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Hungry Gator Crashes Florida Picnic

The creature from a nearby lagoon managed to make off with someone else's lunch. Of course it was in Gainesville.

A hungry alligator showed up uninvited to a Florida picnic and managed to make off with someone else's lunch.

Michael Tamayo, a University of Florida student, was sitting with a friend on the shore of Lake Alice, a popular spot for students to hang out near the Gainesville campus.

During the picnic they were surprised to see an alligator approach their blanket, before it snatched up one of their sandwiches.

A bystander was taking pictures with his family near by and shot the video of the gator.

Tamayo told NBC News in a Facebook message that the gator it was probably around four feet long.

"It's Florida so most people are used to seeing them come out and stuff especially in Gainesville," he said.