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Incoming! Clueless campers disrupt live-fire military exercises

A group of die-hard campers who passed through barriers and ignored warnings of live-fire military drills as they tried to locate the ideal spot to pitch their tent may have to pay for their folly.

Over the weekend, Sweden’s Marine Regiment of Vaxholm was launching live mortar rounds at its wilderness firing range when a car was reported in the area, according to a translation of an article on the Dalarnas Tidning newspaper website.

As is customary in such military exercises, the military operation was cordoned off with barriers and explicit warning signs on the road. But that didn’t deter the campers, who were reportedly tourists from the Stockholm area. They continued their trek to a wind shelter. That's where service members found the three campers, who said they were planning to go fishing.

According to a security officer for the firing range, the campers said they had read the warning signs but concluded it “probably was not that bad.”

The drill had to be halted because of the intrusion. A helicopter was called in to transport the campers out of the area, who were then taken to local police. The campers were not named.

Swedish military officials were not amused. They vowed to charge the trio for flying them to safety as well as for the disruption of the military drills.

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