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What's on the show Friday

Today, a look at firestorms in America--both literal and figurative.

In Los Angeles County, wildfires are blazing out of control and threatening to destroy dozens of homes and thousands of acres of forest.  We'll bring you the latest from California.

Meanwhile, former Education Secretary Bill Bennett is lighting some fires of his own.  On his radio show yesterday he suggested that a way to curb the rising crime rate is to abort African American babies.  He went on to say that he realized it was morally reprehensible.  So why did he say it?

Bennett's remarks were clearly insensitive.  I think the real underlying debate is whether people can make provocative comments, ala Jonathan Swift, to spark debate without being lambasted.  In this case there seems to be little defense.  But moments like these tend to get us thinking about the big picture issue of race in America.  We'll discuss.

And, after 85 days reporter Judith Miller has been sprung from the hoosegow.  Why was she there in the first place?  Her source, according to The New York Times, is Vice President Cheney's top aide Scooter Libby.  We'll take a look at the latest in Plamegate, and hopefully determine why a grown man would be nicknamed "Scooter."

Join us.