Booger the Cat Doing Well, Gets Visitors After Being Shot With Crossbow

Cat Survives Crossbow Attack 1:25

The Michigan cat seriously injured last weekend by a target crossbow is doing well and was able to have visitors Thursday.

IMAGE: Booger the cat
Booger's condition was described as 'excellent' after he had surgery to remove a crossbow arrow from his midsection in Lansing, Michigan. (Lansing, Michigan) Capital Area Humane Society

The cat — a young male tabby named Booger — remained under close monitoring with a slight fever at the Capital Area Humane Society in Lansing, but he's in good spirits and was able to nestle in the lap of a member of the family that owns him, the organization said.

Booger was found Monday morning cowering under the deck of a home in Kalamo Township, near Lansing, the Eaton County Sheriff's Department said. He underwent surgery to remove the crossbow arrow — known as a bolt, which had a tip for target shooting — that was lodged through his midsection, sticking out on both sides.

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Booger's condition took a big turn for the better Wednesday, when he was purring and eating anything placed in front of him, the humane society said.

The cat's care is being covered by the humane society's animal cruelty fund because his owner, an elderly woman who hasn't been identified, can't afford the cost. The organization said the animal would eventually be able to go home with his owner.

A $1,000 reward is being offered for information leading to the arrest and conviction of whoever shot Booger, who went missing Saturday, two days after archery season for whitetail deer opened in Michigan.