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Graphic novel shows how Steve Jobs got his groove back

Forbes recently revealed a sample page from
Forbes recently revealed a sample page fromForbes JESS3

Former Apple CEO Steve Jobs went through a rough time when he first left Apple to start a company called NeXT in the mid-1980s. Business wasn't good and people were doubting the brilliance of the man we now consider nothing short of legendary. But, as we are well aware, everything turned around during those years and Jobs made a triumphant return to Apple. What happened?

A new graphic novel will retell the story.

According to Caleb Melby at Forbes, The Zen of Steve Jobs is the "culmination of months of reporting, researching, writing, reimagining, scribbling, editing, and then actual paneling, drawing and coloring from [Forbes'] partners at JESS3."

The 60-page graphic novel will become available as a digital release sometime this fall and explore significant events from Jobs' life — as well as a key friendship:

Steve befriended Kobun Chino Otogawa, a Zen Buddhist priest who emigrated to the U.S. from Japan. Both were innovators and passionate about art and design. The story flashes back and forward in time to connect this period in Jobs’ life to key moments in Apple history.

Forbes and JESS3 are excited to introduce a reimagined story of their friendship, which explores Steve’s design aesthetic, his religion, his ability to identify what he needs and his willingness to leave the rest behind.

There aren't further details about the graphic novel — such as its price or exact release date — just yet.

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