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Mom who documented ovarian cancer battle on TikTok dies at 30

Haley Odlozil's husband announced her passing on Instagram and Tiktok on Friday.
Taylor, Haley, and Weston Odlozil.
Taylor, Haley, and Weston Odlozil.Taylor Odlozil via Instagram

Haley Odlozil, a mom who documented her fight with Stage IIIC ovarian cancer on TikTok, has died at 30.

Her husband, Taylor, announced Haley's passing on Instagram and Tiktok on Friday.

"It is with unbelievable sadness that I tell all of you my sweet Haley has passed away," he wrote on Instagram under a picture of the couple with their 4-year-old son, Weston. "I cannot begin to describe the amount of heartache & grief myself & our entire family is experiencing. I never knew my heart could physically hurt."

Haley had been fighting Stage IIIC ovarian cancer for eight years. Stage IIIC of the disease means the cancer is in "one or both ovaries and has spread outside the pelvis to other parts of the abdomen and/or nearby lymph nodes," according to the Ovarian Cancer Research Alliance.

The couple documented her cancer journey on TikTok, culminating over 2.5 million followers between the two of them.

Taylor would post every few days on his TikTok account, beginning each caption with the date followed by "Haley is still fighting."

Friday's TikTok was different.

"As the husband I have seen every moment. The happy ones & the sad ones. One thing I can tell you, she suffered greatly fighting this disease that slowly tore her body apart for the last 8 years," he wrote under a video that received 2.1 million likes. "The thought of her being completely healed in a body with no pain & no scars in heaven makes me so incredibly happy for her but so overwhelmingly sad I'm not there to see it."

The couple had been together for 16 years. Haley had celebrated her 30th birthday in February.

Just last Saturday, Taylor posted a video on TikTok showing a book about Haley made by friends for their young son to remember his mother by.

"As hard as it is with what we are going through as a family, it warms my heart to see people rise to the occasion to do an act of kindness for someone else," Taylor wrote.

In Friday's post, Taylor bid his wife farewell.

"I love you Haley. More than I can put into words. You are a part of who I am and I will never stop loving you. I cant wait to see you again," he wrote.

Friends and fans took to social media to extend their condolences to Taylor.

"My sweet sweet friend! I will miss her dearly! Praying for you guys Taylor!" commented country Singer Parker McCollum on Instagram.

"Bawling my eyes out and I’ve never met her," a fan commented. "I was always just looking for the 'Haley is still fighting.'"

Taylor announced he won't be posting on social media "for a while" in order to process Haley's death with his son.