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DNA Proves Girl In Mexico Is Houston Mom's Daughter

Alondra Díaz, who was taken to Mexico in 2007 by her father without her mother's consent, was reunited with her mother on Tuesday, May 12, 2015, and DNA tests confirmed they were daughter and mother on Thursday, May 14th. Miguel Garcia Tinoco / AP

DNA tests have confirmed that a girl in Mexico is indeed the daughter of a Houston, Texas mother who has been searching for her for 8 years.

A Mexican prosecutor said Thursday that Alondra Díaz is the daughter of Dorotea García. The mother had claimed that the girl's father took her to Mexico years ago without her consent. The mother and daughter were reunited on Tuesday in Michoacán, but were awaiting DNA confirmation, especially after a previous incident. A judge had ruled another girl, Alondra Luna, was García's daughter, but the girl desperately fought the police after the decision, which was shown on video and made international headlines.

"My daughter doesn't let me go, she doesn't get tired of kissing me," said García to reporters, including Telemundo's Raul Torres. García also said that at her daughter's request, she will not press charges against her ex-husband, Reynaldo Díaz, who took the girl to Mexico in 2007.

"There are many birthdays not celebrated, there is a lot of time to make up," said the happy mother.

Dorotea Garcia, mother of Alondra Diaz, speaks to the media upon her arrival at Guadalajara International Airport in Mexico, May 12, 2015.Ulises Ruiz Basurto / EPA