Gotcha! Did You Swallow These April Fools' Hoaxes?

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April 1 — the day companies and news organizations around the world try to pull the wool over your eyes with pranks like the Offline Glass, the beer mug that disables your smartphone so you pay attention to your friends in real life.

Oops! That's real!

Anyhow, there were a lot of pranks, many of them — as usual — perpetrated by Google and other tech companies. We've rounded up the best of those here.

But food and drink were also especially popular targets Tuesday. Here are some of the best of those and other April Fools 2014 jokes:

KFC's Mighty Mouth Expander

"The Mighty Burger stands a glorious 62mm tall. The average human mouth only opens to 49mm. So we needed to gain — on average — an extra 13mm."

Caskers Single Barrel Bourbon Sunscreen

Caskers LLC

"Warning: For external use only."

Cheeteau by Chester

"The smell of hunger is wafting to a nose near you."

Captain Morgan Taco Rum

Diageo Brands

"Crafted by mixing the Caribbean's finest white rum with Mexico's freshest blends of cheddar, jack and Chihuahua cheeses."

Domino's Edibox

Domino's Pizza created an entire publicity campaign around its 'edible pizza box.'Domino's Pizza

"You won’t have to fight to fit that square box into a round bin – this is a waste-free dining experience."

Samuel Adams HeliYUM

"Helium's unique index of refraction creates brilliant clarity while providing an incredibly light mouth feel."

Bones of Robin Hood Found on Maid Marian Way

Ian Malcolm — the sheriff of Nottingham — tells The Nottingham Post: "I can hardly believe that the legend has now been confirmed as reality and that my old foe has been lying all these years on the corner of Maid Marian Way and Friar Lane."

Fringed MLS Uniforms

The uniforms, modeled by two members of the Colorado Rapids, are actually vintage kits worn a quarter-century ago by the old Colorado Caribous.Colorado Rapids

"The black, brown, tan, and white color scheme features the distinctive leather fringe across the chest."

King's College Choir and Its Helium Altos

"As a result of regulatory pressure, the Choir of King's College Cambridge is to stop using boy trebles, it was announced today. The high voices in the choir have been provided by boys for more than five centuries. In future, high vocal parts will be performed by altos breathing helium."

And, of course, no roundup of April Fools jokes can be complete without a nod to the greatest of them all — from the BBC at the heights of its 1950s-era stuffiness. The narrator for this report was the august, pipe-smoking Richard Dimbleby, the Walter Cronkite of British television.