Latino Labor Organization Launches Voter Education Campaign

With less than a year before the presidential election, the Labor Council for Latin American Advancement (LCLAA) is launching a national campaign starting in Florida, Colorado, and Texas, utilizing volunteers to spread the message about the importance of the Latino vote.

“The Latino community is growing rapidly in the U.S., both in population and in our contribution to the economic and social life of this nation,” said Hector Sánchez, executive director of LCLAA, in a statement released by the organization. “Our voters are eager to find candidates who take them seriously and are ready to invest in the economy, improve our schools and immigration system, and defend our rights.”

The LCLAA already has their resources invested in engaging Latino voters, such as civic engagement programs and immigration information. In 2012, it launched an online video with Lin Manuel Miranda encouraging voters to “get out” and vote. Organizations like LCLAA are working on boosting the numbers and making the Latino vote an even stronger presence in 2016.

The group's press release quotes a worker, Christian Hurtado, who states why he is working to mobilize the Hispanic vote.

“My father died at his job from a fatal fall. He couldn’t ask for more safety precautions or trainings because he was undocumented and voiceless,” stated Hurtado. “Accidents like my father's are preventable if we collectively harness our political and economic power. Voting is the vehicle that can help Latinos gain that power to change our outlook in this country.”

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