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Cheating men caught online

Did your boyfriend just cheat on you?  Do get mad, get even by visiting, a website that registers offenders.  MSNBC-TV's Keith Olbermann has the story.
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Girls, it’s time to get even with the men who cheated on you.  A new online site,, launched in July, allows women to post pictures and profiles of men who they claimed have strayed. 

The site, which gets 2,500 hits and 40 new submissions daily from women, aims to protect others from men with wandering habits.  On Thursday, site creator Tasha Joseph, dished the details about the genius behind this new dating territory.

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KEITH OLBERMANN, HOST, ‘COUNTDOWN’:  What’s the inspiration here?  This sounds like it comes from, to use that phrase again, bitter personal experience. 

TASHA JOSEPH, CREATOR, ‘DONTDATEHIMGIRL.COM’:  No.  Actually, I have been pretty lucky in relationships. 

But the website started out of a conversation that I had with some girlfriends of mine.  And we were talking about guys.  And, of course, actually, the conversation turned to cheating.  And we thought, wouldn’t it be great if there was a way that you could find out if a guy was a cheater and it could be done online and it could be free to women?  And from that conversation, was born. 

OLBERMANN:  Are you worried, with all these postings about the accuracy, the legality?  I mean, it’s very possible that some woman is smearing an innocent man here for any one of 14,000 reasons. 

JOSEPH:  Well, you know, we do have a terms-of-use policy on our site. 

And, in order for a woman to post a guy to the site, she’s got agree to our terms of use.  And part of that states that what she’s telling us is actually the truth.  So, we do have that in place. 

OLBERMANN:  Do the men have recourse? 

JOSEPH:  Yes. We do offer guys a chance to rebut whatever was put on the site about them.  They do have a chance to write into us and tell us their side of the story.  And that will go over there with their profile that’s on the site. 

OLBERMANN:  As you read some of these things, do you say, my God, how could you have not seen this loser coming? 

JOSEPH:  I try not to judge. 

OLBERMANN:  All right.  So, then, the obvious question here becomes, how soon before we get a

JOSEPH:  Well, everybody has been asking me about it.  And I’m definitely not going to start a site like that myself.  But I’m sure that there’s a guy out there that probably will. 

OLBERMANN:  Conclude for me.  What does it say about the dating scene that your site isn’t just necessary, but flourishing? 

JOSEPH:  Well, you know, it’s really treacherous, the world of relationships, particularly for women.  So, I think the site is just one more way that women can navigate those treacherous waters.