Notable quotables

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Like a belt-loosening steak dinner, 'Countdown' host Keith Olbermann's nimble wit satisfies his fans every night. If looked at from the right angle, nearly every headline has a lighter side.  This talent proves to be the greatest building block of 'Countdown', making it all the more necessary to recap.

Notable Quotables
"Puppet Theatre is the newest innovation in electronic journalism. You watch. Within a year, all newscasts will have puppets. Well, FOX already has puppets, but that's another story."

—On Countdown's use of puppets to reenact parts of the Michael Jackson trial since no cameras were allowed in the courtroom, June 21

"Runner up, Abraham Lincoln. Emancipation Proclamation, Gettysburg Address, Civil War — yes, but evidently treated with that familiar phrase of his day and ours — 'What have you done for us lately?'"

On the recent Discovery Channel "Greatest American" poll, in which Abraham Lincoln placed second, June 27

"Tom Cruise, starring in War of the Psychiatry Worlds."
— On Tom Cruise's public comments on psychiatry, June 24

And who can forgot Keith Olbermann's interview with Mary Carey, porn star and politician on June 21.  It's classic Countdown:

OLBERMANN: What do you do, other than politics, if you don't get into office?

CAREY: Maybe I could do a show like you. I could do a-you know, I'll talk politics and keep gaining exposure to different politicians and interviewing them, so that when I eventually run for president in 11 years, you know, I'll have more experience.

OLBERMANN: Running for president?

CAREY: And you could be with me.

OLBERMANN: Running for president?

CAREY: Yes. I'll be president, you be vice president...Or you could be my first man, one or the other.

OLBERMANN: Wow. All right. That would be in the Oval Office, too. But do you think you -don't you think you've gotten enough exposure? All right, now, you don't have to answer that one!

CAREY: You can never have too much exposure.

OLBERMANN: On basic cable, yes, you can.