are basically stumbled upon in the course of looking at what blogs are linking to.  I'm still learning about it, but hopefully it will be enriching our link selection in the future.

This link has a spoiler about a TV show to air tonight.  If you've been following a show that is on tonight and you don't want to risk spoiling it, don't click.  If you're curious to know ahead of time what everyone will know (and no doubt be seeing on TV over and over again) tomorrow, .

(Democrats as battered spouses)

In case anyone thought Howard Dean's online appeal had faded, about his potential leadership of the Democratic Party is demonstrating his continued click-appeal.

"The more kids people have the more likely they are to..."  How you finish that sentence may reveal .