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Actor Storm Reid loves cooking and conversation. So she made a show about it.

The teen actor may be known for her roles on "Euphoria" and "A Wrinkle in Time," but she's turning to her passion during the pandemic: food.
Storm Reid and Marsai Martin on the set of Reid's cooking show "Chop It Up" on Facebook Watch.
Storm Reid and Marsai Martin on the set of Reid's cooking show "Chop It Up" on Facebook Watch.Chop It Up

The actor Storm Reid is busier than ever, even during a pandemic. While Reid, 17, is known for her acting roles alongside famous figures like Oprah Winfrey in "A Wrinkle in Time" and Zendaya in "Euphoria," she saw quarantine as a time to flex a new muscle.

"I've been acting for so long. But producing is something that is new to all of us. So to be able to have achieved something and be proud of it, it is a blessing in something that I am excited to do more of," Reid said about executive-producing her new FacebookWatch series, "Chop It Up."

In an interview with NBC News' Snapchat show "Stay Tuned," she said the idea for the program came from her mom.

Her mother "was sitting around hearing me talk to my siblings and my friends about things that, I guess, young people care about. And she was like, 'Storm, is there something on television or is there a piece of content where your audience or your supporters or even the older generations can look at and really understand how Gen Z is feeling?' And I really sat there and I was like, 'No, there's nothing out there like that.'"

Storm Reid, left, and Aoki Lee Simmons do yoga during an episode of Reid's cooking show "Chop It Up" on Facebook Watch.Chop It Up

Reid co-founded her own production company, A Seed & Wings, with her mother Robyn Simpson, and learning to create a show during a pandemic was both challenging and fulfilling, she said. Her new show will feature some of her A-list friends and other rising young talents in Hollywood, like Choyce Brown, Marsai Martin and Niles Fitch. Reid will be chatting about everything from relationships and self-care to social injustice and representation in the media. All of those topics, and more, will be discussed in Reid's kitchen as her guests help her prepare some of her favorite meals and snacks.

"I'm not a person who operates from a space of like, OK, I'm going to call l myself a producer for vanity credit but I'm not going to really do anything," she said. "Having to learn how to budget and making sure we don't go over budget and having the right insurance — there's so many technical things that people don't think about when it comes to having a project. But it also made me realize when it was all said and done ... like, yes, we did it, and we can do it again. And it really made me believe in myself and believe in my team."

Niles Fitch holds up a cookie during an episode of Storm Reid's cooking show "Chop It Up" on Facebook Watch.Chop It Up

Her love and passion for cooking started at a young age, and her family can always count on her to satisfy their sweet tooths.

"I'm a foodie, and my favorite pastime is eating, and it's the thing that I enjoy the most. I'm from the South, so I've just been surrounded by good food all my life," she said. "So I've been able to watch my mom in the kitchen and be able to pick up new recipes. Then I think I'm the baker of the family. So if you need a pie, you need a cake, you need some cookies, you come to me."

Reid said her kitchen was the perfect place to host a show that dives deeper than just making her favorite dishes.

Storm Reid, left, and Choyce Brown talk during an episode of Reid's show "Chop It Up" on Facebook Watch.Courtesy Storm Reid

"I feel like we just use the cooking by way of conversation and really just expressing ourselves and really having real deep conversations ranging from ethical technology and dating to family to college," she said.

Asked what meal she can't live without, she didn't skip a beat.

"My mom's mac and cheese. I know mac and cheese is supposed to be a side dish, but I can eat it as a whole meal."

New episodes of "Chop It up" stream weekly on Facebook Watch.

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