Senator Mary Landrieu Gives Keg Stand Assist at LSU Tailgate Party

Here's one way to try to appeal to young voters — Sen. Mary Landrieu, D-Louisiana, turned up at a Louisiana State University tailgating event on Saturday to greet her constituents and things got a little wild when students began prompting Landrieu, currently in a tight race for re-election, to take part in an age-old pre-game tradition: the keg stand.

Mother Jones reporter Tim Murphy was there and described the scene:

[Landrieu] is surrounded by raucous fans on three sides and a pile of pizza boxes on the other. The pressure mounts, again, for a keg stand. A chant begins. "Mary! Mary! Mary!" The senior United States Senator from the great state of Louisiana picks up the nozzle of the keg, and…does not do a keg stand. But she does help a purple-shirted bro do one.

Although she didn't do one herself, the senator-assisted keg stand proved epic enough for photos of it to make the rounds on social media Sunday.

The senator's campaign rival, Republican Rep. Bill Cassidy, dropped by the tailgate party about an hour later, but so far no photos have emerged of him playing beer pong.


- Jillian Sederholm