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North Carolina Police Officer Leaves Empty Handed After Jury Denies Hot Coffee Suit Against Starbucks

Lt. Matthew Kohr said the coffee, which was free, spilled on his lap and leg, and triggered his Crohn's disease. The jury wasn't buying it.
A Starbucks cafe is seen in Los Angeles, California March 26, 2015.
A Starbucks cafe is seen in Los Angeles, California March 26, 2015. LUCY NICHOLSON / Reuters

A North Carolina police officer who sued Starbucks over a hot cup of free coffee that spilled on him will not receive a cent of the $750,000 he sought.

Lt. Matthew Kohr said the lid popped off of the cup of coffee, which was given to him as a perk for police officers at a Raleigh Starbucks, and it collapsed, according to The Associated Press.

He said the hot liquid that spilled onto his lap and leg triggered his Crohn's disease, causing him to need surgery to remove part of his intestine as a result of the January 2012 incident, according to NBC affiliate WNCN.

The jury ruled 10-2 that Kohr's account wasn't credible. Judge Donald Stephens had consulted with lawyers for both sides earlier Monday, and they decided that a decision of 10-2 would be sufficient to reach a verdict, WNCN reported.

Kohr made a brief statement outside of the courtroom in which he thanked the jury "for coming together and taking the matter seriously."

A Starbucks spokeswoman told NBC News in an email that the coffee company was "pleased with the jury's decision as we believe our partners (employees) did nothing wrong."

Lawyers for Starbucks had previously said that Kohr should be awarded the exact amount of money he paid for the complimentary cup of Joe.

Raleigh police Lt. Matt Kohr, left, and his wife Melanie leave the courtroom in Raleigh, N.C., after a Wake County jury ruled Monday, May 11, 2015 that Starbucks was not negligent in a case in which Kohr was severely burned when hot coffee spilled in his lap.Chris Seward / AP

— Elisha Fieldstadt