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Maná Urges Latinos to Vote, Honored with Hollywood Walk of Fame Star

Mexican rock band Maná got a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. The group will urge voter engagement during their upcoming "Latino Power Tour."
Image: Mexican band Maná receives star on Hollywood Walk of Fame
Mexican band Maná, from left to right: guitarist Sergio Vallín, bassist Juan Calleros, drummer Alex González and vocalist/guitarist Fher Olvera pose with their star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame during ceremony in Hollywood, California, USA, February 10 2016.PAUL BUCK / EPA

Just one day after announcing their "Latino Power Tour" to urge Hispanics to register and vote, Mexican rock band Maná received a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. The acclaimed band thanked the crowd, but focused their acceptance speech on urging Latinos to be more politically active in 2016.

"Latinos have to vote, those who have U.S. citizenship can already do it while keeping their Latino hearts, their Mexican hearts," said lead singer Fher Olvera in Spanish. "You can really help all these people who have not been treated with dignity, these people who still do not have their papers and who are working here who sometimes have two or three jobs, who work really hard on a daily basis."

Maná announced on Jimmy Kimmel Tuesday that they are kicking off their 18-stop Latin Power Tour on September 9 in San Diego, California. They plan to use the "Latino Power" platform to urge Latinos throughout the nation to participate in the 2016 elections, either by casting a ballot or ramping up their activism.

Maná honored with a star on the Hollywood Walk of FameAlberto E. Rodriguez / Getty Images

Mexican musician Carlos Santana took the podium and said the band creates a message of "love that transcends flags and borders."

"This is the band that continues transmitting the frequency of compassion, of harmony, the power of love," Santana said in Spanish.

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Actress and activist America Ferrera also spoke at the event, saying Maná's career in music and activism has been revolutionary.

"I know I speak for everyone here today when I say thank you to you for being what you are, not just in music but in the world," she said in English. "And also, thank you to all your fans here today."

The band has taken political stances against Republican presidential front-runner Donald Trump and politicians blocking comprehensive immigration reform.

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The band received the 2,573rd star on the Walk of Fame in the recording category. Throughout their career Maná has received four Grammy's and twice as many Latin Grammy's. They have been been writing and performing music since 1986 and have sold over 40 million albums worldwide.

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