Several Injured at Summer Ends Festival in Tempe When Crowd Rushes Stage

Several people were injured when concert-goers rushed the stage at a music festival in Arizona, authorities said.

The Tempe Fire Department said it treated about 12 people in conjunction with the rush to the stage at the Summer Ends Music Festival in Tempe, adding that it was continuing to receive patients. It said one person was transported to the hospital with a head injury but did not provide further details on the nature of injuries seen.

"There were too many people there. I could not breathe and was getting trampled every five minutes," concertgoer Rayna Feerer, 16, from Ahwatukee in Phoenix, told NBC News. "It was one of the worst experiences of my life."

The surge began as the band Rebelution started playing, NBC station KPNX reported.

"The crowd just got too crazy, so it just went out of control," a concertgoer told the station.

Kanye West is scheduled to play the concert on Sunday, according to the concert’s website. Organizers did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

— with Ali Gostanian