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Betty White vs. Kathie Lee: Who's got better hula hoop skills?

When Betty White showed up in the studio Tuesday morning, Kathie Lee and Hoda wasted no time in trying to show off. Their boozy talent competition yesterday went a little less astonishingly than planned, and here was a chance to redeem themselves and impress a television icon.

Hoda made a second attempt at trick basketball, and Kathie Lee tried to prove she has pelvis game with her hula hoop. Alas, talent exhibition #2 was also a bit of a disaster. The ladies managed to spill some wine — and thankfully, a cleanup crew was standing by so nobody did an accidental gymnastics routine.

"I think you to are probably two of the most talented people I know," said Betty, charitably.

"Who won?" asked Hoda.

"I'd say it's a a draw," smiled Betty.

KLG worried that she'd lost her hula mojo, and thankfully, Betty took it upon herself to shake her hips at Kathie Lee to demonstrate how a pro keeps a hoop aloft, proving once again that there's really nothing that woman can't do.

Julieanne Smolinski is a contributor. 

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