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By Charles Lam

The final student from China accused in the 2015 kidnap and assault case of a fellow Chinese international student has plead guilty to charges of assault, according to the Los Angeles Times. On Tuesday, he was sentenced to three years in prison.

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Zheng Lu, 20, is the last of four students originally charged with forcing Yiran Liu to clean the floor of a Southern California ice cream parlor with her bare hands and then taking Liu to a nearby park where she was forcibly striped, kicked, slapped, forced to eat her own hair, and burned with cigarettes, according to the Los Angeles Times.

This image, taken from Google Maps, shows the park where a student testified she was taken, forced to strip, beaten, and burned with cigarettes in March 2015.

In January, the three other students — Yunyao "Helen" Zhai, Yuhan "Coco" Yang, and Xinlei "John" Zhang — entered pleas of no contest to charges of kidnapping and assault, the Los Angeles District Attorney's office told NBC News, as part of a plea deal to avoid torture charges, which carry a life sentence in the state of California. Two of the students also admitted to personally inflicting "great bodily injury during the comission of the crime." The three are currently serving prison terms of between six and 13 years.

Lu originally faced charges of kidnapping, assault, and torture.

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The cases drew wide attention to "parachute kids," young international students who travel to the United States with little to no parental supervision to receive an education.

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