Fellas, Easy’ Trump Chides Press Jostling for Position

President Trump's brief remarks with South Korean President Moon Jae-in in the Oval Office on Friday were interrupted when a boom microphone nearly swept a lamp off a table as journalists jockeyed for position on Friday.

Longtime Trump aide Keith Schiller righted the lamp on the table. Moments before, the Secret Service asked Korean media to stop running as they entered the room and tried to get positions close to where Trump and Moon were seated.

Press Knocks Over Oval Office Furniture During South Korean President's Visit 1:31

The jostling of both nations' press corps prompted rebukes from Trump.

President Trump shouted “Fellas, easy,” to the press.

"You are getting worse," he chided the press. "You knocked a table over."

"It's actually a very friendly press, don't let them get you," Trump said to Moon, adding "although we just lost a table.”