Mexican-American Sisters Step Out with Buzzworthy Shoe Collection

Shoes from Daniela and Roberta Nunez's David Isaac collection.
Shoes from Daniela and Roberta Nunez's David Isaac collection.David Isaac collection

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By Daniela Franco

It's not every day you hear about two young women launching a buzzworthy shoe collection - especially before obtaining their college degrees. But that is the case with Daniela and Roberta Nuñez. The sisters launched the David Isaac collection less than a year ago, which consists of heels and flats that the sisters proudly designed as "classics."

Daniela, 23, and Roberta Nuñez, 22, were born less than a year apart in Mexico City. Their family moved to Dallas, TX, when the girls were still toddlers and have lived there ever since.

The two found their passion in fashion; both of them will be receiving their degrees this June from the Fashion Institute of Design & Merchandising (FIDM), which has notable alumni such as Lauren Conrad and Monique Lhuillier.

While living in Los Angeles, the sisters realized their respective majors fit perfectly together: Daniela majored in design while Roberta focused on the business side of fashion.

NBC Latino spoke to the sisters about their Mexican family, their growing business and what's next:

You are in your twenties and haven't graduated college, how did your business get started?

Roberta: It's funny because it's always been Daniela's dream. Ever since we were little and in high school, Daniela has always had that creative entrepreneur mind. In high school, she would make a lot of jewelry and sell it to our friends, she always very creative and has wanted to start her own business.

Shoes from Daniela and Roberta Nunez's David Isaac collection.Nunez's David Isaac collection

When we were in Los Angeles, Daniela actually said "Hey Roberta, this is what I want to do, I want to start my own shoe line and I want to build it up." At first, I was skeptical and I wasn't sure if it was my calling but we started bouncing off ideas and it just made sense. We both compliment each other so well. Daniela did the design and I did the marketing and advertisement.

Shoes from Daniela and Roberta Nunez's David Isaac Collection.David Isaac Collection

We are really lucky that we have very supportive parents; our dad is supporting us financially, he's the investor of our company. It has been great to have him backing our business. It's only been a year and the company has already grown very rapidly. Now that we are selling more shoes and building more brand awareness, the company will be able to support itself.

Where did you find the willpower to take the risk in starting your own business instead of just getting a job in a regular company?

Shoes from Daniela and Roberta Nunez's David Isaac collection.David Isaac collection

Daniela: Honestly, I have always wanted to be my own boss, I didn't want to take orders from other people. Why work for someone when I can work for myself and do it with someone I love. We can do something that is amazing together and its our baby, its personal, its our own thing. We just had so much love and passion for it that it made is all so much better than having to work for someone.

Daniela and Roberta Nuñez.Courtesy of Daniela and Roberta Nuñez

Roberta: She's always had that entrepreneurial mind while I've always loved interning and having new experiences. I eventually realized I pictured myself being the leader of a company and helping people learn and provide them with experience and give them jobs. It's been fun and I don't regret it at all. It's been really fun to work with my sister and I like being able to make the final decisions. I like working for myself because I'm learning the different positions that a company has to offer and it's really important.

What was it like to grow up in the U.S. as part of a Mexican immigrant family?

Daniela (left) and Roberta (right) in their grandparents' back yard.Courtesy of Daniela and Roberta Nuñez

Roberta: We were so young when we moved here... We've enjoyed it a lot because we are a part of two completely different cultures. When we go down to Mexico, which we try to do at least once a year, we're with our cousins and we love the food. Our mom still cooks real Mexican food. It's been great being an immigrant here in the U.S., we've just been very blessed for growing up with two cultures.

What advice would you give to other young would-be entrepreneurs?

Daniela: Take a risk. People that sit back and don't do anything, they'll never know what it's like to fall down and try again. If you try and try and try, you will have something amazing.

Roberta: I think that if you are a person who has a dream to start your own company and launch your own product, take that step forward, do what they want to do.

We're lucky to have such supportive parents behind us. But if you do have that dream, it's important to go out and do it. It's just important to go out and try.

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