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Global Head of Digital News

Catherine Kim / Global.Head.News@nbcuni.com

Managing Editor

David Firestone / Managing.Editor@nbcuni.com

Assistant Managing Editor for News

Tim Perone / Tim.Perone@nbcuni.com

Television contacts:

NBC Nightly News with Lester Holt: nightly@nbcuni.com

Meet the Press: contact.mtp@nbcuni.com

Today: TodayStories@nbcuni.com

Dateline NBC: dateline.contactus@nbcuni.com

MSNBC: MSNBCTVinfo@nbcuni.com

The Rachel Maddow Show: rachel@nbcuni.com

NBC News Media Relations: nbcnewsmediarelations@nbcuni.com

Digital Editors:

Senior Tech Editor, Jason Abbruzzese / Jason.Abbruzzese@nbcuni.com

Senior THINK Editor, Meredith Bennett-Smith / think@nbcuni.com

Senior Politics Editor, Gregg Birnbaum / Gregg.Birnbaum@nbcuni.com

Senior Editor, News Projects, Anna Brand / Anna.Brand@nbcuni.com

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Senior News Editor, London, Brinley Bruton / Brinley.Bruton@nbcuni.com

THINK Editor, Megan Carpentier / think@nbcuni.com

Copy Editor, Dipti Coorg / Dipti.Coorg@nbcuni.com

News Editor, Los Angeles, Amanda Covarrubius / Amanda.Covarrubius@nbcuni.com

Breaking News Editor, Maia Davis / Maia.Davis@nbcuni.com

Bureau Manager, Los Angeles, Richie Duchon / Richie.Duchon@nbcuni.com

Head of Social, Micah Grimes / Micah.Grimes@nbcuni.com

Senior Homepage Editor, Matt Grimson / Matthew.Grimson@nbcuni.com

Politics Editor, Zach Haberman / Zach.Haberman@nbcuni.com

Art Director, Kara Haupt / Kara.Haupt@nbcuni.com

Copy Editor, Alex Johnson / Alex.Johnson@nbcuni.com

Deputy Politics Editor, Liz Johnstone / Elizabeth.Johnstone@nbcuni.com

Lead Copy Editor, Ned Kilkelly / Ned.Kilkelly@nbcuni.com

Breaking News Editor, Los Angeles, Jamie Knodel / Jamie.Knodel@nbcuni.com

Politics Editor, Matthew Korade / Matthew Korade@nbcuni.com

THINK Editor, Hilary Krieger / think@nbcuni.com

Editorial Manager, NBC Latino, Sandra Lilley / Sandra.Lilley@nbcuni.com

Breaking News Editor, Gavon Laessig / Gavon.Laessig@nbcuni.com

Data Editor, Joe Murphy / Joe.Murphy@nbcuni.com

BETTER Editor, Margaret O'Malley / Margaret.Omalley@nbcuni.com

Editorial Manager, NBC Asian America, Jessica Prois / Jessica.Prois@nbcuni.com

Politics Editor, Alana Satlin / Alana.Satlin@nbcuni.com

Senior Enterprise Editor, Julie Shapiro / Julie.Shapiro@nbcuni.com

News Editor, Jessica Simeone / Jessica.Simeone@nbcuni.com

Senior Washington Editor, Rebecca Sinderbrand / Rebecca.Sinderbrand@nbcuni.com

Editorial Manager, NBC OUT, Brooke Sopelsa / Brooke.Sopelsa@nbcuni.com

Senior Editor, Planning, Joy Wang / Joy.Wang@nbcuni.com

MSNBC.com Editors:

Executive Producer, Sam Go / msnbc.digital.editors@nbcuni.com

The Rachel Maddow Show / Rachel@msnbc.com