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Google's new photo-sharing app now available to everyone

Google — or more specifically, Google subsidiary Slide — has created a new photo-sharing service called Photovine and released an iPhone app to go along with it. Up until now though, only those lucky enough to have received invitations to Photovine were able to use the app. Well, no more of that — Photovine is now available and open to everyone!

You can download Photovine from the Apple App Store right now and sign right up for the free photo-sharing service — no waiting for an invitation required.

In case you haven't been anxiously reading about Photovine while waiting for it to cease being invitation-only, here's what you need to know: The general idea behind the app is to upload photos with tags — such as the "warm and fuzzy" used in the video below — and then explore the images which others upload to match the tag's theme. In other words, you "plant a photo" and "watch it grow," just as Photovine's tagline suggests.

No, there is still no Android version of this app. And yes, that is still ironic.

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