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Latina Girls Code is an organization working to bridge and eliminate the diversity gap for girls, specifically Latinas, interested in entering the tech world.

"Most people would assume, 'Well, I can't build an app, I can't build a website, I cant do this, I wasn't formally trained, I didn't go to school, I'm too young, I'm a girl," said co-founder Stephanie Castillo to MSNBC. "So, you have all these things confronting you, you have all these obstacles, and sometimes that's why you can experience importer syndrome — feeling unworthy to do these things."

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Latina Girls Code is a program that provides computers, mentors and classes for Hispanic girls interested in technology. The organization sets up internship opportunities, hack-athons and multi-week programs to show young women different paths they may take in a technology career.

"I didn't really see many women in tech, I saw these big companies like Google and Apple, and I thought it was so cool," said Andrea Herrera, who is 17 years old and immigrated to the U.S. from Mexico with her parents. "I just I didn't see myself in that world yet until I was actually making things. It's surreal."

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