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Man Breaks Into New Orleans Preschool, Beds Down for the Night

'He took the food with him when he left. We could see very clearly on the camera he had toilet paper,' the school's director says.
IMAGE: New Orleans preschool break-in
An unidentified man escapes through an unlocked window Monday morning after having spent the night inside Clara'a Little Lambs Preschool Academy in New Orleans.New Orleans Police Department

New Orleans police are seeking a man who broke into a preschool and made himself at home, complete with a meal and a little bed made from stuffed toys, authorities said Tuesday.

The man, who's still at large, was recorded on security video near midnight Sunday entering Clara's Little Lambs Preschool Academy through an unlocked window, police said.

He wandered through several rooms, scarfing up food and drinks from the staff break room before gathering some stuffed toys, a kid's mat and a blanket and settling in for the night, the video shows.

The video also recorded him crawling back out the same window at 6:43 a.m. Monday, before anybody could show up to run into him.

"He went into the fridge, got the food out that the teachers had stored in there, ate the food — made a sandwich, chips, water — [and] just had a little party," said Sonjia Joseph, the academy's owner and director.

The security video showed the man leaving with two filled bags he hadn't arrived with.

"He took the food with him when he left," Joseph told NBC affiliate WDSU. "We could see very clearly on the camera he had toilet paper."

Brandye Delarge, the mother of a Clara's pupil, said she was "shocked" by both the break-in and by the fact that she learned of it only from news reports.

"We have addressed that with the school and [it] agreed to do better," Delarge told WDSU.

Joseph said she's ordering and installing roll-down shutters.