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Another Body Found in Aftermath of Devastating Texas Floods

A body found near the Blanco River in Hays County is believed to be related to the floods that killed more than 20 people in Texas last month.
A calmer Blanco River flows past a cross on a tree near the site where eight people were swept away in a vacation home in the Memorial Day weekend floods, Friday, June 5, 2015, in Wimberley, Texas.Eric Gay / AP

Searchers in a Texas county devastated by Memorial Day weekend floods on Saturday found another body thought to be related to punishing storms that left at least 23 people dead across the state.

The discovery of the adult male near the Blanco River brings the number of known dead from flooding in Hays County to nine, authorities said. Identification of the body found Saturday is pending.

Three others remain missing in the aftermath of the storms, which caused the Blanco River to flood with such force that it knocked a home in Wiberley off its foundation and swept it away with nine people inside.

Houston also flooded during the torrential downpours that began on the holiday weekend and continued sporadically through the week until dry weather a week later provided relief and a chance to assess the damage.

Six people died in Houston due to flooding, and seventh person is believed to have died from a heart attack while helping a motorists stranded in high water, officials said.

Hays County officials said Saturday the search for the three people remaining missing is continuing. The floods destroyed at least 200 homes and caused an estimated $30 million in damage in Hays County.